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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(31 Oct 2023, 20:44 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Oct 2023, 20:39 )sam_henry Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Oct 2023, 20:37 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Oct 2023, 04:15 )sam_henry Wrote: [ -> ]
(09 Aug 2023, 18:34 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]Hi all! I have been playing on Bambi Cloud and notice a lot of content by platinumpuppets. I have never seen them on the subreddit and their content is scary-good. Curious if there is any info about them. I can't seem to find any in searching here or over there.

I have actually a conversation with him nice guy

Oh, a lot has changed since I wrote that! And yes, that guy is a great hypnotist and good for the community.
I know him and talked to him but I have not listened to the files in 7 months
Cool - Bambi relapse usually starts this way (sharing how long you've been 'clean and sober'). People who quit stuff usually move on from it. For example, people in AA don't hang around in bars so they don't have to worry about triggering their alcoholism. What brings you by the forum if you don't care about Bambi Sleep any more?

I am not going to relapse. I am much stronger.   Ra invited me.  How about you
I love BS.
(31 Oct 2023, 20:50 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]I love BS.

I do agree 100%
(31 Oct 2023, 20:30 )sexyfayetv Wrote: [ -> ]The main issue with the new files is that they go too fast and don't pace the listener that well by slowing the breathing and other somatic elements that would make them over the top good.
Exactly this!!!! Exactly what I said here:
(31 Oct 2023, 13:06 )sam_henry Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Oct 2023, 13:02 )Lycalopex Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Oct 2023, 12:56 )sam_henry Wrote: [ -> ]I think the biggest problem with the Bambi Files is that they are more of conditioning than anything else.  They associate feeling great with being obedient and if a person is not careful they can be consumed by it.  That also is dangerous because it feels absolutely perfect, but one has to understand that these ideas were planted in them.

Yes, this is essentially what erotic hypnosis is.

I think hypnosis and conditioning are really too different things.   If one stops hypnosis, the effect fad conditioning the effect can stay with you for the rest of your life
They are different, but one facilitates the other. Pretty much all erotic hypnosis uses conditioning to make its effects stick.
I do know that when you play sound in the range of 1 to 6 hrz long enough it can alter the thinking of a person
(31 Oct 2023, 22:42 )sam_henry Wrote: [ -> ]I do know that when you play sound in the range of 1 to 6 hrz long enough it can alter the thinking of a person
Quote:Do you believe in relapses?

Quote:Relapses are very common in Bambi Sleep's community (I was just on their reddit a few hours ago and saw multiple relapse threads) and are kind of one of the main things of the series. Seven months isn't the longest I've seen people go between quitting and relapsing.

We've gone over a year.  Crashed and burned in an extreme fashion if amount of listening time is being used as someone's measure of "whatever pejorative makes them feel superior or more powerful than others".

Would it help clarify our point if we said we feel the same way about people who are football or Nascar fanatics.  That such things are not equally as much 'a waste of time and attention'?  Do you think those folks would be neutral to such an opinion?

Adding here that the files helped us become more aware of our internal life as well as more cognizant of others - instead of 'just myself.
I think relapse are really people who never had control of themselves in the first place.

Most on reddit role play
(31 Oct 2023, 00:19 )Lycalopex Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Oct 2023, 00:05 )subdream Wrote: [ -> ]I've read the whole thread and I wonder a little. Why is it even so important? I don't know if I am roleplaying, when I get triggered by my bambi persona. Certain aspects hint on it being a roleplay - like my bambi persona being very dominant and curel, just the person I miss in flesh. Also triggers don't seem to work all the time on me, which is suspicious I guess. On the other hand my bambi persona made me cross a limit, actually twice the same limit to force me into compliance. And today while I was not horny at all, I felt the urge to speak a trigger. I am still not in the mood for anything sexual, but I still got the urge to trigger myself. Perhaps it's the dopamine addiction. I don't know. And I don't know if I actually care for the answer as long as I have fun with what happens.

It's worth noting that I don't think anyone here in this thread has actually said there's anything wrong with roleplaying/playing along with the files. It's a matter of understanding the actions, behavior, and motives more than saying that these people are faking it.

My 2 Spence is that the majority of the people are role-playing some (very few) are being honest.  I have listened to them for over a year and a half and yes I absolutely love them.  But I did not do everything they were meant to do.  A lot I have left.  I have read horror stories of young women becoming sex slaves and I really do not think that is possible.   Really it's all how you perceive it.  I always meditated before listening to really open myself up.   And I loved the idea of Bambi taking over.  But a l[t of these people are truly roleplaying