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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(04 Sep 2020, 18:54 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Any ideas what for editor it is?

I do not know for certain, but if that quote from one of your early posts on this thread is truly from the creator of the files, then it may be Cubase - i did an image search for cubase and it appears to have a darker theme than in the screenshot you attached, so maybe that's a light theme or an earlier version or he was using different software at that time, but either way in that quote he also says that the particular software doesn't matter as long as it is a DAW. In my derping around with the stuff i mentioned above, I just used Gnaural and Audacity since they're freely available online and are open source (so less concern about viruses). I don't know what the downsides are to Audacity versus something like Cubase other than that it appears to be a lot simpler in terms of the interface - it may provide controls for things which Audacity isn't able to do.
The problem with Audacity is that is a "linear" editor versus some "non-linear" ones. However, I could not make any non-linear audio editors work under Linux.
I think this file can be quite usable and "relatively safe" since it does not contain explicit IQ reduction suggestions (if any at all). At least I did not notice them (did you?). And I like the "uniform lock"concept.

I have two related files with a bit different names and a bit different sizes.



But most likely it's the same file.
Forgot to mention I recently came across this site which has files which, at least for the main vocals, do not contain some of the more concerning suggestions.

AFAIK there is no good or easy way to tell what is being said in all of the subliminal tracks without the original source files, so even if the original files had all of its concerning content in the main voice removed, I still would not want to risk listening to it.
This site is supposed to have the reverse engineered Bambi files with the addiction and permanency suggestions removed.
This thread has reached 100k views (100,082)!
Any news on new files or the whereabouts of the Alpha Bambi?
Nope. The last post on Patreon was on Apr 20, 2020. It's usual for Bambi Prime to disappear for 4-5 months.
(15 Jul 2018, 02:59 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(15 Jul 2018, 01:57 )bronn Wrote: [ -> ]Could you upload the bambi sleep scripts?
Sure. Here they are. I hope you will avoid Bambi.

Thank you. I've downloaded all of the ones you uploaded. I'm actually very excited about this. Being a transgender, post-surgery female and having a lot of inhibitions I love the idea of becoming a cockslut Bimbo. A juicy fuckpuppet. However I can forsee problems with full permanent erasure of my primary personality. The ability to maintain my "smart people" job and maintain my very comfortable living. 

I'm going to modify the scripts and process them through a voice synthesizer the way the originals are. I'm going to make it so what is left of my Male ego is put into a bubble and erased. What is left of the male personality is put into a bubble and erased. Then I'm going to merge myself and Bambi. I'm going to put in safeties to protect myself from bad people and bad hypnosis files. Bad people will immediately bring break all other triggers and bring me to full awareness and alertness. Bad hypnosis files will immediately wake me out of trance. I'll define bad hypnosis in the file. 

I'll make it so that my primary name is used and recognized for work and all legal proceedings. Otherwise I will identify as Bambi. All triggers will be suspended at work or in unsafe locations.  But they will be the same triggers. I will create a love/sexual relationship between Bambi and the primary. A desire to merge and become one. A desire to protect each other. I will also remove all IQ drains and limit the IQ suspension to cockslut/fuckpuppet activity. 

In this way I think Bambi will improve my life rather than destroy it. 

For sissies this would destroy their male persona. It would only leave their sissy persona and Bambi.
Welcome @Bambi3130 ! If you manage to modify scripts and make them safer, could you please upload the result here?

Just in case, there are more scripts posted in this thread.