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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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Long post alert. TLDR: I did the bambi files, had a bad reaction short term, notice small long term changes.

I had read that it was common for people to have a mix short term and long term reactions to bambi. But like any sadomasochistic hypnoaddict I succumbed to my curiosity and tried it out.

I watched a few videos on pornhub with the original audio attached to visual stimuli and to be blunt, I was hooked through the sack. Eventually I found my way to the source files, and went a week long binge on them, it was both fantastic and terrible. While under, I felt amazing, like I was on drugs. Afterwards though, it's like my mind and body were trying to push poison out of my system violently. After that week I had a breakdown, deleted all my hypno stuff (I have all my hypno files backedup on a cloud that didn't get deleted) and lost control of my emotional state. I became super reclusive and in all honesty probably should have went to a doctor. 

Eventually I got past it and while that was about 6 months ago I still feel the urge to listen to the bambi. I accidentally stumbled across a video with the sleep trigger in it and I felt it pull on my mind. Other changes that I notice are a definitely stronger attraction to crossdressing and "bambi" things, but not to the point where it disrupts my life, happiness, or wellbeing.

A little background on me to put this in its proper light. I'm mid 20s, big strong Male, I work in an industry where I need to be tough and assertive. I also struggle with mental health, I have  borderline personality disorder, which means I struggle with my emotions and mental state constantly. But it also means that I can compartmentalize and process dangerous/ toxic things as they form at the small cost of discomfort.

I find it fascinating, looking back at the files, they seem predatory by nature. What their purpose is? I don't really know or really care for that matter, but it was a fun experiment.
(03 Jun 2019, 17:32 )shemhamforash Wrote: [ -> ]What their purpose is?
That's the question I've been asking since Bambi's appearance. Just for Bambi Prime's own fun?
(03 Jun 2019, 18:04 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(03 Jun 2019, 17:32 )shemhamforash Wrote: [ -> ]What their purpose is?
That's the question I've been asking since Bambi's appearance. Just for Bambi Prime's own fun?

If I absolutely had to guess, in a life or death situation, I would say its for money at the root. You get people addicted, and the patreon gives people early access. The "water" gets murky once you go beyond basic motivations and into the realm of tulpas, conspiracies and so on. I'm not saying that stuff isn't real, it definitely is, but the line where the facts end and truth begin is anyone's guess.

Edit 1: I went and took a peek at the site, and felt like a gravitational pull to download and listen to the audio.... food for thought
(03 Jun 2019, 19:10 )shemhamforash Wrote: [ -> ]felt like a gravitational pull to download and listen to the audio
I know the feeling 😉

BTW, I deliberately avoided Bambi stuff (to that point I listened to the Bambi's bubble induction only to compare it with Catgirl's and Lutz'), but yesterday I stumbled upon a couple of videos (including the one above) and browsed through (1 min Play, 5min FFWD, 3min Play, 10min FFW, etc). Strong stuff. Immediately huge erection and familiar from other hypno effects. Immediately! Most likely I was aeady in the "correct state".

Yep, digital drugs...
Sleep Loop for Bambies:

It's a 60fps video, so you might have to go to the PH site to see it in full.
While I don't think I've crossed, or will cross the point of no return, I'm a definite slave to digital drugs, Bambi included. I had to load up pornhub for the video to play, but once it started playing my body almost physically jerked as I felt my mind pull towards it.
In other words, would you like me to post more of this stuff? 😉
No (Yes definitely) Don't ever post any more (Don't stop posting it)  😉
I knew that 😁
OK, another one. Also 60fps.