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i've been listening for around a week. this is very powerful material; it resonates with me.

to be blunt, honestly, if a guy really likes listening to this, he should turn in his man card; he is a sissy. that includes me. the Bambi Sleep materials helped me to break down my true self, to see how i had been all along.

i have no idea where this is leading, but have a sense that i'm in far deeper than i realize. early indicators would be my buying a dildo, and pink outfits online. i haven't collected dildoes/clothes in a very long time. this Bambi Sleep material really triggered my underlying desire; turned me from 'being into women', into being cock-crazed. it's a revelation.

i still worship the form of women; that will always be profound; but my sexual desires have gone cock zombie. maybe it's all just a fantasy, but in reading about Bambi Sleep, it might not remain so.

Sometimes when the Bambi Sleeps materials are overwhelming, i cling to a mantra in the midst of that mental/emotional storm; "*zap* cock drain obey"

In closing, you could almost use Bambi Sleep as a tool to help with civilization. Boys that get into it are put on a sissy track, with hormones and clothes and continued bambi sleeps inculcations. maybe they could have customized Bambi Sleep scripts, so sissies can choose their hair color and name going in.

In the meantime, Boys that really don't like BS would be left to go on with their lives. This would provide more women for the normal men, and allow sissies to also pick up the slack in sexual servitude.

For people that just go way off into these Bambi Sleep materials, and never come back, as a civilization we could have public glory holes where people like bambi sleep users could work through their desires, while paying their rent.

You know, i thought all of the 'uniform' stuff was really silly, but with the things i've been buying, it's not clear if it's a suggestion, or if the Bambi Sleep materials really have some kind of special power. There's a part of me now that, whatever my circumstances, wants to dress pretty. But this has happened before so it's kind of a re-awakening.

Anyway, these Bambi Sleep materials are great for boys who want to be sissies, and for girls. it's not the sort of thing a straight male should iisten to. imo. ymmv

'zap cock drain obey'
@ZapCockDrainObey - what a clever way to get someone triggered by creating usernames based on triggers! Devilish! ūüė¨ Welcome!

(28 Nov 2022, 05:25 )ZapCockDrainObey Wrote: [ -> ]maybe they could have customized Bambi Sleep scripts, so sissies can choose their hair color and name going in. ?

(28 Nov 2022, 05:25 )ZapCockDrainObey Wrote: [ -> ]For people that just go way off into these Bambi Sleep materials, and never come back, as a civilization we could have public glory holes where people like bambi sleep users could work through their desires, while paying their rent.
There should be another hypno set for non-sissies to make them use sissies for their pleasure.

(28 Nov 2022, 05:25 )ZapCockDrainObey Wrote: [ -> ]'zap cock drain obey'
Yes, triggering is still allowed here. And no, it does not work on me. Anybody? ūüėč
(28 Nov 2022, 05:25 )ZapCockDrainObey Wrote: [ -> ]he should turn in his man card
Wait, you guys had cards?!

(29 Nov 2022, 01:27 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]it does not work on me
You maybe, but what about your scm? Bambi should aeady be safe and secure a part of it. It's a shame that playlist lock trigger didn't work for you as intended, just like Bambi uniform lock.

Speaking of triggers, isn't 'Bambi sleep' itself a trigger to become a good girl Bambi and do as she's told and get back into Bambi sleep? So name of thread itself is a trigger to become Bambi.
(29 Nov 2022, 12:08 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]You maybe, but what about your scm?
My point exactly. SCM chose to ignore Bambi and hypno in general (for the time being?)

(29 Nov 2022, 12:08 )shinybambi Wrote: [ -> ]So name of thread itself is a trigger to become Bambi.
Theoretically - yes, practically - ūüė¨

Hence, my question:

(09 Nov 2022, 23:33 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder what percentage of the so called Bambis is role-playing-along, and what percentage is indeed affected ūü§Ē
ive downloaded all three files i just aint listened to em yet
Aight so I listened to ADHD edition.
Firstly I was a bit distracted by the layered sounds, but then get used to them. I think I was pretty close to really get in trance and believe that I'm Bambi. That was before I went to bed.
The next day I had sometimes voices in my head like "I'm a stupid fuckdoll, I'm Bambi" etc. I even masturbated imagining somebody is fucking me
The day after it's gone, but several times when I think about hypno and name "Bambi" came into my mind I had a silly smile and kind of relaxed and felt a bit horny

I first discovered Bambi several years ago and never really managed to went deep because all the things with personality change scares me. Sometimes I come back (not often though, maybe couple times a year). I'd really love to feel brainwashed and in trance, but risking to get personality disorder is a quite high price for it. If anyone can suggest something safer on mindless / relaxing topics I'd be very grateful.
I'm also into sissy hypno, but prefer safe one (without permanent / impotence stuff, etc.)
What would be the effect of listening to "Bambi Essential Triggers Compact Reinforcement" on a loop throughout the day on loop?
I am a long-time listener and would like to strengthen the triggers. Currently, I only feel like I respond to GG...
(03 Dec 2022, 08:52 )Pinkcrowbird Wrote: [ -> ]Currently, I only feel like I respond to GG...
So do I...
(09 Nov 2022, 23:33 )Like¬†Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder what percentage of the so called Bambis is role-playing-along, and what percentage is indeed affected ūü§Ē

This left me thinking ever since I read it, but not really about the percentage of role-players to affected bambis....just like, the different levels of the effects the Bambi files had on them? I thought I was aware of the changes the files started and made in me, but very often I'll notice something that wasn't that way before? 

Besides some of the changes that I mention below that over time became more and more in my mind from constant listening to Bambi and other feminization files (like almost exclusively wearing pretty pink panties, having a completely body smooth, and apparently a desire for a girlier body with a limp clitty and cute perky titties <3), sometimes I notice habits and actions that weren't there or I wouldn't have done before. Like having almost no control whenever I become aroused, anywhere, anytime. Sometimes I lose 1-3hrs because I suddenly got horny and couldn't stop me from playing with myself while looking at horny stuff. Or if I'm in public I might end up at a cruising spot, or find a place to expose my panties or similar. Talking about horny stuff, 95% of the horny stuff I consume is now feminization hypno related <3, even in the rare occasions when I'm taking a break from being girly. Lately I've been thinking that my ADHD had gotten pretty bad, getting distracted all the time, unable to control my arousal, etc.., but maybe it's bambi and hypnosis side effects?

Some effects are very obvious, and others are more subtle...

Quote:Got a little rambley going into how I got into Bambi and the changes I was aware it made/experienced and got really off-track, but I'm going to leave it here anyway <3
Turn-ons, kinks and fetishes change and evolve over time, but Bambi showed up and both accelerated this process, and added like a billion things on top, directly or indirectly. What started for me as exploring my earliest kinks of hypnosis and humiliation, once I found and learned about hypno communities online and tried lots of different files, evolved into loving the feeling of loss of control from hypnosis, which then pushed me into what I felt were embarrassing/humiliating files, like panty wearing and similar feminization files. At the time I wasn't really thinking about my sexuality or gender, just what made me horny from those things.

So I continued trying files and lurking communities while also slowly getting more into feminization files, but like, inconsistent and very surface level. But then the Bambi files showed up <3 I went the deepest I had ever gone into trance, and all the triggers and conditioning from the files worked perfectly, even outside of trance which was rare for me. I spent the whole weekend dressed as Bambi, listened to the files multiple times, and ended up going for the first time to a cruising spot looking to suck lots of yummy cocks, which Bambi did and at some point even got some viewers, which she didn't mind and made her even hornier <3

That was an amazing and terrifying experience, overwhelmed me, so I stopped for a bit. But then returned. And again, and again, and again... each time going further and further, unlocking something new, normalizing something new. Hypnotizing me to experience being a horny dumb slutty bimbo girl made so many changes, then and over time.

But I think the biggest two changes were that it unlocked a higher level deeper trance hypnosis experience for all the files and hypnotists, and also unlocked a deep desire to explore that girly feminine experience. I still listen to all the Bambi files, they're amazing, but I don't think its bimbo goals are what I really want... right now? The bimbo focus is sometimes too much, even tho I love lots of the side effects conditioning and triggers.

So Bambi sort of directly made me even more addicted to hypnosis and humiliation, but also loss of control, intelligence and memory play, it feels so good to being obedient unaware and dumb <3. Indirectly it made me explore and go deep into feminization hypnosis like Kei and similar, I love feeling like a girly girl, always wearing cute pretty pink panties, bras, girly clothes, make up, with having a tiny and limp clitty <3
Finally got around to trying the "ADHD" mixes, went with the "Bambi's first real training" one

Very impressed, i feel like i dropped faster and deeper, and definitely felt like I got less distracted by outside things. With long files like Bambi, even if I'm having a good session my brain tends to wander eventually. With this I felt way more focused on the file.

Side effect seems to be the amnesia effect is way stronger. I can't remember specifics at all about the file I listened to. I know it's just a remix of ones I've heard before, but it's a total blank. That makes me think the remix might get even deeper than I thought, but either way its super hot