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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(23 Sep 2021, 01:42 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(23 Sep 2021, 01:39 )Bambislave Wrote: [ -> ]It's only 32 mins long so it's pretty cool for Bambis who want a quick training.
Bambi Essential Triggers Compact Reinforcement.mp3 (Size: 52.74 MB )
It's aeady uploaded here:
(I will remove your attachment to save some disk space)

Ah great, thank you ! Girl_yes2
"Bambi Sex Animal" mp3 -- tribute crossover Bambi + Sex Mania & Pig Girl elements. 

Link to post
Bambi Sex Animal video available for download for 10 days.

Just sissy hypno clips with Bambi Sex Animal added as a soundtrack.

Crude maybe, but I watched it once and haven't felt so alive in a long, long time.
(26 Sep 2021, 15:29 )Cattani Wrote: [ -> ]Bambi Sex Animal video available for download for 10 days.
Is it the same audio track as above? (downloading and sharing over RS)
I wonder if I should move this post to this thread:
(26 Sep 2021, 21:54 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(26 Sep 2021, 15:29 )Cattani Wrote: [ -> ]Bambi Sex Animal video available for download for 10 days.
Is it the same audio track as above? (downloading and sharing over RS)

Yup, exact same track. The mp3 and the video are the only contributions from me. Now I really have to take a day to ground myself, as after that irl resumes hihihi  😋
(26 Sep 2021, 22:31 )Cattani Wrote: [ -> ]I really have to take a day to ground myself,
I'm very curious ! Eagerly waiting for your report!
(26 Sep 2021, 22:54 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(26 Sep 2021, 22:31 )Cattani Wrote: [ -> ]I really have to take a day to ground myself,
I'm very curious ! Eagerly waiting for your report!

Just your generic transition day from “hypno bender” to “normal life”. Managed about 4-5 hours of sleep, woke up horny as hell, forced self out of bed, now doing various chores, getting into a new frame of mind, preparing for resumption of duties and responsibilities tomorrow.

The bender was great. Excellent decompression. By the evening of the third day real freeing up bliss happened. Like a deep massage—at first you feel almost nothing, then you start feeling yeah, maybe I am a bit tense, and then suddenly your muscles start to relax for real and you realize how chronically tense you were for so so long. Same here. First day of bender—yeah, nice. Second day of bender—hey, actually better than yesterday. Third day of bender—Christ almighty I haven’t felt so alive and open seemingly for eternity.

As if my living Self had built up and powered up a coral-like structure around itself, but then gradually this living Self started dimming and going down to 1% of “battery charge”, leaving behind the coral-like duplicate of itself unpowered, mostly dead, inflexible, monochrome, yet this underpowered and sad structure was forced to deal with everything.

And on the evening of the third day of the bender—baaam! Suddenly the living Self awakes and starts expanding and I can laugh out in delight at just being alive. This, of course, cannot be a permanent state, but doing it with some regularity should keep the living Self from going into a coma and relegating everything to the clunky coral-like duplicate. Maybe keeping the "battery life" at at least 10-15%, that would be great. With the occasional bender surge.

Insight: sometimes doing something isn't about doing that something for its own sake, but in order for this something, when it is done, to perform the role of a key to a new situation. Sometimes we forget that, and start focusing too much on the something for it's own sake, forgetting that its central function is being a key.

That being said, I do have my suspicions that in certain situations one can theoretically go too far both with Bambi, or the Sex Mania files, and the combination between the two.  This night as I tried to go asleep and couldn’t for a long while, I had to fight a certain desire to go to sleep listening to a mix of Sex Mania night file, Pig Girl night file, Swallow Abyss, and the Bimbo Sex Animal file.

This would likely have kicked off a much longer bender, weeks or months long, and yes actual lifestyle changes, which I simply can’t afford to do right now.

Anyway. Here I am now, tired but in a way recharged—back to irl.
(27 Sep 2021, 08:26 )Cattani Wrote: [ -> ]The bender was great.
What did you listen to? And how often?
Crazy Whore Now; Pig Girl Brainwashing Boosted Daytime; Bambi Sex Animal.

Crazy Whore and Bambi Sex Animal both audio and video, depending on mood. After listening to all three of the above 3-4 times each, put on Bambi Sex Animal the video, and around the 30 minute mark suddenly finally the inner life manifested and I laughed with joy and felt young again.

But, as I said, two and half days of accumulation of stuff had to pass, before this effect suddenly kicked in for me.

On day one I noticed that at times during listening fantasies manifested, but they felt hyper real, not unlike the hyper reality of tripping with hash or mushrooms in my youth. But that tripping in the past made the surrounding places and people hyper-real, whereas in this case the fantasies felt hyper-real, the way the real world felt way back when.

On day two I knew that this was possible, and looked forward to experiencing it, and at some point started feeling the body waking up, giggly energy currents from feet soles to head and shoulders. Occasional wild grimaces and deep guttural sounds with no linguistic meaning. Periods of the tongue licking very intensely at the air. Occasional shaking and spasms, but I knew these were reactions of a tensed up body trying to wake up so didn't freak out but rather tried to enjoy it.

I think starting the day with the paranoid political file somehow helped, maybe it took care of the innate proto-patriarchic crypto-fascist masculine guilt by allowing it to have it's own time, and after it wore off I could continue going deeper with the erotic hypnosis.

On day three I knew I was chasing the hyper-real feel of the fantasies, plus freeing up body reactions, but in the evening, midway through the video Bambi Sex Animal, suddenly "became alive", and paused the video and just enjoyed being there, being myself, and being completely alive.

So it was a gradual process, with every day bringing unexpected new effects, and on the third day a culmination.

After this culmination I knew I had reached the state I wanted deep down to reach, but nevertheless, being in a highly hedonistic mood, did the rest of Bambi Sex Animal, and then again, and then some Crazy Whore Now, and then I don't remember, but when I went to sleep very late, sleep wouldn't come, and I had to fight the impulse to just put on more stuff and listen to while I sleep. But I knew I shouldn't do this, because I won't be able to handle the real life stuff that starts soon, so it's time to stop the adventure for now, and revisit it again in the future when circumstances allow.

At some point, I finally managed to nod off and dream mildly erotic dreams. Woke up intensely horny though.