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Hi all,

Long time lurker of the forum. Of particular interest to me has been the Bambi threads. I am probably one of the more cerebral enjoyers of BS – I have quite the fascination with topics regarding Jungian psychoanalysis and philosophy of mind. I find that consciously analyzing and breaking down the mechanisms and feedback loops of the BS program, ironically has been the most proven way for me to allow the conditioning to take hold at increasingly foundational levels of my psyche. It seems that consciously turning over in my mind the theoretical underpinnings of why it could work, introduces the weak point in my disbelief that allows it to tunnel into my unconscious and begin to make it actually work.

I've strengthened that "could work" hypothesis by spending a lot of time trawling the internet for people, coming from a similar perspective, putting forth arguments and observations to that effect. I have amassed a lengthy Google Doc of anecdotes like this, I can share it if there is any interest in it.
My progress with BS has been slow and steady. The Bambi personality is palpable, but only in momentary fragments of time immediately after explicit triggers (GG, C&C, etc) and implicit ones (donning the uniform, perfume, porn), and filling in the gaps between is my old personality. It seems that the ultimate aim of the program is for the Bambi personality and headspace to become self-sustaining without frequent triggers, and it seems I get closer to that goal every passing session.
(24 Aug 2023, 03:32 )chastity10101 Wrote: [ -> ]Long time lurker of the forum.
Welcome to the forum!

(24 Aug 2023, 03:32 )chastity10101 Wrote: [ -> ]I have quite the fascination with topics regarding Jungian psychoanalysis and philosophy of mind.
Welcome to the forum! 😉

(24 Aug 2023, 03:32 )chastity10101 Wrote: [ -> ]to make it actually work.
(24 Aug 2023, 03:33 )chastity10101 Wrote: [ -> ]My progress with BS has been slow and steady.
Could you please elaborate a bit more? What do you notice about the Bambi personality? What are your reaction on triggers? Uniform? "Normal life" outside of explicit triggers?
Quote:What do you notice about the Bambi personality?
For the brief moments that the Bambi personality is at its strongest, I experience conditioned effects as "literally" as possible, from my interpretation of suggestions. What makes a given "takeover" stronger is the degree of suspension of disbelief. Disbelief is the biggest obstacle to progress in the program after the basic tenets of the program are laid down. The nonverbal belief that "it's not working" catapults you out of the first-person experience of being Bambi, and you end up just thinking about being Bambi instead.

Quote:What are your reaction on triggers? Uniform?
It is a foregone conclusion that sexual arousal is the lynchpin to the entire BS program. My uniform serves to provide a constant, low-level amount of direct sexual stimulation. Triggers provide acute pleasure. That some triggers make this pleasure conditional is incidental to their role for the overall structure of the program. All triggers are pleasure triggers, even triggers that induce anxiety – intense anxiety can easily be transmuted into intense pleasure, and the contrast between the two serves to amplify the intensity of the program overall.

Quote:"Normal life" outside of explicit triggers?
Just like how the program encourages the Bambi personality to sever any and all ties to the old personality, so too does my old personality hardly ever contemplate my "Bambi life" (except for rare occasions (such as right now 😋 )). I personally do not experience the "interaction" some people have between their old self and Bambi. At least for me, they are mutually compartmentalized from each other, which has been a stable enough arrangement, at least for the past few months.

I interpret the suggestions about "permanent takeover" and "being locked in forever", not as advocating for complete supremacy of Bambi over all of waking life, but rather to reinforce Bambi's control over her "territory" (ie, while trancing/uniformed).
I've had a pretty strong week with BS a while ago, up to bambi forcing me to do ass to mouth once to make me more compliant with her wishes. She had fun putting me in zombie mind state and made it increasingly difficult for me to break free by adding a ring gag (to prevent me from saying the reset phrase) and later handcuffs too, when I managed to get the ring gag removed. When I finally got free, she made me do ass to mouth and made it clear that I wasn't to interfere with what she does to my body. I was much more reluctant to break free since then. But my bambi persona faded a bit later on, when I got busy at work. I am happy with what I got right now, bambi just having fun every now and then, but leaving me alone else.

I am still planning on improving bambi with Oblivion and Lust for Ladies.
I'm gonna speak about Bambi, what it does in my life.

I'm not a native English speaker, sorry if my text is not always grammatically good.

On March 2022 I was feeling very bad in my life, sad,... Stronger Since a few months earlier (covid time was difficult, but even before)
I was like always worried about what happens in the world, overanalyze everything, searching to comprehend any "news", and then when I could understand something, I was being very angry at politicians, geopolitics etc, etc. (always worried, stressed, anger,...)

So I wasn't living my life, I couldn't enjoy it, I was just reacting and thinking too much about everything. Mostly about things I could do nothing about (like there is a war, or covid or corruption, that's in fact none of my business but until last year I was too impacted by it.)

