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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(27 Jan 2024, 01:53 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]. Several have anxiety triggers related to wearing a uniform and other conditions as well.
E.g. anxiety is suggested in the Pig Girl files, and the suggestion works, as confirmed by many (including myself). Haven't noticed anything related to Bambi files, but uniform suggestions never worked on me.
Something I have noticed in the last few weeks. (I mean, tack on a few years if we're being accurate. 

Preparation is SOOO important. Like, the setup you do before the files. It's the other reason that uniform is so important, other than having clothing to tie the conditioning to, the mood and the arousal and the willingness to drop is like crucial. 

My uniform has gotten pretty detailed. Like head to toe. But life doesn't always allow you to get set up that way. The other day, I had the house to myself and was going to try a deep trance. Only thing is, I only had a few hours, at least one of which would be soaked up by a Bambi Playlist. So I opted for the simplest uniform I've ever used. Just panties. A thong. No makeup, no socks or stocking, no girl clothes, no curling my hair, just the panties. I guess I should add that I've not been conditioning uniform much lately. But anyway. 

The affects didn't take hold, and I never "switched" to Bambi. I felt arousal and all that. And while I was dropping to the files, I felt the lock of my uniform. I felt everything vividly. But it felt too rushed and on the spot. It felt like I was just trying to go through the motions. So I guess nothing really stuck, right?

So contrast that against last night. I curl my hair. I do my makeup. I'm super turned on. I have tits and a bra. I have little booty shorts and a tight little tank tip. I got super duper tall socks. I look and feel as much like Bambi as possible. Basically I've done everything i can to be the part. I get worked up, then settle in for a long sesh. 

And i have just about the deepest transition I've ever experienced. Don't even remember the real me. Just zoned in as Bambi when I awake. Full on bimbo. Maybe that's because I've come so far and built the persona or the alter so much by adding as I go. There was once a time when just socks and panties were enough. But I added so much to my routine that I can't truly get into the mindset without all the odds and ends. 

Rushing things has never worked. And looking and feeling the part makes things so much easier. I only worry that this will deepen. Like, will I add too much? Your body and mind can get used to anything, so much so that you need to go deeper to get the same rush. My only worry is that I go so deep that I break the tie between Bambi and OS. I guess that's the whole idea, but I know there's evidence in being dressed as a total fucking bimbo that it absolutely helps with the awakening of my tulpa. 

It's all in the mind. That's where the power is. But I guess even that can be tricked with the proper setup.
(27 Jan 2024, 01:53 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]It really depends on what files you were listening to. Several have anxiety triggers related to wearing a uniform and other conditions as well. I recommend reading the scripts to figure out if that has been suggested to you. If you are very good at trancing (and I suspect you are) then you may have an idea to be nervous or sleepless. Just remember the suggestion and then reject it intentionally - say I sleep at night and feel fine when I'm not in trance, and right now. Not in trance, not in a trance, here and now.

Thank you for the answer! Maybe it was just Covid, I read that the new strain can cause anxiety symptoms, but now I am feeling fine and just to be sure, I removed Bimbo Pride from the list, since this contains some anxiety and stress suggestions.
Since there are some custom made Bambi files out there, does anyone know if some of them are Futanari themed, like a Bambi with both genitals that gets milked?
Seems like there are some more files out there with new creators. Does anyone know anything about shadowsynapses. They have a new set of files called Cult Bunny Bambi.
I also see new content by faustiandeals, and bambisubliminals. These two have patreons.
(06 Feb 2024, 02:00 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]Seems like there are some more files out there with new creators. Does anyone know anything about shadowsynapses. They have a new set of files called Cult Bunny Bambi.
I also see new content by faustiandeals, and bambisubliminals. These two have patreons.

I've not heard of them, but I'm definitely interested. The cult one especially has my curiosity
Any links?
ShadowSynapses' Cult Bunny Bambi Induction is on Bambi Cloud
FaustianDeals has a post in a BambiSleep sub-subreddit:
Bambi Subliminals posted two tracks on SoundCloud:

FaustianDeals and Bambi Subliminals both have patreons under those names. Both have elements to recommend them.

I notice the trend is to REALLY lean into amnesia effects in many of the new creator's files, so I listen and then can't recall the content. (btw - my SCM wanted to type "I listen and obey" because that command is everywhere in Bambi-land).
I'm so tempted to get back into these files.... Nothing comes close to how euphoric the feeling was when fully uniformed and how the triggers worked on me. But that was many years ago... I've probably only listened a handful of times the last 2-3 years, never getting that euphoric & satisfying feeling I had in the first 2 years of the files creation. But nevertheless, I find myself checking the interwebz for anything BS related, the subreddit and these forums what must be at least once a month… My last attempt(s) to listen when I was fully uniformed on the bed, I just struggled to relax and kind of got 'bored'. Triggers not really having much of an effect either. I could almost never go fully 'blank' and get that amnesia feeling again, I was fully conscious and could remember everything when I was 'suppose' to be blank. So I would get frustrated & bored after probably 40-70mins and just stop in the middle of a session..

At my peak Bambi sessions, I would get amnesia and respond extremely good to the triggers. BF, BS, GG & ZCDO all worked really well on me. The amnesia part happened a couple of times, I would start a 2hr~ playlist, only remembering the first 5 ish minutes and then the next thing I know I'm at the end of the files, being awakened. The effect even lasted a couple of hours after the session(s). Leaving me in a blank and empty 'haze'. Also, 'kind of' struggling to remove anything from my uniform other than the blindfold after listening to the files. I really miss having sessions like that, which the memories of probably increased my frustration the last years when I couldn't achieve anything close to that from hypno-sessions.

I guess the thing that has stuck with me all these years is the uniform, anytime I'm watching hypno/porn i almost ALWAYS dress up. Stockings/full body fishnet, high heels, panties, collar & buttplug. I just love the sensation&feeling of being 'uniformed'. Heck, just this week I ordered some new pink 8-inch heels after a long hiatus of no online-shopping. Which got me REALLY thinking about the Bambi files once again...

So... Can I get back into these files? Where to begin? There are so many different options now from, Bambi4eva, ADHD Bambi files (barbacojeputitas), PlatinumPuppets. Do I go back to the original ones? Add something else to my uniform? (I'm REALLY tempted to get a full bodysuit in pink with preferably zippers to add on-to the effect of the 'zip' phrase in the Bambi files). My main concern with the files are if they get too long, and I can't go blank, I'll just get 'bored' and stop again. Should I make my own playlist with a max time of like 90 minutes? Or are there any creators who got that aeady, maybe the ADHD files? No files are too extreme IMO, ill take anything if they can give me the same feeling I used to get from Bambi.
(07 Feb 2024, 18:47 )xorzee Wrote: [ -> ]are there any creators

Try Something different.