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(16 Nov 2022, 15:37 )redara Wrote: [ -> ]
(16 Nov 2022, 05:43 )luftifuzz Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, has anyone tried out the ADHD friendly bambi files?

Here's a mega link for the offline version:

Oh, and hi to everyone!

I tried the basic training file one, before listening I tried communicating to my subconcious that I dont want the IQ reduction suggestions to go through by writing on a piece of paper and reading it out loud. The trance was really nice and I went super deep at some point I felt a lot of pleasure from being called Bambi and the good girl trigger being said over and over again, it was very nice. After the trance ended I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night feeling super aroused and my body felt hot, it almost felt like I was being constantly triggered when I was asleep or something or my subconcious was still processing all the triggers that were being said during trance. It was fun but also ruined my sleep that night, it reminded me of when I listened to the sex mania hypno files, I also woke up in the middle of the night feeling hot and aroused and I couldnt fall back to sleep.I'm going to take a break from the Bambi files for aslong as I can resist it because the day after my mind felt so sluggish like I was constantly zoning out when people were talking to me and I probably had a vacant look on my face even when I was trying hard to be engaged in the conversation, atleast I had no issue with overthinking things  😁 . Thankfully the effects are diminishing but I can really see Bambi taking over if I practice daily and had a uniform.

Yeah, being named as bambi after my oldself name was bubbled away felt incredible. Intense arousal, intense feelings of pleasure, but also my heart started pounding, and I felt like I was being drowned in a bathtub of sexy pleasure, which is usually when I wake up
Quite a post on Reddit (

u/xXx_Bambi_xXx Wrote:BS is helping me in a way that probably won't surprise you, but I think is seriously neglected in discussion.

Let me start off by saying that we've all seen a lot (or more than a few, at least) posts where people have come here saying that they started straight and ended up very not straight and are or have started to transition. Those posts almost always have at least one comment where someone is saying "Sorry, mate, the hypnosis didn't do that to you because you were aeady that way." So let me get it out of the way now: I'm not saying BS made me this way.

What it did do, however, is:

1. Allow me to admit to myself that there is no "fix" for transgenderism, despite holding that view for everyone else (i.e.: I did not apply that understanding to myself in any way). I have known and been this way since before I entered kindergarten and since I'm almost in my 50s now, this was long before any of the current sociopolitical issues and drama we see today. So for those thinking that this is influenced by BS or current trends, it is not.

2. Allow me to admit that there are several issues at play here which might feed into this but because of my ADHD, there's not going to be any "fix" for that either. For those who aren't aware, ADHD comes with a shockingly high rate of transgenderism since ADHD/Autism aren't generally constrained by regular "in the box" thinking about things like gender (they tend to feel free to make their own judgements about such things, hence why people say that gender is a spectrum). Combine this with rejection sensitivity, justice sensitivity, and for some of us parents who were poorly equipped to deal with non-neurotypical and almost no resources available (and no internet to research), a lot of such people end up with cocktail of issues to sort out that, and I can't emphasize this enough, are not our parents' fault.

3. The inhibition removal suggestions have done wonders for allowing myself to admit all of these things and that it's okay that sex with a woman, while enjoyable, has never felt quite "right" and certainly never fulfilling. Don't get me wrong, giving the rod to a lady who's hot for you is fun, but the hottest part of that for me has been the foreplay, the touch, the other person going wild, the smell, her vocalizations, the anticipation, the everything except the actual sex. That includes any potential risk but that, for me, is associated with loss of control (which I can now admit was an expression of desire for gender resolution which I would not have let myself admit previously and as such has gone away almost entirely). Incidentally, I can now admit that while it's okay and healthy to admit that you enjoy these things as a guy, it also tends to be really what all of my past girlfriends have wanted the most out of intimate activities. And after a bit of reading over the last couple of decades, it's my understanding that my reaction and turn-ons in intimate relations (per the list you just read a couple of lines up) tends to be more of a feminine response.

4. It's also allowed me to make my decision to finally start transition treatments and that it's okay to do that. I won't be bursting out of any closet with a spray of rainbow glitter and confetti, to be sure. My mother is up in her years and I can't disappoint her like that (I still have certain familial ethics despite having a completely shit childhood). And I live in a highly conservative area so, no, not until I male-fail without hope of help (that idea hits a spot, too).

5. Allowed me to admit and accept that my erogenous zones have never matched up with what I've read other men say. My dick doesn't do it for me but my neck, my feet, my hips (OMG my hips *shiver*, especially nibbling on my hips holy shit), nipples (oh, damn, my nipples)... things like that. That's not men erogenous bits in the "average normal" so to speak that I've found. I can accept that now. Reading erotic stuff is waaay more hot to me than porn (do yourself a favor and do/don't look up Corruption of Champions, but I will tell you that that has gotten me riled up in ways porn never has)

6. Allow me to admit that my manner of speaking my mind is and always has been more of a feminine way of relating. Every single girlfriend I've had has complained that I am too free with admitting my emotions, while simultaneously praising me for at least being able to communicate them (as a guy).

7. Allow me to admit that looking at a juicy cock turns me on a lot more that looking at a woman's bits. I still love to stare at tits, but who doesn't? I'll just have my own that I can stare at and grope now 😊 I honestly don't know if I'd be entirely down with sex with a guy yet, but let's just say that I get the hot tingles looking at them now, and I feel good about that, and I feel good being able to admit that, and it feels more "right" than ogling a woman ever has.

8. There is also a surprisingly high connection between synesthesia and transgenderism. My brain merges texture and temperature... If it's smooth, it's cool. If it's rough, it's hot. To me, icy snow is hot until my fingers start to go numb. And man does corduroy feel like it burns. I can't tell you how many times I've seriously burned myself grabbing hot pans or putting my foot in scalding hot water and thinking they were refreshingly cold until the searing pain started. Friends have laughed at me time and again for repeatedly tapping a pan that came out of the over not terribly long before as I try to figure out if it really is cool enough or my brain is trying to melt my skin again. Apparently, some trans folks are reporting that GAHT has helped with synesthesia and I hope this is the case for me as well. Don't get me wrong, it's kind of nice for water of any kind to feel "refreshingly cold" but I don't like it when my brain screws it up for me. On that note, women's clothing seems to have FAR more options for silky smooth clothing, and that is just fine with me.

Now that said...

To that end, I've been looping the "Bambi Factory" track while I sleep. Apparently I am actually hearing it as I saw logs because I keep waking up and feeling the triggers hitting hard, feeling so much better about my decisions, getting anxiety when I don't dress up in any way whatsoever after a day or two (and I'm far more comfortable wearing the clothes now than I ever have which is a big improvement to my mental well-being), and my appetite has been nearly non-existent lately (I won't let myself start GAHT treatments until I hit my clinically healthy weight which means I need to lose 50 to 60 pounds and this is one of the major reasons I've been looping the Factory track as being fit, being a healthy weight, and transitioning are major components of this track). For those concerned, I do keep well hydrated and am effectively on a kind of intuitive "One Meal A Day" eating pattern now.

I've also recently added a few more of the other tracks I wouldn't normally listen to, such as Oblivion and Protect, Amnesia, and Addiction. I keep waking up during these tracks all night long, and I remember feeling absolutely amazing each time, hearing the drone and words, but I remember nothing of what was said. I do, however, remember clearly hearing the programming and feeling so happy and amazing, smiling as I sink down into the Bambi bliss and feeling the sleep command hit like a sledgehammer swung by the Hulk... and I have absolutely no complaints about that. As a result, I have to say that the whole concept of transition is very comfortable now, and I've been waking up well rested and happy (I haven't been able to wake up with a smile in decades). I'm also starting to remember dreams again, which hasn't happened in years. And since I'm now able to admit all of these things, my taste in porn has absolutely shifted with "cock worship" at the very top of the list as it gives me the warm, shocking, happy tingles.

Oh, by the way, do yourself a favor and get a dildo gag. Bambi doesn't have a gag reflex at all.

. . .

I just wanted people to be aware that these tracks can help you change your admitted perceptions so that you can at least be aware of the ways you are that you might be denying yourself. The tracks will hammer on those blockages repeatedly until it breaks through. Many of the techniques and goals of BS are nearly identical to more enlightened paths which try to get you into very similar states of detachment, deep awareness, calm, meditation, and self reflection. BS just happens to also throw some programming in there with it which, if we're being honest, won't take root if you don't want them too. For example, I find the "forget" programming to be kind of hot in an every day sense, but they fail to work on me for critical things like work related knowledge. Neither does the IQ stuff, but being fuzzy headed works well because that's kind of cool too (it just doesn't kick me while I'm at work)
(16 Nov 2022, 21:58 )StarBlazerBambi Wrote: [ -> ]As someone who struggles listening to the boring 1  2 3 10 playlists, I would say the ADHD edit was really amazing for someone like me or many others like me who have never gotten much out of Bambi files.

Gotta say, i've tried bambi a lot of times, but always get tired of trying and frustated, but this time, this time was really really different, i could keep my focus on all the time, i've came really really close of blackin out, i felt super horny and submissive, and the most important, blank! Was the most powerful bambi session i ever had.
Errm... What is this?

Quote:A quick and dirty creation for those of the water sport persuasion. Helps Bambi crave it.

No time to check it out. Anything Pig Girl related?
(09 Nov 2022, 23:33 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder what percentage of the so called Bambis is role-playing-along, and what percentage is indeed affected 🤔

I am surprised you ask this. Isn't hypnosis generally role-play in the beginning becoming unconscious habit later?
(16 Nov 2022, 06:15 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(16 Nov 2022, 05:43 )luftifuzz Wrote: [ -> ]the ADHD friendly bambi files
What is the difference?

(16 Nov 2022, 05:43 )luftifuzz Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, and hi to everyone!
And welcome! 🙂

Ra I think you should try the ADHD Files they are much more powerful and honestly everytime I listen I have had Bambi dreams. I mean they take me DEEP! Lately it’s been hard to trance with the OG Bambi files but these ADHD files and enhanced ones I feel truly effecting me in ways like never before. Like my mind is much more quieter and I don’t have millions of thoughts in my mind. It’s like calmer? I don’t know how to explain it but ya I think you have to try these files out. Would love to hear what you think!
I can confirm, they are pretty nice, making me think about actually giving Bambi a go again. That and the positivity post from reddit that was linked to this thread a few days ago. Things are definitely changing, my life is way different that it was my last week surge with Bambi. I wonder if this can be the push that I'm looking for to leave the male part of my transgendered ass behind? I hope it is.
(19 Nov 2022, 12:29 )rebroad Wrote: [ -> ]I am surprised you ask this. Isn't hypnosis generally role-play in the beginning becoming unconscious habit later?
The short answer is "No". If hypnosis is done correctly, if the style suits the subject, if the hypnotist is skilful enough, no role play is needed.

If you "role play", no hypnosis is needed. You can simply "role play" until it becomes a habit without any trance, suggestions, etc.
@Like Ra How is your Bambi journey going? I suppose you stopped listening to the files, any residual effects?
(25 Nov 2022, 17:32 )Eevee Bambi Wrote: [ -> ]How is your bambi journey going?
The last time my SCM made me listen to Bambi (same playlist as was on Nov 13. Interestingly, it was a very relaxing, nice, and quite pleasurable experience. Yet another confirmation, that even if you are going to sleep, the volume should be the same as for "normal" listening.

(25 Nov 2022, 17:32 )Eevee Bambi Wrote: [ -> ]I suppose you stoped listening to the files
So far, my SCM keeps quiet on any hypno files, so not listening to anything since Nov 13. It happens - yet another non-kinky wave 😊 I never "purge", and never "relapse" - just follow the flow. Apparently, it's time to do other things.

(25 Nov 2022, 17:32 )Eevee Bambi Wrote: [ -> ]any residual effects?
I can't say there were any effects during the intensive listening phase, beside the ones I mentioned (e.g. dry orgasms, and one wet orgasm). No post-effects. At least I did not notice anything.