Then I saw a well-made prank video with hypnosis, it made me curious about hypnosis. So I tried a hypnosis video to see if it works on me and... It worked.

I searched and watched many of them, they were mostly helping with sleep or self-confidence.
Finally, in April, I discovered a hypnosis on YouTube called "Bambi Sleep". And oh my god, this was strong, even just listening while doing something else, I had to go in trance, it was stronger than my mind.

BAMBI soon helped me to have less stress, not worrying about too many things, giving me more self-confidence, being able to live in the present moment. Less fear, I could do things and stop thinking about fear.

I didn't feel much IQ loss, well I don't always like the IQ loss files, but they helped me a lot in the beginning.

Thanks to Bambi Sleep I could find a new job (because less stress), even while I was at work I could feel more serenity. Just repeating in my head "good girl", "zap cock drain obey", so I could feel good and thinking less, just of cocks. (I was even working very well, better than others)

All summer was like that, working and being able to accept it, even when it was very stressful, and it was thanks to Bambi Sleep's help. (also my inner will)

I had some times when I didn't want to listen to it, but after a moment I listened again, and pause, and again,..

I sometimes read other people warning these files are dangerous. So I sometimes felt bad about them, sometimes addicted.

But thanks to the files I could be more and more myself, feeling better with myself (I also visited a hypno therapist, she helped me a lot, not only Bambi did all)

With Bambi's help I could take contact with a mistress, I could show more the real me. (real me isn't so much bimbo, but the Bambi mind helped me to hide less and be more honest)

I also read the article about girls being abused through Bambi Sleep, at that moment I was so disgusted. In fact, when I think more about it now, the guy was just abusive, and like in BDSM, consent and trust are the most important things. And it can happen that we meet bad people, even without Bambi Sleep this guy would be an abuser.

But after I knew about this story, I wanted to read the Bambi script's to understand it better.
I saw the "bad girl, feeling stressed..." parts, so I understood why I sometimes felt bad after listening.

But in fact, being told to feel bad or stressed when not perfectly dresses is not a problem, the problem for me was that the creator of Bambi Sleep hid it. It broke my trust in the files. And if the creator told about the bad feeling on the Bambi Blog, I would also have listened to it, with even more trusting.

Now I listen to Bambi again, knowing what I'm listening to, telling my mind before listening to the hypnosis that it will only feel good even if it says bad girl or so.
I cannot trance as deep as before because the trust has been a bit broken by the hidden things. (telling bad feelings) [ add today : yesterday's night I could have a magnificent trance, I used a lot of files with "Bambi freeze", "snap and forget", some fan short fan made files like that to help trance.
Also, I don't need it that much now, it's more, I listen when I want, I have a very nice reality, I don't need to escape anymore. (before it was listening to Bambi, so I could escape reality, now it's just for pleasure, but sometimes I need it lol, addicted?)

I'm now transitioning, taking oestrogen since March 2023, Bambi helped me all this long, but Bambi didn't make me do it.
I listened to Bambi because it was something positive for me. It didn't brainwash me, I don't think a hypnosis can brainwash anybody. (it can help to go further in what we fantasize about)
It just helps my mind to imagine and live something I want.

And I don't think Bambi does bad things to us. I mean, the idea of becoming a bimbo, a slave can be attractive to us, Bambi just helps this feeling. And hypnosis really work, it helps our subconscious, it helps us to become more of what we want to.

I read many people saying Bambi Sleep is evil, I also wrote some post to find help to quit it.
This hypnosis challenges us, because we have so many things we learned from society and education, the moral. Like in our subconscious, we have learned that loving sex is not really good, or to have sex with many other people is bad. We learned that we must be "perfect" in society, having good presentation, being always smart, that we need to dress in a way unprovocative, to analyse a lot of things in our head, being "serious", always knowing everything, always learning new things.
And I think the difficulty we have in our path with Bambi Sleep is a more internal fight against all these norms.
If we think about all of them, there is nothing bad about them, it is just our judgement, because we have learned what is "good", or "bad". Like we learned, it is bad to have the fork in the right hand, and we need to have it in our left hand. But there are no real reasons, nothing is fundamentally bad about it.

I played some chess this week, and I can tell I am not becoming dumb (or the guy I played against is may be listening to Bambi too? Lol), but my brain, my mind can let go more easily the things that are not important, worrying less. I use more of my brain for useful or important things, my mind is quieter, less paranoid.
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Thank you for all the extra info!!! It's a shame that noveluniversity disappeared without a trace. I would have GLADLY patroned such content! Please do share all and any similar videos. I found one called OVERLOAD that follows suit. See link below:


(11 Sep 2023, 20:29 )sissy_blissy Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for all the extra info!!! It's a shame that noveluniversity disappeared without a trace. I would have GLADLY patroned such content! Please do share all and any similar videos. I found one called OVERLOAD that follows suit. See link below:


Overload is so good !
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