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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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The creator of BS prime files is out by more than a year now, i wonder if this is the end, like what could possibly come after a life take over file?
Presumably due to the immense power of the Bambi files:
(21 Apr 2023, 04:41 )Eevee Bambi Wrote: [ -> ]The creator of BS prime files is out by more than a year now,
Not for the first time, it happened before. So.. who knows ...
(21 Apr 2023, 01:33 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Bambi Sleep on BuzzFeed!

Also, that article proves, that people CAN use hypnosis to make you do something against your will. Despite what hypnotists usually tell you πŸ˜‚

Looking from a different point of view, victims will find abusers, and the other way around. On one hand, this is unfortunate, because it creates a vicious circle. On another hand, everybody can find a matching partner.
It's so funny to see how my comment karma goes up and down on Reddit. Obviously, some people can't properly read and/or think. Affected by Bambi? πŸ˜†

Just in case, I updated the first post with some more warnings.
That's an ideal Bambi from the files! (Not MY ideal, though πŸ˜‰)

(How do you do that????? 🀩)
(21 Apr 2023, 22:21 )LikeΒ Ra Wrote: [ -> ]That's an ideal Bambi from the files! (Not MY ideal, though πŸ˜‰)
(How do you do that????? 🀩)

Well, magic, of course πŸ˜†

I found a model that does comic characters very well and consistently ( and have been experimenting all day with it.

Oh, and a LoRa aptly named "Pokies" for the perky nipples. The rest is prompting, inpainting and some retouching in post.

I love the cartoony look paired with the plasticity of the shiny latex, it just works so well together.

Prompt is along these lines:

"full-body portrait of a submissive slavegirl with (long blonde hair), (wearing wireless headphones)1.1, down on her knees, (wearing a skintight closed one-colored, [[[multi-colored]]] bodysuit made from bright bubblegum pink latex ), (emanating multiple heart emojis around her)1.1, (natural perky breasts), (pokies), clean line-art, highly detailed 8k image, high quality, by Annie Leibovitz and Steve McCurry, trending on artstation, masterpiece, award-winning, withLora(pokies_v12,0.5)"

Negative prompt:
"transparent, seethrough, ((child, childlike, teenaged, underage)), dithering, easynegative, bad_prompt, (worst quality, low quality), (greyscale, monochrome), cropped, lowres, text, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, trademark, watermark, title"
(21 Apr 2023, 23:01 )Bound Whore Wrote: [ -> ]Well, magic, of course πŸ˜†
Exactly what I thought!
Interesting twist:

u/prettyspirals666 Wrote:I def agree the files aren't completely to blame. With or without the files he was an abusive pos. He could have picked any file set and still would have been just as abusive as he hurt us in and out of trance.

I do have specific reasons to be distrusting of the creator. My tist told me he had involvement in making them before I really knew what they were (he had previously given me a file with his voice he made too, so it was exciting to listen to something I thought he made.) He's lied a lot, so I'm not sure about that, but the first files released after I started seeing him (Superficial Basic Bitch) has an unreleased sample of my voice. There is nowhere at the time that sample existed online, and I remember him having me specifically tell me to say what is on the file to encourage me to keep going blonde in reference to an upcoming salon appt. Once, I also saw a Bambi Sleep session 1 raw folder on his phone when he was scrolling to show me something. He was a stickler for correct labels, so no idea why he would have those/who would have given him access.

When he had me join the online community to meet more Bambis he made me promise never to tell anyone about what he said about making them, and it's one of the only times I've ever seen him get that serious or look scared/nervous. I literally had to pinky swear to reassure him. I didn't understand at that point that the files had a reputation or why he would be ashamed of his work on them... like I remember joking about how he should add them to his resume and he was like I can't people don't know about this stuff/he had a normal job. He explained a lot of people had bad experiences, and basically it's a safety issue for him cuz of that. I never told anyone about what he said and over time as I got more involved in the community and asked more questions about the files and the creator he refused to talk about it and at times straight up tried to deny he ever had any of those conversations with me, which was a frequent occurrence for a lot of things. Eventually he settled on telling me openly that he scripted the first set of files and met the creator online originally, but that he had no involvement with the later sets of files after. I asked if he would ever introduce me to the creator and I remember he had a weird response like "if you met them, you wouldn't ever know." So I don't know. There are other coincidences like he's gender-fluid (had us use he/him pronouns, hence them being used) and always talked about how hard he was to trance.

If he wasn't involved, and he lied (hoping this is the case) I still don't know how the creator got that sample, and it creeps me tf out cuz I don't even have a copy. Maybe my abuser was sharing stuff he was filming/recording with people without us knowing? Idk. If he was involved as a creator or contributor, that means they were made with the input of a serial rapist who used them as a tool to facilitate the assault of multiple people IRL and the possibility that he may be even remotely something I have to consider makes me not like the creator or original files, and it makes me question the intention for why they are scripted the way they are scripted. As of now I'm not assuming anything either way about his involvement, but it's a huge question in my mind that just kinda lingers over all of my feelings about the files as a whole, and it really taints them for me cuz I can't listen to them without thinking of the possibility of him being involved... and that makes me feel gross to listen/also why the rest of the transcriptions are taking longer.

I haven't bothered messaging the creator because I don't think they would tell the truth about knowing him or where that sample came from and would probably just try to make me seem crazy. They did that to another creator when they were called out about stolen samples (tried to deny literal timestamps that were meticulously sent) and I witnessed the headache it took for that creator to get a credit in a thread on here, so I'm not about to even try to message them. I'm sure once we eventually report "James" the truth will come out about it all/whether he was involved or not, and I'm fine waiting/that's enough for me. For now though? I feel distrust and dislike towards both the files and the creator, and I feel like my reasons are valid. I def don't expect people to share these feelings tho, because I only have them because of things that are very unique to my own experiences in that dynamic.

Also, I'm talking about this now because I've lost any fucks I used to give about protecting his secrets. I have messaged people about this towards the end before leaving dynamic tho and have def chatted about it after I left. It's a lingering mystery that I just don't like. Also, sorry for all the edits I'm not home atm and typing while doing stuff is harddddd
(21 Apr 2023, 02:56 )spandextc Wrote: [ -> ]I tried listening to Bambi Sleep while working, and that was just. . . a bad idea.
What happened?