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Full Version: Bambi Sleep stuff
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(03 Sep 2021, 13:54 )Bambislave Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, trancing requires a specific mindset. You can practice meditation from time to time to get better at it.
I can give you a list of tips Girl_smile
  • Go to the bathroom before, put your phone in silent mode, bedroom door closed, all lights off or at low level
  • Lie in bed with a light cover on your body. Wear sexy lingerie that makes you feel happy, and wear a blindfold
  • Listen to the mp3s with comfy headphones
  • Focus on your breathing more than anything else. Inhale deeply through your nose, slowly, feeling your stomach fill up first, then your lungs.
  • Hold it a little bit, and exhale slowly and deeply through your nose and slightly opened mouth, until really empty.
  • Let the words flow without trying to understand each of them. Just let the mind automatically register the words, don't make any extra effort.
  • You will reach a point where you kinda feel like an empty vessel, your body will feel non-existent, extra light, and your mind will feel like an empty space
  • This is where you reach a state of trance, where the words flow in freely. It is a form of meditation, and it feels extremely good 💓

Thank you for the advice. I will try that out. I been practicing mediation or trance with file 01. You're the best ^_^
Interesting. My SCM "told" me that I'm supposed to be a smart pretty sexy girl, irrespectively of what the file says, and redefined words. E.g. dumb = smart, etc. And today I stumbled upon this discussion:

NinaEmeraldSaid Wrote:I have a very interesting question.... Is it possible that a Bambi is intelligent and not completely dumb and empty minded?

I am now at day 4 of the Bambi challenge and some interesting stuff happened....too much to explain everything right now, maybe posting that later.

But still there is this question.... Can a Bambi be intelligent?

hypnodouble Wrote:This might sound like an overly broad and unhelpful answer, but Bambi can be whatever you want it to be. These files are effective as hell, but it's important to remember that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are interpreting and processing the suggestions in a way that makes sense for you, and you have the power to change your perspectives on those suggestions.

I personally find that "being dumb" tends to mean that I'm letting the more primal and sexual part of myself have more control than the more intellectual part. I stopped thinking of Bambi as some sort of usurper that's trying to destroy my current identity. In my situation, Bambi is a way to connect to the part of myself that doesn't need to ask questions. She just knows what she wants and enjoys every moment of it.

And this is what happened on Day 4:

NinaEmeraldSaid Wrote:Before I start, I need to explain a short backstory... 6 years ago I met an abusive hypnotist who tried to force me having sex with animals (aeady made a thread here on Reddit. Luckily I was able to break out of his hypnosis and I never wanted to be this vulnerable. So I created a second personality in my mind through hypnosis. Her name is Keyda, and even she is her own personality, we are one, and she is my security system. If there is a hypnosis which is working against us, she will destroy it without hesitate.

Now to day 4... I made an agreement with Bambi that she is only allowed to take over when I am wearing her necklace. She was very proud of her own necklace, and Keyda told me she was holding it happily while listening to day 4. After the session was finished, I took off the necklace and wrote to a friend who asked me to do so. We were talking about this agreement between Bambi and me before, and suddenly he triggered Bambi. Well just 4min after the file ended she took over even without the necklace. She was in panic and was telling that this is not good and that she isn't allowed to be in front now. That friend tested Bambi more and asked if it doesn't feel good to be in front even without necklace. Well, this was the point where Keyda interfered, and that friend noticed that something isn't right and stopped. I asked him why he did this, and he told me that he wanted to test if my Bambi is holding her promise. I can completely understand him now after we were talking, but the problem of all this is now... that Bambi is so frightened that she doesn't respond at the moment.

Yeah, I think I made very clear that his action pissed me really off.... Not only because he triggered her without her necklace, for me it's way more horrible what he did to Bambi. I was able to connect with her again. She was absolutely frightened to get destroyed now.

