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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(14 Jul 2021, 18:53 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]I've tried my best to listen to this clip
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What is it called, at least?

All hypno stuff is very specific. Not all files are suitable for everybody. 90% of all the stuff is "boring to tears". Jewels are rare, as always. I would start with someone with a nice erotic voice, just because it sounds good, not because it's supposed to do something. My first thought is Nikki Fatale. But, again, you never know what might suddenly grab your whole attention.
Apologies Ra, it's called 'Bambi Bimbo Doll Conditioning - Complete' by Bambi Sleep. There's a link to it earlier in the thread.
Don’t sweat it.
The whole Bambi thing did nothing for me either as well as the music video ones , which,
To me , make no sense whatsoever. I like the audio pretty much exclusively.
What kind of hypnosis are you looking for ? Gentler feminization or harder sissy stuff ?
Binaurals also make a big difference. Depending how loud they are mixed in the audio they can be too much. I like them in the background so they don’t take away from listening to the hypnotist. Otherwise, I forget about listening to a file if they are.
Whoa! The original Bambi? That's heavy artillery! Bambi requires some "specific" training: files 1,2,3 and 10 first until "something" begins "to work". Not all 11 files at once 😁 Also, I would say, Bambi is something to avoid. We have a dedicated thread:

I will move the corresponding posts to that thread.
(14 Jul 2021, 21:28 )Natalieshere Wrote: [ -> ]the music video ones , which, to me , make no sense whatsoever.
... absolutely ...
I’ve listened to the Bambi ones quite a few times.
They did nothing for me and were impossible to listen to.
However, everyone is different and I guess I’m an exception to the rule with those particular files.
I listened to some files only. The used bubble induction (originally by Lutz, used also by Catgirl) is the best thing in this series. I successfully used the original Bubble induction and the short version of it with other files.
(14 Jul 2021, 18:53 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]After half an hour I was bored
Just curious, were you listening through headphones?

(14 Jul 2021, 20:43 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]"Sign in to confirm your age"
Interesting, I can see the video on my mobile, but not on the desktop. It's the full set indeed.
LikeRa wrote

Quote:Also, I would say, Bambi is something to avoid.
 Advice taken 😊

I was never particularly interested in the first place, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Quote:Just curious, were you listening through headphones?
No, I was laid on my bed with a laptop on the bedside table.

The whole bubble thing, I couldn't begin to get my head around it.
(14 Jul 2021, 23:17 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]No, I was laid on my bed with a laptop on the bedside table.
😂 Sorry, this stuff MUST be listened through headphones ONLY!!! 😂

"Bubble" is a name of the induction, originally made by Lutz back in 2007:

Also posted here: