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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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Yes, perverts are everywhere, but CIA is a government structure, I'm not sure how comfortable it would be for hem to report about sissification success or failure. What if they are not even able to convert a potential crossdresser into a sissy? 😁
Of course, if you run an advertisement agency, you would clean up on the market if you can make people buy products by means of hypnotizing them. But what i wanted to say is that CIA or no CIA, experimenting with sissification is enough of a niche market that it does not draw too much attention, independent of who is doing this experiment.
Also, experiments must be measurable and countable. How can you measure the amount of bambitized sissies? 😁 Unless there's a hidden command in the files, which makes Bambi, for example, click something on a particular website, or leave a specific comment somewhere.
Well, in that case SB comes to mind.
Ha! True! 😁
(20 Oct 2019, 17:40 )sione92 Wrote: [ -> ]So. Last week I went on a 'trip', and during the middle of high decided to listen to bambi files, thinking just trying to listen to one file or maybe two. But it turned out to become 2 full hours of listening to all of the basic conditioning files and enforcement tracks
I did something similar bout 7 months ago now. Got one and a half tabs down and two hits of a wax pen and laid down in bed naked. I have a small dildo that I also put by my side. Went for tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10. I actually only started when i could feel the come up of the lsd, that weird "something's off" vibe. I can only barely remember a couple of things from that session. The relaxation of the beginning and the rest is the same visual while feeling very foggy for the rest of the session, the visual was something like a opaque, bubblegum colored clock that I find to be very similar to the clock that appears in Persona 3; ticking off sync and backwards at random times. Next thing I know, I am actively sucking on the dildo in actual autopilot, my body was doing that on its own. At that point I realized the session was just over and I was drenched in cum. The realization of the situation made me snap kind of quick but I remained light headed for a day or so and had some severe visual distortions hours after the whole ordeal, which is impressive for me since visuals on acid for me never go very far for very long. I've never had any long term effects or complications over the last year and a half that i've been using the files and I still use the basic ones very 2 or 3 weeks just for fun. Just wanted to get that out here.
(24 Oct 2019, 06:47 )Lazaro Valiente Wrote: [ -> ]laid down in bed naked.
No uniform???

(24 Oct 2019, 06:47 )Lazaro Valiente Wrote: [ -> ]I still use the basic ones very 2 or 3 weeks just for fun.
Also without uniform? Any effects?
I like this trigger, and I like this animated GIF:

Two more animated GIFs:

[attachment=36572] [attachment=36571]

What is the "Pop" trigger for?
(08 Nov 2019, 14:21 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Two more animated GIFs:

What is the "Pop" trigger for?

I think it is about any non-bimbo thoughts getting trapped in a bubble, so they can simply float away and *pop*, gone completely from awareness.
If I remember correctly it was used in "02 Bubble 4ccept4nce".