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hypnosis is the closest thing to magic I've witnessed in my life, the power of our brain is real life magic ahah, and good hypnotists know how to use it against us, tho it's had to face our proper desire... 😉

also I think listening to a lot of files and hypnotists like I do is not the best thing if you want a few triggers to be very effective because your brain is full of triggers of all kind, but it's better to be more suggestible in general
I posted something I really wanted to share with people of this community for a long time here
I've been in a conversation with someone who has been completely trapped by bambi's program, I can ensure you it's 100% true and actually it's just confirming what I thought about that (lechienmaigre is me on discord, i'm cutting all useless things):

Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:10
I want to know how deep in the program you've been
like how long and how regularly you were watching files
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:11
So, i havent listened to the most intense ones
Mostly for my saftey
And I dont listen to regularly
For my saftey

AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:11
I get legit addicted when I listen frequently
Like I get dopamone rushes with some of the triggers
Iveost complete control to bambi multiple times

Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:19
also, you talked abt something important
you trans right ?
because i think, you can't get full effect of bambi until you're not transgirl/girl
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:21
Yes I am, and wdym?
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:23
Id think ud have to actually be a girl
To get the full effect
Or a trans girl
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:24
I will tell you, to experience bambi and all these kind of hypno files
i developped naturally a "second personnality" i guess
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:25
Its kinda that for me
But the walls are kinda fuzzy for me
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:33
I've aeady been tempted to let bambi takeover
but i'm straight 100% when i'm not in my fantasy
and irl i've a gf and everything
so there is always that part
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:34
Oh wow
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:34
that prevents me
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:34
I hVe less concrete barriers
I want to be a girl
Like, all the time
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:34
yes that's exactly what i mean
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:34
So its actually been a little liberatibg
Along w the hormones ofc
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:34
in the opposite of me, you can let it full control
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:35
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:35
that must be rly cool
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:35
at thia point it doesnt give me a choice
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:36
describe me how powerful on your mind the program has become N
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:39
When I listen, or get triggered
My eyes kinda just glaze over and everything gets fuzzy
And then I think I ussually lay down, cause its really haed
Im trancing a lil thinking about it
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:40
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:40
Its really hard to stand up and listen
And also I kond of spasm w some of the pleasure triggers
Other than that all I ussually remember is blankness
And a very very very fuzzy feeling
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:41
how irresistible has it become ?
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:41
And im kinda feeling it again
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:42
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:43
When I describe it
When I think about it
I get reallt fuzzy
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:43
that's hot
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:43
Esspecially when I try to remember
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:43
Remembering makes it worse
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:43
that's just hot af
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:43
Haha thanks

AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:46
Ive cried after one session
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:46
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:46
It really really really scared me
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:47
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:47
It was the first time I had lost like, full control
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:48
Like, I couldnt think what it didnt want me to think and it forced me to see what it wanted me to see and I just shut out everything and let it consume me
And then it essentially fucked me
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:48
that's not the worst part Confusedmirk:
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:49
It wasnt funny lmao, I was legit bawling afterward, like O cpuldnt speak after comming out of it for like 5 minites
I just kept repeating the same thing and couldnt stop

Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:50
bambi was the first
to make me feel like i was out of my body
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:51
Yeah, it def does that
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:51
and that someone could control my brain over my proper control
i lost sense of space
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:52
Thats why I stopped listening for like a year or two after firstisten
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:52
i felt immense pleasure ofc ahah
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:52
Thats whats so sadistic about it
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:52
it was a bit scary but
i knew
it was what i looked for for so long
something so close to real life magic
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:53
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:53
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:53
I mean
Be fucking careful
I was carefree with it
But its sbared me
Like I love it
But it made me love it
Le_ChienMaigre ??Aujourd'hui à 22:54
i see your point
AyavianAujourd'hui à 22:54
No, you dont
The session after I cried
The next one I did
Cause I was still addicted after crying and like tramatized by ut
It broke my resistance
(27 Mar 2019, 23:19 )HesseDemian Wrote: [ -> ]It broke my resistance
That's the scariest (and the most exciting) part some people are looking for. Bambi "promises" dopamine, and dopamine is one of the main reason for having addictions. In more "yoga-sense": all these pleasure-related addictions belong to swadhisthana (sacral) chakra, very low-level in the energetic system, very energy consuming, yet equally important. Emotions belong to the same level, but pure fears are "located" even lower.

I wonder what this guy feels right after the dizziness. Just pleasure, or he's "forced" to do something?
(28 Mar 2019, 00:49 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]That's the scariest part some people are looking for.

Exactly, actually i've been looking for it myself sometimes
(28 Mar 2019, 01:03 )HesseDemian Wrote: [ -> ]actually i've been looking for it myself sometimes
#metoo, but I prefer something more positive, than Bambi's degradation 😁
I did the bambi thing for a couple of weeks. was way into it, sucking dildos and wearing the uniform and shit, then around week 3 I suddenly felt repulsed by the idea of wasting my time listening to garbage files that do nothing.
What means... Even Bambi can have positive effects 😉
Bambi's might find it interesting.

Bambi's Sexy Music Playlist Vol. 1 by Sillybimbogirl: