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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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Session 7: files # 1,2,3,10
For several sessions now, the voice is at the center of my mind.
I don't hear it with my ears but directly with my mind.
It gets stronger each time and also during the session.
This session went so quickly!
The influence of her voice grows more and more, my love for her too grows with each voice, I want to obey her I only want that.
This session was very physical. The waves of pleasure were felt in my breasts and in my pussy when I woke up I was so wet and so sensitive ^^
So, I was having a pretty restless night last night after returning home late from a work trip. Tossing and turning, I decided to toss on some Bambi to help me drift off to sleep.*

*My routines usually consist of looping Bambi files in the afternoon when I get home from work. Lately I've been mostly looping the 3 most recent file drops (Sleepyhead, Bobblehead, Bambidoll) into something that longplays like the Cock Goddess and related loops that were posted earlier in the thread. At night, I'll just use Sleepyhead into Bambi4eva's Bimbo Night Night (wipers). It knocks me out cold the moment I get past B4E's intro.

Back to last night however. I formed a list using the following after seeing cinon's comment on Bambi Protection, I felt drawn to the file in a calm and composed way:
00 Bimbo Drone
03 Bimbo Slumber
04 Bimbo Tranquillity
05 Bimbo Pride
06 Bimbo Pleasure
08 Bimbo Addiction
10 Bimbo Protection
B4E Bimbo Night Night (wipers)

I made it.. 3-4 minutes in before settling off to sleep. Though my observations had some key takeaways. While I didn't think that Bimbo Drone was all that effective, when the track turned over to Bimbo Slumber and I wanted to re-adjust the volume (lower, as it was perfect listening volume but not sleeping volume) I found myself incredibly numb, and while I probably could have moved I felt far too content under the covers to actually do so. When Bimbo Slumber hit however, immediately I felt something different. The central feeling of the voice in my head (instead of ethereally floating above as it usually feels) was the first thing that struck me, the words were the only thing I could feel or hear. As the seconds ticked by, I felt my shoulders tingling, my uniform felt more present than ever (as if it was softly compressing me just to remind me it was there), and a swirling feeling that I can only descirbe as a whirlwind of shivers, spine tingles, warm and pleasurable waves, and a feeling of sinking into the mattress while being enveloped by these very physical feelings rushing through my body at the direction of Bambi. And then I was gone.

After checking my playlist I noticed I had 1 full playthrough of the tracklist above and I woke up extraordinarily refreshed for only having a handful of hours of sleep.

I think I'm going to start intentionally crafting more playlists for myself... 😊 any suggestions are always appreciated!
(15 Nov 2021, 18:12 )BambiNovaBot Wrote: [ -> ]I had 1 full playthrough of the tracklist above
What was the total duration of that playlist?
(15 Nov 2021, 18:24 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(15 Nov 2021, 18:12 )BambiNovaBot Wrote: [ -> ]I had 1 full playthrough of the tracklist above
What was the total duration of that playlist?

1hr 12min

Showed as completed when I woke up, thankfully didn't shake off the earbuds in the middle of the night. (Tends to happen).

I know a lot of people don't think using Bambi at night is effective, and if that's all someone does then I'd agree with them. But I personally find it to be a nice extra layer of conditioning. Like I said before, after restlessly laying in bed for quite some time, listening to Bambi knocked me out before I was even half way through with Bimbo Slumber. 3-4 min of listening when you include Bimbo Drone.

I don't think I'd have made so much progress on myself in the last 8 months (I've been on and off for maybe 16 months before I took this deep inescapable dive with Bambi this year) without Bambi; Shoulderblade length hair, a solid self care routine, regular exercise, a better understanding, treatment, and acceptance of my body, etc. I could go on, but even with all the short comings of the BS Program (Like, I guess if you don't enjoy being a blissed out airhead 😜) I do personally think that if it's utilized properly that there's a lot of positive takeaways.
I did a weekend marathon listen over the last 3 days- I listened to every file except for “life control total doll”, tracks 5 &7 from the mental makeover playlist. I had absolutely no energy and my body was starting to be uncomfortable from being corseted for 48 hours straight at that point.

I started off with the three new tracks, and then did playlist by playlist. I haven’t listened to the original Bimbodoll conditioning since my last reset over a year ago- I think it was one of the reasons I haven’t broken through til just this weekend. “Bambi sex animal” also took me over the edge, Thankyou to whoever just recently mentioned it. A microdose of mushrooms followed by a small sativa toke on Sunday had be following every command from the older training loops. Triggers solidified sooo deeply. I couldn’t undress even when sucking (although I knew I had the whole weekend to play)

I was going to end the fantasy on Sunday night and have Monday to recover before going back to “regular life” on Tuesday- but on Monday morning I still had the first two files from Fuckpuppet freedom & the last two from Fucktoy fantasy left. I put on my “regular” leggings and bra on and went for a walk, but before long I started hearing triggers in my head. It was sooo overwhelming. I ran back home and quickly got p&p- dressed up with headphones on hehe. The orgasms were atleast 10x more intense then ever before, no hands free yet but I could feel cum soooo close. I used my vibe on my locked clitty for about 30 minutes in deep conversation with Bambi asking her to release me so I can do things. I think I made many deals with her but can’t remember.

One noteworthy experience was getting out of the elevator after a full body transform experience (fake plastic Fuckpuppet file I think?) and seeing mostly sissy males waiting to get onto the elevator for their transformation.  It made me think a bit about the collective consciousness of Bambi that is forming and how much stronger that makes her.

Another one was the feeling of my eyes rolling back and just being brainless in a black void that started to last longer and longer each time.

99% sure that this is what a “breakthrough” experience should feel like but would love to hear what you considered your breakthrough to be.

Excited to use some of the triggers in real life and see how far they can push the old self hehe. Aeady dreaming of wearing my tits while grocery shopping 😍
(Oh my the spelling mistakes I had to correct after re-reading this... 😬😂)
(14 Nov 2021, 23:53 )Lost_In_The_Pink Wrote: [ -> ]Session 7:
Any new sessions? Any new progress?
Hello, i never speak, but i lurk around here for a while, and lately i, seeing that i never felt really in trance, i tried for years any kind of files. So i don't fear the "dangerous" ones, maybe something has to do that english is not my first language. So i tried this one. But i only got to the fourth. If you like, i will update about how it goes. So far, the induction worked well, but in the other files, i get distracted as usual.
(12 Nov 2021, 09:51 )Cattani Wrote: [ -> ]This is amazing progress.
I very much want to suggest later moving on to dirtier variations like Trancing Super-slut 1-3, but something tells me Lost In The Pink is perhaps not into dirty stuff.
Anyway, watching the progress with great interest.

What are the contents of the super-slut files?
I haven't tried them for real yet, no work-free or family-free days on the near horizon as of yet. Cursory listen suggests they are yet another remix of Sex Mania and Pig Girl files with added Bambi bits and binaural blasts. Bambi is a long journey about being a bubbly slutty airhead, and the other two are fast blasts about being a constantly horny filthy whore. I can imagine intense ways of combining those, and also not so successful ways of combining both. Depends on how it was done. And possibly depends on has the listener aeady tranced to either of the root files before, also the personality type, current moods and needs, etc.

I myself did Bambi Sex Animal awhile back, which for worked great as the culmination of a three day hypno bender. Short benders is all I can allow myself in the current life situation.

I would think the Trancing Slut files are like Bambi Sex Animal that but more impactful and complex. I'm assuming. Time will show.
I think the last posts are more related to the "Pig Girl" thread. Will move them there.

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