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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(01 Apr 2022, 22:54 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]It also suggests using oblivion as deepener.

Yep! I forgot it included that.
I think i might gone deep to bs for the first time, i tried the 0, 1, 2, 3 and 10 playlist, and idk the last thing i remember was hearing something like "you're fully ready for deep training now" and something about just waking in the end of the session and a second later i was in the middle of the rapid induction file. That felt strange and funny, well lets see what happens the next time.
I've listened to the 0, 1, 2, 3 - 10 playlist again, to be honest i don't know if i tranced well, did not felt any memory gaps, or a total blank mind state, maybe bc i'm still learning to trance. But this time (I think on "bubble acceptance" or "named and drained", I don't remember) I felt my body numb like my whole body was spinning, and the more I thought about it the faster I spun. It was as if I could control it, being able to raise or sink my body in this "mental plane". But on "bambi awakens" I felt like I could stop the session whenever I wanted to, but I didn't, I tried hard to focus on every word until the end, even though at some point it seemed to take a while.
I aeady listened to the whole "Bambi Bimbodoll conditioning", and other advanced playlists in the past. Always had some struggle trying to trance and having a HFO seems almost impossible to me. But i had an idea, everytime i masturbate i only cum to the cum on command countdown, mighty be silly, but i'm trying yo create an association or something like that. What do you folks think about it?
You should absolutely do that! Just be careful of your timing. The fun thing about association and conditioning is that cause and effect can get a little grey. Soon you'll cum when you're told with or without touching because you're so used to cumming when told. Build the connection both ways and see what happens!
Hello everyone,

It is the first time that I write here, I am Italian and please be patient with my childish English. 

I learn a lot of things from this thread and others about egregors, tulpas, issues very important but little known.

I tried Bambi Sleep for 8 days until something told me stop. I don’t know the effects on long time, even if I didn’t trance, I don’t remember the session. I downloaded reset file and I hope don’t listen to again in the future. I notice a low level of energy, maybe because I listen to 1-2-3 and 10 during the night, when I went to sleep and the early morning (I suffered of insomnia so I wake every 2 hours a night).

Do you know something about “Shifting Reality”? On Reddit there are pieces of advices, it could be an interesting way for a safe environment, or maybe could give some problems of schizophrenia.

As you are the first entity and the tulpa is a second entity (or n-entity), with shifting reality you create an alternative entity, with a scripted “you” (age, gender, country, etc.)
On Tik-Tok some guys claims that they are at Hogwarts, or in a anime.

I am not sure is a good think, some entities could drain energy (see inorganic beings of Castaneda), as in astral travel or lucid dream. Shifting reality seems an astral travel with an alternative body.

I tried with Julia method and a subliminal, but I had a headache. Without subliminals I had interesting dreams.
Do you want to know what's the scariest about Bambi? I'm the most mental stable I've been in a long time, and yet just at the mention of her, I want to dive right in and melt my personality. Like a good drug, the best drug.

For reference, it's been years since I've done a full Bambi session or even a serious partial session.
(31 Dec 2021, 02:40 )motohua Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Dec 2021, 02:29 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]@motohua - how popular is Bambi in China? Can you post links to any discussions, experiences? So far, I saw only one page with the link to the archive (which I can't download, because special desktop apps are needed to work with Baidu), and some posts below, mostly about issues with downloading.
At present, Chinese search engines have been unable to find Bambi's Chinese audio. It should only spread privately among online friends, and some people have issued warnings. So it's hard to estimate its popularity.

"It should only spread privately among online friends, and some people have issued warnings. So it's hard to estimate its popularity."
1. You are very right. BS files are mainly spread in small groups about fetish. It is interesting that you can't download it from a website where the server is in China.

2. Someone has produced the file in Chinese so that many people who don't speak English but are interested can have access to it. I have asked the producer for his original scripts in English, and they are actually from machine translations. So the subliminal texts in Chinese are simple phrases.

I have to admit that the re-translated version makes me feel weird to Listen to (I have been listening to the original BS files for about two years now, but progress is very slow)

In fact, I have some questions I'd really like to ask people.
1. how do you know if you have generated tulpa? my native language is not English. I have been able to understand about ninety percent of the content so far, except for the takeover series.

2, such as dress up or can't take off clothes hint really work? To be honest, I'm fascinated by behavior control and forced brainwashing, but this kind of hint doesn't seem to work for me. Is it because I am not deep enough in hypnosis?

3. Do I need to practice HFO or prostate orgasm if I want to get a better experience? I didn't realize until recently that I initially chose the BS series because I heard about its powerful effects. But the pleasure I got from BS (never had an orgasm) was grossly disproportionate to the time I put in. So I plan to continue the BS file unless I learn HFO or prostate orgasm.
(17 Apr 2022, 16:10 )k294239031 Wrote: [ -> ]It is interesting that you can't download it from a website where the server is in China.
Do you, by any chance, have the link where the files can be downloaded? Of, if you have them aeady, could you please upload them here, in this thread?

(17 Apr 2022, 16:10 )k294239031 Wrote: [ -> ]I have some questions I'd really like to ask people.
Bambi never worked for me, so I can't answer your questions. Anybody?
If anybody is interested (and for the record), here's Bambi in Russian: