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(09 Jan 2024, 01:51 )yourscrumptiousdreamofacookie Wrote: [ -> ]The effects I want:
(22 May 2023, 22:42 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently such things happen.

u/TIMSANSFW Wrote:I speedran Bambi - 20+ orgasms (the majority were wet orgasms)

Wow, what an experience! Dozens of hand free orgasms over a few hours, was something special, that's for sure!!

. . .
Anyways, had to share before I forgot because I kinda want to remember the details of this one!

Oh I loved this post.
(09 Jan 2024, 01:51 )yourscrumptiousdreamofacookie Wrote: [ -> ]And @Like Ra I need someone to teach me how to quote texts properly from posts on the threads on this website 😭.

Sometimes it simply does not work (especially on mobile devices) 😁

- wait a couple of seconds after the page is loaded (the JavaScripts might still be loading on the background)
- highlight what you want to quote
- press the Quote button underneath the post you are quoting
- repeat if needed
(09 Jan 2024, 06:33 )yourscrumptiousdreamofacookie Wrote: [ -> ]Lets just agree to disagree.
It's not about agreeing or disagreeing, it's more about understanding the points of all sides.

(09 Jan 2024, 06:33 )yourscrumptiousdreamofacookie Wrote: [ -> ]Because my goals haven't shifted even ones after almost 2 years of listening hypnos.
This is great! I would also advise you (and everybody else, including myself ... hint-hint ... ) to list ALL your goals/wishes/intentions (also if they are absolutely unrealistic, like flying to Jupiter) once a month. It's an NLP trick.

(09 Jan 2024, 06:33 )yourscrumptiousdreamofacookie Wrote: [ -> ]So according to your theory, my goals should have shifted or limits pushed/crossed. But it hasn't.
Yes, it's a theory, what might (not should) happen. Let's see if it stays the same in 3 more years. Actually, even the opposite might happen - your mindset can make a 180 turn, for example, because what you imagined might not be what you really want, need or deserve (another NLP technique - "I want this, I need this, I deserve this").
I'm not sure if I would call what I do with BS "resistance" but I can speak from experience and say that I do think it's possible to go into the sessions with a clear goal or mindset and affect the outcome. I've done this (thus far) somewhat successfully. 

From everything I've read and researched before starting the files, and from everything I've experienced from them, it isn't necessarily the files themselves that have the greatest impact, it's your mind and your willingness (or not) to let them in. It's how they first start working in the first place. It's kinda how hypnosis works in the first place. There's an initial buy in, you kinda gotta be open and willing for it to work. And to quote the guy in the movie with the two pills, "Your mind makes it real." I have kinda put up mental blocks in my head, or call it my mindset, that have allowed me (thus far  😋 ) not to get lost and actually have Harmony working for me. 

It's also why the beginner files, the foundational ones, focus so much on getting you to relax and open up to suggestion. Most hypnosis does this. Because if your mind isn't in it, chances are there won't be results. 

That being said, Ra is definitely right about how the files repeatedly and incessantly drive you toward being completely submissive and reinforce the removal of "resistance". And it's my experience that the more time goes on, the more I listen and condition, and the deeper I get, the harder it gets to like, maintain that "balance". That is very real. 

My uniform is the simplest example. When I first started, I kinda refused Uniform. Then I realized that if I was buying in it would be necessary. So I wore a thong. Nothing else, just panties, and that was my lock to tie Bambi to. That is perfectly fine for a Uniform, nothing more is really needed. But as I progressed and learned to drop, then bought in to the suggestions and the triggers started to work, I added more and more to my uniform. Socks or hose. More panties. Lingerie. Girly bracelets. Pigtails. Buttplug. Shaving everything. A breastplate. A bra. Makeup. Shirts. Shorts. 

I technically don't need any of that. But there's something IN me that wants them. And now I can catch myself shopping for actual everyday women's wear (albeit, very slutty women's wear). It feels like that's too natural now, like that's coming from deep in the subconscious. 

There's a little bit of taboo fear that keeps pulling me into the Rabbit Hole too. Kinda scary, kinda thrilling. That feeling of "will I lose myself?" is very real and addicting. It makes you keep moving the goal posts, and has you making playlists with the same stuff and new stuff over and over again. Gradual, but real enough to me.
Ok here goes:
  My actual experience with Bambi hypno after 2 months, NO bullshit or fantasizing

  I knew about Bambi hypno for a while, and I've been into erotic hypnosis for years. Hypnosis has never worked on me as well as on other people, so I figured, "hey, why not give this a try"; I am stuck at home due to a long term injury anyway. Other than that, I think it's fair and important to say that my fetish is not only hypnosis, but also crossdressing (I know, duh).
Also, I know his is a fetish forum, but still: fair warning, talk about explicit sexual topics ahead

  The first few weeks were rather uneventful, it was the honeymoon period where I listened to the files, relaxed, tried to imagine that those things are happening to me, but they weren't much more than either a meditation, or a jerk off session. During this time I only listened to parts of the original series; I specifically avoided any mindfucks, or the BF/master themes, even though I'm gay myself. I just wanted to be safe
  The second month is where things took a turn, even though I paid no mind to it then. I wanted more, so I started looking into the memory play parts of Bambi. THAT was the first instance of hypnosis that has actually worked on me; I was left sitting in my chair, completely blank, for a good 30 minutes after the file ended; so of course I wanted more! I found that combining the memory play tracks with others allowed THEM to work too, as I was able to get into proper trance that way. That is when I started to permanently wear my bra that I've used just as a uniform until then.
  The last 2 weeks, ending with today were... honestly, awful, as well as euphoric. I cannot tell you which files I've been listening to, though that's been coming back to me slowly. I gave myself a carpal tunnel from all the masturbation connected to listening to more and more of the files (which is absolutely uncharacteristic for me). I'm finding it hard to spell or remember words at random, and I can see that people can tell something's not right with me. I now feel a deep sense of dread when I can't wear the bra. And now, now I find myself on a damn TOR network, because apparently those files aren't enough of me and I want more of them. My sleep schedule is absolutely broken from all the naps I took at my table (it's morning right now and I'm still awake).

