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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(30 Oct 2022, 18:03 )LikeĀ Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Any experience with "Brainy Bambi!" by bambi4eva?

bambi4eva Wrote:Omg hiii baybz so this fyul iz new programming but not the usual kind Bambi maykz giglz I waz comishuned to create a fyul which maykz Bambi smarterer on command. Omg I kno rite? Lyk ewww. But it culd totes cum in handy for lyk beeng an undercover bimbo or holding down a jawb so you can get money to spend on maykup and shooz and fun stuff! This stayt is triggered by her master who she iz also mayd to obey. Indukshun but no awakenur.

. . .

Going twice. Any info? Experience? I listened to it, but the wording is weird. Will it indeed make an exception for those who must work and earn money?
(03 Nov 2022, 03:34 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]So your scm isn't following 8.5 then and misbehaving and should Bambi reset and compile a new playlist with all the missing files and Bambi playlist lock and snap and forget and if she's a good girl she'll Bambi does as she's told šŸ’•

You can always add more files, but it's a one way operation, because any attempt to remove them will trigger Bambi playlist lock šŸ˜‹

That's the only way to prevent skipping:

[attachment=56742] [attachment=56743]

u/Training-Popular Wrote:Bambiā€™s partner tied her up & pressed play hehe. Bambi relistened the entire original playlist + bambi4ever 8.5. Bambi had no way out. No more skipping protection and addiction files hehe. It felt soooo good to be so helpless
(03 Nov 2022, 16:55 )Bambislave Wrote: [ -> ]
(03 Nov 2022, 00:00 )lurker Wrote: [ -> ]
(02 Nov 2022, 16:01 )Bambislave Wrote: [ -> ]This is a mix of Bimbo Slumber (edited to be shorter), Bimbo Protection, and a deprogramming file by Jacqueline Powers (Remove unwanted suggestions - free file from her Youtube channel), that was edited and shortened so that this loop is as smooth as possible.
The idea is to loop this file over a couple of hours to make Bambi's Bimbo Protection work super hard Girl_devil

Have you had any luck with this? Does protection act as expected here?

I didn't dare to try it Girl_blush2

I'd be more afraid that protection simply doesn't fire.
Hello everyone!
I've been listening religiously to the original conditioning sessions, 1-10, for the past month by now and the addiction is quite real, I just love listening and feeling like a good girl, but I feel like it's time to get "deeper" into the rabbit hole. Only, there's apparently so many options and I have no idea where to go from here. Any suggestions?
(03 Nov 2022, 20:35 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]There was a replacement: "Uniform Slut Puppet", which is, basically, "Bambi Uniformed" remade
But it's not. Uniform lock isn't trained properly hence it doesn't work. Uniform lock trigger is set in unifomed file and your SCM is skipping it like a bad girl šŸ˜ 

(03 Nov 2022, 20:35 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(03 Nov 2022, 17:27 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]latex panties with built in internal dildo
I used to have some - very uncomfortable, because such panties must match the individual anatomy exactly. I used to dream about swimsuits or catsuit with build-in dildos - not anymore. A usual dildo or butt-plug, the latex stuff, then the crotch-rope. The best combination, can be worn for hours.
Always thought the whole point of those was to be constantly fucked by your underwear, that's why it's a dildo and not a plug, it shouldn't be held in place.
(03 Nov 2022, 21:11 )LikeĀ Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I think this is the time for my own version of Bambi files with some nasty things stripped out.
There's aeady bamboo sleep iirc

But good girls don't skip parts and your scm/Bambi does as she's told and will keep listening to completeĀ basic conditioningĀ session with all files included, including all the custom files designed to be used with it.
Because good girls playlist lock trigger always work. šŸ˜˜
(04 Nov 2022, 06:47 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]Always thought the whole point of those was to be constantly fucked by your underwear, that's why it's a dildo and not a plug, it shouldn't be held in place.
The form/shape does not matter, tried both, it simply does not work.

(04 Nov 2022, 06:51 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]There's aeady bamboo sleep iirc
It's the addiction part what is removed from bamboo, not the dumbing down stuff.

(03 Nov 2022, 05:20 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like whole IQ reduction is mostly about being free of worries when Bambi.
However, many report real cognitive issues. Can be role playing, but personally, I remember difficulty in concentration during reading after I accidentally listed to MsJ (my first hypno files ever). Not sure how it was related to the implying bimbofication, it was not role playing, that's for sure.

(03 Nov 2022, 16:17 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you should install a webcam to record yourself during your Bambi sessions? Might be interesting to watch later...
Done!!! Last night I quickly searched for the software, and installed Iriun (on both snartphone an Ubuntu box) and Motion (on Ununtu). I've been thinking of using old phones as CCTVs for years, and finally did it in 30 minutes for Bambi!! šŸ˜‚
The playlist for last night:

Rapid Induction
Bambi Body Lock
Bambi Attitude Lock
Bambi Uniformed
Bambi Takeover
Bambi Addiction 8.5 by B4E
Bambi Cockslut
Bimbo Addiction
Bimbo Slumber
Bimbo Servitude
Bimbo Tranquility
Bimbo Pleasure
Bambi's Little Secret by B4E
Bambi Awakens

No effects again, it was rather irritating this time. Strange enough, like the previous time, in the beginning it sounded differently again. Less articulated with some "vibrato" I did not hear before. I had to check the sound settings again - still the same. After some time it "stabilized", or my brain adapted. Dunno...

This night, most likely there will be no listening session, as I have to get up early and then drive. During the day?
You should give control loops a try while uniformed, if you didn't yet.

Maybe it'll be a good idea to add control loop doll at the end of your playlist?
(04 Nov 2022, 11:46 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]You should give control loops a try while uniformed, if you didn't yet.
I tried them once, but I did not like something, most likely IQ-related. Need to check again.