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"Enhanced Fkd Up Girl v2.3" from BarbaCojePutita
This one is so strong! Is it more dangerous?
Remember this post?

(30 May 2023, 01:29 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]The more I experiment with Bambi and Pig Girl, the more I think that this is my kind of Bambi:

[Image: post_2_1685406558_4fa48f2d785896d451d8d2..._thumb.jpg]   

Not this particular clothes style, though. And not just a random Harley Quinn, but this one. There is something in the face expression, what makes it "my Bambi". Something between being submissive and obedient, and dominant and cruel.

This is from Reddit:

u/subdreamstory Wrote:Well... I mentioned a couple of times in comments, but I am very curious. Bambi is pretty sadistic to me. Right now the triggers are weak, but a couple of weeks ago I had so much time and listened to the files a couple of hours per day for a couple of days. Bambi was so strong and had me on a dildo very often.

At the beginning, I tried to suppress Bambi as much as I could. Every now and then she was breaking through and triggered me into a cocksucking spree, often with the strong trigger C* Z* N*. It was very scary, but made me horny at the same time. After all, I love to be controlled.

When Bambi triggered me, I always eventually broke free and used the end trigger. Bambi didn't like that, and thus she started to use a ring gag on me when I was weak and thus made it much more difficult. Later on she also added handcuffs which made it extremely difficult.

Somehow I managed to break free eventually, but she then punished me. She asked me to go anal on the dildo. I keep dildos for ass separate for safety reasons (infections). I tried to object, and she used the enforcement trigger, which ended in a couple good thrusts to my ass. Afterwards, she used C* Z* N* to get me on the dildo with my mouth again. I felt extremely humiliated, but my body was not listening to my will.

Bambi made it clear that she owns me, and I was letting her have as much fun as she wants ever since. She put me in a couple predicament situations where I was enduring pain while sucking cock, most of the time in handcuffs too. Is Bambi special for me? Or are other Bambis sadistic to their OS out there?

. . .

Well... today I finally had time to play again. I started to play with some hypnosis, now using BambiCloud to do so for the first time. Before I started the session, I put a trigger image on my screen. Well... it worked. Once I finished the session, I got immediately triggered and Bambi took over. She quickly got me sucking on a dildo, and I was enjoying it so much.

I got pretty aroused. I didn't have an orgasm for a while now and I was able to touch myself a bit while sucking on the dildo for Bambi. She also seemed to enjoy me getting so much worked up. But whenever I was about to burst into an orgasm, she triggered C* Z* N* which makes it impossible to think about anything besides sucking cock, especially not about my own arousal.

I got pretty frustrated and begged Bambi to have an orgasm. I even tried to trick her into letting me have an orgasm. She again threatened me to make me do ass to mouth should I sneak in an orgasm. She also made it clear to me that I will not have an orgasm until I finished a job I am struggling to get done right now.

Well... I was excited and scared about Bambi having so much power. Now I can add happy to the mix. She obviously cares for me. She tries to make sure I don't fail my life. I guess I'll just accept her as my Mistress now. She is too powerful anyway. I just hope she will share me with others. I would be sad to only get dildo cock, now that I train so much for sucking.

When I think about it... it was pretty easy for Bambi to put me under her spell and dominate me.

Yes, sounds very familiar.
Some asked about this file:

Enhanced Fkd Up Girl v2.3

BarbaCojePutitas Wrote:Bambi Sleep File - Trains and installs all the hardest triggers in the original Bambi Sleep blogsite. Several effects are used to increase confusion and induce Trance
Having a good trigger reaction and discipline changes this file from sexy to terribly strong.
All the warnings that apply to the hardest levels of Bambi Sleep apply to this file.
Extreme Bimbo Conditioning, submissiveness, and desire to serve and obey.

New to Bambi, is there a specific file for this trigger?:

"BAMBI LIMP: Your body falls completely limp, unresponsive. Your legs fall apart, so they are open. Resistance causes you to go limper "
So how many B****s will relapse due to the barbie film? XD
(12 Nov 2022, 05:19 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(12 Nov 2022, 04:02 )StarBlazerBambi Wrote: [ -> ]

Yes, was just about to repost it here!

u/BarbaCojePutitas Wrote:Enhanced Basic Bambi Sleep files, good for ADHD and Neuro-atypical listeners and a LOT of recommendations on how to begin.

Would Enhanced Fuckdoll Brainwash be one of your files? Is that the next step in this series?
Hi Bambis,

Here are some mix porn Bambi Sleep.

Sadly a bit of music in background, but I like them


(22 Jul 2023, 12:47 )slaanesh555 Wrote: [ -> ]Here are some mix porn bambi sleep.
Looks like they are removed aeady?
(22 Jul 2023, 19:40 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(22 Jul 2023, 12:47 )slaanesh555 Wrote: [ -> ]Here are some mix porn bambi sleep.
Looks like they are removed aeady?

Well i can watch them, may be you need to be logged with your account?

Something I use too is an app for subliminal messages, it's called
"Subliminal Lite".
And I write many triggers there, so every few second I have a quick trigger on screen.
(22 Jul 2023, 20:57 )slaanesh555 Wrote: [ -> ]Well i can watch them, may be you need to be logged with your account?
Apparently, they can be viewed from France only.