So, Bambi can be sensitive, intelligent, fair, trustful... It's your head and your fantasies, after all!
Saw a reminder the other day of the oft-ignored implications of the Jungian division of the Anima and the Animus. By his system (which possibly applies less and less as certain societies change, but likely still does to a diminishing but still considerable extent), the biological male communicates with the unconscious realms through the semi-autonomous female Anima persona/force, whereas the biological female communicates with the unconscious realms through the semi-autonomous male Animus persona/force.

IMO this could be another major typological division helping explain how the same external stimulus can get one user to dissolve into incoherent oceanic bliss (or incoherent panic, for that matter), as it gets "internalized", while another user will react to internalization of the same external stimulus by experiencing vigor, clarity, focus, and various integrative forms of catharsis.
(01 Sep 2021, 17:15 )Bambislave Wrote: [ -> ]Bambi Essential Triggers Compact Reinforcement  Girl_yes3
Yeah, that file compiles edited parts of Bubble Induction, Bubble Acceptance, Blank Mindless Doll, Bimbo Pride, Bambi Awakens and Bimbo Slumber.

Basically, I tried to make it as short as possible, and to remove any content outside of trigger learning.

My goal was to make a loopable short file to make triggers last forever. Made that one more than a year ago Girl_blum

I made two other files very recently, one is a compilation of all Enforcement files in one mp3, the other was much more difficult to make.

I edited Blank Mindless Doll, Cock Dumb Hole, Uniform Slut Puppet Mindlocked Cock Zombie, Oblivion, Vain Horny Happy and Bimbo Drift, and assembled them into one mp3 that I called Cock Goddess.

Blank Mindless Doll - I removed the whole ZCDO thing, and a few other bits, to make it as short as possible, got it down to 11mins.
Cock Dumb Hole - I removed like 80% of the file, all the IQ loss stuff, kept only 2 mins.
Uniform Slut Puppet - removed the parts that make Bambi feel anxiety, kept like 90% of the file.
Mindlocked - removed the small part with the Bambi Reset trigger, which conflicts with the other Bambi Reset trigger that appears in Oblivion.
Oblivion - removed the intelligence loss at the beginning, some of the memory re-writing in the middle, and the small part that scared me at the end. Kept about 24 mins out of the 34 mins.
Vain Horny Happy - removed a few small parts that scared me, about 30s worth.
Bimbo Drift - removed a small part only.

Both the Enforcement compilation and Cock Goddess are 74 mins long (by complete chance!)

If you listen a lot to the Essential Trigger reinforcement, then put the Complete Enforcement playlist + Cock Goddess on loop for hours, you could end up as a really convincing Bambi 💓 , and without too much intelligence loss and without anxiety inducing triggers for the uniform. Made them for myself originally, but figured lots of Bambis would love to try them too.

Definitely going to try these, seems like a good way to get back into Bambi files without such a huge time sink 😋
So I put on that Complete Enforcement file while I was doing other stuff, just seeing what would happen, and I responded way stronger to it than I expected! I was honestly a bit skeptical going in that it would hit that hard just cause I was distracted and hadn't listened in awhile, but after listening for a bit I was zoning out from what I was doing and just listening to the file. Its a little hard to remember all of it but that's always a good sign! 😋

Going to give it another listen soon and try the other file too!
(06 Sep 2021, 15:43 )spiraltone42 Wrote: [ -> ]I put on that Complete Enforcement file while I was doing other stuff, just seeing what would happen,
Same. Interesting. 😉
Some are hit harder than others. New Bambi diary:
To keep everything related in one thread.

20 days to Bambi takeover. Pink playlist cards.
20 days to Bambi takeover by stages in one PDF file
This playlist looks more interesting and safe (OK, how safe can Bambi files be?)

[attachment=50625] [attachment=50624] [attachment=50626]


Hiya!! This 4 week plan will make you totes OMG addicted to being completely dressed up like a perfect bimbo, happy when you're dressed up and feeling safe and satisfied when you're sexy and fashionable. <3

- 7 Playlists with recommended timeline of listening to 1 or 2 playlists each week.
- It starts with longer playlists to refresh your trance training and practice going deep. (90 minutes)
- Then playlists get shorter as you will be able to fall deeper into trance more quickly. (Under an hour)