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Bambi Sleep stuff
So for the last week or so I’ve been fooling around with the Bambi series and here are the results thus far. 

Monday the 17th?: The Full Bambi Bimbodoll Conditioning Zip (minus the rapid induction)
Tuesday: The Same
Wednesday: Only the basics (1-4 and 10)
Thursday: The Sleep loop training file to be used while sleeping with headphones for 8 hours
Friday: Only the basics (1-4 and 10)
Saturday: Nothing 
Sunday: Sleep loop training file
Monday: Sleep loop training file
Tuesday (Today): Migraine, no hypnosis.

So Far I’ve noticed that I’ve had minor changes, maybe a couple focus problems in the mornings with the sleep files. Like I spent all night drinking or drugging, possibly from a lack of REM sleep? Or maybe its a different side effect from the file? I’ve also put in orders for pink clothing, cross dressing and feminization type fetishes were a thing for me back early on, when I discovered self bondage, it was a huge part of my after dark life. But that part of me fell off when I got into my local community and really dove into Sadism and masochism. I never really lost the interest in lycra and body suits, but the things beyond that are what really got forgotten. I think that the Bambi files are bringing that part of me back out, which isn’t a bad thing, not an inherently good thing for me, but not bad either. 

Overall I see these files as toxic still, like alcohol. They’re fine in moderation, even going overboard once in a while is ok. But continued heavy use of them would probably wreck even my life, and I know that there are several stories out there about these files doing just that. I'll probably take a nice little break from them here soon, possibly after this week is over.
No doubts, Bambi stuff is very strong. But I wonder if there is more or less "safe" files, that can be used without IQ reduction. For example, what about these files:

00 Bubble Induction
Bimbo Slumber
01 Rapid Induction
02 Bubble Acceptance
05 Bambi Body Lock
07 Bambi Uniformed
10 Bambi Awakens (?)
(07 Jul 2019, 01:33 )Like Ra Wrote: No doubts, Bambi stuff is very strong. But I wonder if there is more or less "safe" files, that can be used without IQ reduction. For example, what about these files:

00 Bubble Induction
Bimbo Slumber
01 Rapid Induction
02 Bubble Acceptance
05 Bambi Body Lock
07 Bambi Uniformed
10 Bambi Awakens (?)

I don't think that it'll work like that, its more or less guiding you through the steps of creating a tulpa/ alternate personality, without the other reenforcing steps, the IQ reduction files then nothing really works as effectively. But its the target of the IQ reduction that might come as a surprise, or not. The target isn't the personality of the main user, but rather the alternate Bambi personality/ tulpa. 

I'm not 100% sure which the hypnosis guiding the user towards, but I lean towards the idea that its trying to install another personality, one thats activated but articles of clothing (A certain pair or color of panties is what it aims at, but I get the feeling any clothing, male or female based would work, possibly even a collar or bracelet of sorts). 

For me its been several weeks of me trying it out, I really enjoy the feeling mid scene, I can drop to it good but I can also rip myself out of it if something feels wrong. And I have, I felt off key, like I was legitamatly loosing control, my mind went into panic mode and I started repeating "wake up wake up" until I woke. I believe thats something from some other hypnosis a while ago that was implanted to protect me, and in this case if I had the need to wake. 

I look at the Bambi sleep files as a very potent and toxic drug, used in moderation and you'll be ok. But used without control and you'll likely fracture your mind in one way or another.
(08 Jul 2019, 20:31 )shemhamforash Wrote: guiding you through the steps of creating a tulpa
Yes, that's obvious.
(08 Jul 2019, 20:31 )shemhamforash Wrote: without the other reenforcing steps, the IQ reduction files then nothing really works as effectively.
Yesterday I've listen to some discussions/lectures about conscious, memory, progress, etc. There was one phrase said by a yogi, where he stated that it's the memory, what keeps us from breaking the limits, because we are taught that there are limits and where they should be. Memory might lead to frustrations we keep nourishing. And "the intellect" comes up with logical reasons why something is not possible or just continues to distract us. So, the whole "IQ reduction" and "blowing the memory bubbles" thing might indeed "help" here.

(08 Jul 2019, 20:31 )shemhamforash Wrote: The target isn't the personality of the main user, but rather the alternate Bambi personality/ tulpa.
Not quite. The subsequent files address the original personality, and the "Takeover" file is about, well, taking over by the tulpa.

(08 Jul 2019, 20:31 )shemhamforash Wrote: I look at the Bambi sleep files as a very potent and toxic drug
Yes, the whole stuff is about dopamine. If someone is addicted to something inducing pleasure, we call it either fetish or narcotics. Same low energy level. Hence so effective and addicting.

I like the original bubble induction (by Lutz, the trigger phrase is "hypnofun, hypnofun, hypnofun"), then it was remade by Catgirl ("go-go girl, go-go girl, go-go girl"), and enhanced by Bambi Sleep ("bimbodoll, bimbodoll, bimbodoll" and "Bambi Sleep").

I listened to some Bambi files, and here's what I noticed:

o- None of the files are boring, hence can be listened multiple times (same goes for the overloaded SB's files)
o- The induction grabbed me always immediately, good trance, no problem, thumbs up.
o- "Bubble acceptance" is aeady questionable and shows not so good worrying tendencies - it blows up ALL memories. Any NLPer would do it much subtler, by removing only the negative emotions associated with some unpleasant events. OR! Put all your memories in a bubble and leave it outside for the time being, you can always get them back (if needed).
o- "Body Lock" is too exaggerated and following the stereotypes, but at least the file does not make you do it in real (in this file, at least!).
o- "Bambi Uniformed" is one of the files I'm interested in. It prevent you from removing the uniform, but hearing the phrase "Bambi uniform lock". I began to imagine/hear this phrase from the first list every time I was about to undress (and I dress up a lot these days, see the "Home alone" thread). The lock does not work, though 😁
o- "Bambi awakens" installs the "Bambi sleep" trigger, but does it not as effectively as the bubble induction with Bimbodoll. Clearly, Lutz made a great job here.

I read the content of other files, hence did not listen to them 😁
Thinking about listening to this bambi stuff. I've mostly used erotic hypnosis as fap material but have tranced deep couple times in the past. It might be my personality but more I read about bambi hypno being dangerous more I want to try. Planning to try the earlier files and avoid the IQ one, maybe a playlist like Like Ra suggested.
I'm a bit worried because even thinking about listening and trancing to this stuff gets my head a bit fuzzy (probably some kind of pre release of dopamine because of a few intense experiences with hypno in the past). You know the feeling in your head when you kind of want to give in and sink to some hypno files.

IQ reduction is also scary and I think one of the earlier files have a part about forgetting your education. I would probably resist this stuff but as some people said after you get addicted to the files they kind of wear you down. As math and IT student I really don't want to mess with my intellect and future so the safe bet would be to not listen at all. But I know it is just a matter of time, could give in tomorrow, next month or a year from now (similar thing happened with some MSJ files but after giving in I didn't end up listening to them that much, maybe same thing happens).

It doesn't help that I ordered a lingerie set and stockings last weekend and those will probably arrive in the mail this week (haven't really crossdressed before, other than panties). Once I get dressed up I aeady know what I'll want to listen to..

Edit: I would compare going all out on bambi to drug use. I read from another forum that after months of bambi it is possible to cum so hard in the end of some file that you can pass out. Brain chemistry must be pretty fucked at that point.
Welcome @karza!

So, it's the HFO you are after, right? If yes, there is no reason to join the Bambi discord, there is plenty of other stuff to discover. "My playlist" is more for forced feminization, than for anything else. And again, I like the induction, which can be used for other non-Bambi sessions.
Hi guys.  I’m new here, but I thought I might add my experience to this thread.  

When I first heard of Bambi, about a year ago, I was very excited.  I’m a life-long crossdresser, and a sissy/feminization hypno enthusiast.  I’ve learned enough about hypnosis to tell the difference between an actual induction and porn with a bass track.  Bambi was clearly the real deal.

At first, I dipped my stocking foot into Bambi very carefully at first.  Honestly, I liked it.  The inductions were very well done, the scripts were inventive, the effect was blissful.  Over time, I found that Bambi displaced all other hypno, and lit a huge fire under the aeady-smouldering urge to crossdressing.  I found myself looking forward to my trance time, and maybe a bit too much.  As I began to appreciate, with a mixture of fear and arousal, how much influence the “program” had over me, I stopped...for a while.

My biggest curiosity, expressed elsewhere in this thread, was:  “Why?!”  What was the creator’s motive?  No, really!  My post to Reddit on that topic is below:

Note that I veer uncharacteristically near to conspiracy theory in my speculations.  Personally, I think “we” Bambi’s are all unwitting participants in an experiment.  It’s just a guess, really, but if I were perfecting mass mind control techniques, I couldn’t think of a better medium, a better means to monitor them, or a better captive audience.

Just thinkin’ aloud...

Further to my previous post, wherein I speculated about the reasons why Bambi was created, I wanted to further describe my own experience:  addicted.

After having stopped Bambi for some months, I stumbled upon their YouTube site.  A few seconds of the Bimbo Drone was enough to soften my resolve.  I never bothered to create a playlist.  I would just pick files that appealed to me.  Not only was I aware of the numerous cautionary tales online about Bambi, but I would sometimes read them while downloading the files for extra erotic sizzle.  At this point I listen for about 30 minutes per day, always dressed.  

The reason that I don’t quit is that succumbing feels so freaking erotic!  A contributing factor is that my corset, stockings and heels (“uniform”) are by now a sort of erotic dynamite, thanks to the effects of the files.  Crossdressing has been transformed into a mind-blowing experience. 

Oh, and weed.  (Being a newbie, I don’t know the “culture” of the group in regard to certain medicinal plants.  Rest assured that it’s legal where I live.)  I’m certainly not the first to report the erotic effects of weed, but the combination of feminization, weed and hypnosis is my personal kryptonite.

The effects to date are more frequent and often compulsive crossdressing, moments of genuine cock craving, and a huge, intense onset of submissiveness.  But most significant, I like it!  It feels literally irresistibly erotic.
(23 Jul 2019, 05:12 )Heidi Slave Wrote: I dipped my stocking foot
I like this phrase 😋

(23 Jul 2019, 05:12 )Heidi Slave Wrote: My biggest curiosity, expressed elsewhere in this thread, was:  “Why?!”  What was the creator’s motive?
That's the reason I was following all Bambi related threads. Also, I wonder about the reasons behind that site. (Pure youtube hit earnings?)

And, of course, there are many conspiracy theories the Bambi experiment perfectly fits into.
Hello, I'm new here, just wanted to share some perspective. I've been a crossdresser for almost 9 years, though I'm only doing it 'seriously' since this year. I usually masturbate reading stories and comics of forced fem, genderbender, that kind of stuff, but never doing any hypno. I've only tried Bambi Sleep since last week, and this is my initial impression.

Most of the 'effects' and 'suggestions' of Bambi Sleep is aeady in me since a long time ago. For example:
- Compulsion to crossdressing (even if only panties to work)
- Difficulty of removing the dress (I usually need to cum to remove it)
- Change of mindset and behaviour when dressed (though not as extreme as Bambi)
- Craving of cock (only when dressed, and not as extreme as Bambi. Also almost none when in male mode)
- and a few others I cannot think at the moment.

I cannot speak for others, but I think most serious crossdressers will develop this habit over time, whether they listen to Bambi Sleep or not. Regarding the triggers, it will need to wait more time though lol. I've never tranced in my life so this may take more time than expected.

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