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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(24 Sep 2019, 03:39 )sione92 Wrote: [ -> ]I think most serious crossdressers will develop this habit over time, whether they listen to Bambi Sleep or not.
Ha, yes, true ­čśü
(24 Sep 2019, 03:39 )sione92 Wrote: [ -> ]Most of the 'effects' and 'suggestions' of Bambi Sleep is aeady in me since a long time ago.
(24 Sep 2019, 03:39 )sione92 Wrote: [ -> ]I think most serious crossdressers will develop this habit over time, whether they listen to Bambi Sleep or not.
I've heard an opinion, that if you are aeady deep in that CD zone, SB files will be not be effective, because they are more intended to "corrupt" purely "straight vanilla" guys. Unlike SB, Bambi is gender-neutral with no hidden intent.
I used these file (1-10, I think) without a uniform (years ago), and that messed with me for like 2 days, until I snapped out of it!
I do remember one part of a file talks about locking up the old self in a box, it freaked me out, I almost completely came out right then and there, my inner core was rejecting that idea.

But the files had an effect aight.
It was weird waking up and triggering myself right back into the state.

The Bambi experience was embarrassing, I was at a friends house sleeping over and put the headphones on, let the play list run it's course, and made a fool of myself, I was a bit of an asshole not concerned with what I was doing at the time (jumped in the shower at like 3 am and I was confused and pretty dumb when confronted about it) also I REALLY needed a cock I guess, because my friend literally stole his sisters dildo and gave it to me to use, ugh gross I know.

I recall him driving me home the next day and I just wasn't thinking at all, super weird feeling, like I was simply a passenger in my own body.

I eventually "snapped out of it" using the toy, just like the files suggest..
Had to go down on it, lol.
Super embarrassing and not safe at all, if anyone plays with these files USE A UNIFORM and be in a safe environment.

While the files are well made; I cannot recommend anyone use them.
I feel there is a risk in inducing some type of pseudo-D.I.D. even if the experience is supposed to be fantasy.
Like for instance if the "programming" really sank in and someone triggered you back into the state, is that not dissociating?
... whoa ... Shok
(30 Sep 2019, 18:45 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]... whoa ... Shok

I think the most disturbing and kinkiest part of the ordeal is that after he dropped me off at home, I F(_)cked myself with the dildo while entranced.

Only after I sucked it off did I "come back to reality" and I went to the bathroom and saw some... stuff around my lips, and I was freaked out, I had done ATM for the first time, and I wasn't really in control, because honestly I think ATM is gross;
but while in B@mbi mode I "had to" suck it to "come back" and I did so automatically.

once I snapped out of the trance I was so freaked out and disgusted that I used someone else's dildo, I immediately threw it in the trash.

I really should have used a uniform, but if I had I don't know that things would have played out any differently.

Just sharing my experience is embarrassing, but those files really grabbed my mind and made me into a "mindless play toy" for a while, I regret leaving the IQ reduction file (and one more) in the playlist, I don't know how that may have affected my academic progress (if at all) after I came out of it.

I still have issues recalling parts of my childhood, and I misspell common words at times; but this could be due to PTSD or concussions.
I believe that you can learn to forget things that harm you; reject suggestions that don't serve you.

I don't know if it's related to B@mb! files or not but my laugh has changed and I giggle more often, maybe my repressed femininity is finally being allowed to flourish thanks to all this sampling of feminization (& bimbo) hypno.

I really want to transition (minus bottom surgery); I cannot tell if the thought originated with me or came about due to hypnotic suggestion (perhaps a combo of the two, after all good hypnosis allows one to come to conclusions on there own).
<3 XoXoXo
In other words - this stuff does work... And it's effective.
I mean the fantasy is hot, really hot!!! But the reality, especially this is terrifying. Thanks for sharing.
(30 Sep 2019, 19:40 )testdrive06 Wrote: [ -> ]I regret leaving the IQ reduction file (and one more) in the playlist
That's the reason for this post:

I wonder if the existing non-modified Bambi files can be used safely. OK, relatively safely.
Bambi just listened to Oblivion. Tried it without induction, outside of trance?

It was so much! kinda remember pink zaps
Properly installed triggers should work without inductions.