  Today, thanks to an unrelated stressor, I finally took a step back and realized what I've been doing these past few weeks and decided to end it and not look back.
Again, just as a reminder, I am absolutely not writing this as a fantasy, but I do need to vent about it a little, so I'm here, as it's not really something people would understand.

  Looking back, and knowing what I know about hypnosis, I think there's a certain aspect that makes Bambi more effective than other hypnosis series / hypnotists; the nature of the trigger commands. over time, the effects will of course happen, if you're willing, but they happen subconsciously. You're talking with someone and you insert a "like" into the middle of the sentence, but that happens subconsciously. But of course, this is still hypnosis and it IS *you* doing those things, so even though they were made unconsciously, you notice them happening. That deepens the idea that the hypnosis is actually working. Then there's of course the fact that some of these files try to connect to the act of sleeping, another one uses blinking as a trigger, the windshield... I've heard about one that apparently uses the act of turning a key as a trigger. Simply, lots of very vile triggers that you can't really escape or take a break from.

  Even now, after consciously deciding to stop, I managed to get myself triggered just by watching a show that referenced a specific part from one of the inductions. I bet there is a way to make this safe, I know that a lot of trans people give it praise. But like this? Absolutely not. I came in with clear boundaries, wanting a bit of lewd fun, and I ended up like this. 

  Of course, I know the effects will fade over time. I'm not stupid. But I will say that it has caused me extreme amounts of stress that I took as a need for more hypno, and now it's crashing down on me.

  The worst part? If you had asked me yesterday, I'd tell you that it's completely harmless and fun. It IS fun, but definitely not harmless for some.
Back to positive hypno... after a break ^^'

some other minor experiences I've had, on the positive side:
  • having a full, real-feeling fantasy about my boyfriend who I only see once in a while
  • taking a break from all the worries (even though they came back and multiplied; something something bottling your emotions)
  • getting THE best sleep of my life (back when I began listening), as someone who struggles with sleep regularly
  • having a fantasy about being stuck in a box full of throbbing wall-cocks
I didn't know where to go with this, so I am putting it on this forum and hopefully get some comments and honest opinions:

First of all, I am 100% straight, never put on girly clothes and never will. Nevertheless, I tried the Bambi files, because with all the layered tracks and background noise, I felt they are really well-made, and I loved relaxing to them and looking at hot pictures while being totally aroused and getting more and more aroused with each trigger and track. I felt soo close to cumming many times, that the feeling was surreal. So far, I never thought that hypnosis can have a negative impact or make you stuff that you do not want. I have been listening on and off for as long as they came out originally several years ago and never had a problem.

Since a few weeks I am getting really bad anxiety when I try to go to sleep at night and I am not sure if that could be due to Bambi. Maybe I had Covid and with the new strain they say anxiety is a Symptom, and I was sick a few weeks ago. Right now, I cannot sleep without taking Xanax. I never took any medication like that in my life before and rarely get sick.

What do you think? Am I getting crazy or could this be caused by Bambi Sleep files?
(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I ... never put on girly clothes and never will.
... errrmmm .... OK 😉

(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I tried the Bambi files
What uniform did you use?
Did triggers work?

(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I have been listening on and off for as long as they came out originally several years ago and never had a problem.

(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I am getting really bad anxiety
Can be anything. Can be accumulated effects. Can be not related. Any other changes in your lifestyle recently? When did you listen to Bambi last time?
(26 Jan 2024, 17:28 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I ...  never put on girly clothes and never will.
... errrmmm .... OK 😉

(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I tried the Bambi files
What uniform did you use?
Did triggers work?

(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I have been listening on and off for as long as they came out originally several years ago and never had a problem.

(26 Jan 2024, 16:50 )sentinel Wrote: [ -> ]I am getting really bad anxiety
Can be anything. Can be accumulated effects. Can be not related. Any other changes in your lifestyle recently? When did you listen to Bambi last time?

I did not use a uniform and am never putting on girly clothes.
Yes, especially the good girl one, always feel a wave of pleasure, getting more aroused and leaking precum. The forget trigger is working well, I cannot seem to remember much details. Sometimes wondering how long I have been listening. Cum and collapse always gives me a rush and constrictions, but no HFO so far...
In general I usually feel really relaxed and good when listening. That's why I kinda want to continue Rolleyes

Guess it could be because I have a lot going on right now, but again usually these hypno files are a means to relax for me.
It really depends on what files you were listening to. Several have anxiety triggers related to wearing a uniform and other conditions as well. I recommend reading the scripts to figure out if that has been suggested to you. If you are very good at trancing (and I suspect you are) then you may have an idea to be nervous or sleepless. Just remember the suggestion and then reject it intentionally - say I sleep at night and feel fine when I'm not in trance, and right now. Not in trance, not in a trance, here and now.