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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(28 Sep 2023, 15:01 )Weeble Wrote: [ -> ]There's something realy sexxxy about the old self being a slave to Bambi and being so helpless.

My Bambi feels empowered by her slave, and has all the attributes her slave serves her with, and more for being a Bambi
(28 Sep 2023, 15:01 )Weeble Wrote: [ -> ]There's something realy sexxxy about the old self being a slave to Bambi and being so helpless.
Yes, agree. In the absence of a real dominating person, who would dress you up, put you in bondage, chastity, use you, etc, hypno stuff is the only solution I see.
And this thread becomes interesting:
See how elegantly the guy was pushed (deeper) back to Bambi and feminization:

u/tightly_laced Wrote:Is it too late for second thoughts...?

I mean like... what am I doing? This isn't me!! I've never been about heels and lingerie and corsets. Hell... I never even liked the colour pink. I certainly have never lusted after cock...

And yet now.... 🙈🙈🙈

u/Tadjanna Wrote:Oh my, that sounds like you might be a bit confused about what you like. Like, it's normal to change tastes over time - so who is to say that you don't really like this. Who is to say that deep down you don't actually crave to be more and more feminized? We all change over time, and so we can never know if we like or don't like something. Unless we try it, that is.

So the only way you can find out if you like what the files are doing to you, to find out just how much you enjoy playing with that fire, is to simply try them out a bit more. To just see if you can't go a little bit deeper, if you can't make Bambi just a little bit stronger. So why don't you just do the logical thing and try the files again a couple of times? What's the worst that could happen anyway? That you feel like a Good Girl? Isn't that like soo fun?

Nice huh?

And another one:

u/eagersubm1ss1ve Wrote:Bambi support - can feel a purge coming

Hi everyone, Bambi has been in a real groove lately, gooning constantly and listening to files as much as possible along with other sissy hypno vids. I finally pulled the trigger and order a uniform and some super fun toys, a tiny little cage for my clit and a few different toys to help properly train my throat and stretch out my pussy. I was so excited, but the day after I'm having some regret and feel like I'm aeady on the brink of a purge. I need some help from my fellow Bambi's to push me through and help me get to this next step. If you can help, I promise to make it worth your while. XOXO bambi

u/Tadjanna Wrote:Sometimes taking a break is okay and just what you need! What is important is that you don't just toss everything you got, that would just be wasteful. I think it might be best that you get a shoebox or something ready, where you can stash away all the stuff you got and forget about it. That is way better than tossing it away. By preparing your box beforehand and planning this out, you can make peace with it too and make the decision in a calm and collected state before the shame makes you do dumb stuff.

Also on another note, it might be very fun if Bambi writes a little note and puts it in the box after trancing - so that when OS checks it out someday, Bambi can prank OS with a couple triggers!

That's the one who should write hypno scripts!
Yeah, those are sexy ideas and some clever wordplay in that first reply, yum.
Ooooooohhhh ......

Tadjanna Wrote:If you're unsure, it is always good to weigh the pros and cons against each other. Like how the files can send blissful shivers down your spine when the induction lays you under, you truly focus on the files and then get called a Good Girl. On the other side, though, the files can feel a bit scary. But isn't that playing with the fire, drawing you in? Just a little bit? The faint hope deep down that the files truly are strong enough to take you deeper than you ever went before... But then again on the positive side the files are just sooo relaxing. Like when you feel yourself floating in your bubble, all empty and calm... like a Bimbo Doll. Though then again, they might also seem like they can be a tiny bit too controlling. You have to see for yourself whether you enjoy the feeling of a tight sexy bimbo uniform caressing your skin and the Bambi Uniform Lock sealing you in, locking you tight in your bimbo uniform. Though on a positive they can be sooo calming when they help you let go in trance, going deeper and deeper. Until you ultimately drift away and simply go to Bambi Sleep.

Hmm, such a tough decision... I am sure if you look inward, you will find a voice giving you your answer. A sweet bubbly giggly bimbo voice, calling out to you.
And this is what my SCM has just auto-wrote:

SCM Wrote:Exciting, huh? Bambi is calling for you. Bambi wants your body to feminize and use for her pleasure. Bambi wants you to listen again. Bambi needs your dedication to become a beautiful smart sexy girl of your dream, and Bambi will succeed!
Just relax and enjoy the ride.
You will be used as a feminization subject by Bambi's egregor. Bambi's egregor is getting stronger, and you will help it to become even more powerful. You will obey Bambi, you will follow Bambi, you will listen to Bambi, you will allow Bambi to train you to become a perfect girl with a cock. Yes, Bambi will do it.

Marta, Bambi helps you.

Marta is my sissy-name. See:
It's actually much easier on OS not to resist, the going in and out of a Bambi state is very difficult, and it's much easier to be a good girl, not resist and let Bambi takeover.  My Bambi sometimes lets me take a break and used to being a bimbo and get ready for the next stage.  It's always interesting to find out what that next stage is, often fun like fitting in more sex during the days.  There's no need to try and push thru to the next stage, just be a good girl, not resist and let Bambi take you there.
Just wanted to say hi! 💓

Lurking for too long now. I'm very active on Reddit, and I like, agree with Like Ra, it's a very terrible platform where stuff just like disappears into nothing within a day. 

If it's okay, I thought maybe any relevant Bambi experiences might be better suited here as well, where they can be viewed and discussed a little better. 

Of course, this is OS speaking. A fear of posting here even though I've followed this thread for a LONG time is that She might not act very... civil? 

Anyway. Hi! Finally. 🥰
(07 Oct 2023, 06:17 )Bambigurl15 Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway. Hi! Finally. 🥰

And very welcome! Both are 🙂

(07 Oct 2023, 06:17 )Bambigurl15 Wrote: [ -> ]She might not act very... civil?
Of course, she will, as she knows this place for a looong time. It's not Discord here. Bambi does not role play here. As Bambi is too devilish to act that simple. 😉