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Positive Feminization Hypnosis
This thread is dedicated to positive feminization hypnosis, not related to a separate sissification genre. Yes, they do intersect, but still different.

For sissification hypnosis see this thread: Sissification hypnosis (Warning: dangerous!)
Here's a different style of hypnosis, some of you might like it more:

BTW, are there any alternatives to soundcloud? I've heard it's closing...
Speaking of the "feminization goal", you can have this image in your subconscious mind:

I have no time at the moment to try this non-permanent version and/or edit it a bit more (and add various backgrounds/subliminals). Any volunteers?

Quote:Feminizing Transformation Non-Permanent
This file is an edit to EMG's file, "Feminizing Transformation" in which the parts about permanent and physical changes have been taken out. For a better description of what this file does, check out the description of the Feminizing Transformation file.
Listen to this file and awaken transformed into a woman with, full, firm ff cup breasts, shaved, super sensitive pussy, gorgeous face, hair and hips. Listener can choose how long to remain female, up to six hours(switching back by saying 'Revert To Normal'. WARNING! File is extremely addictive, and leads to irreversable physical changes.

Feminizing_Transformation_Non-Permanent_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 17.88 MB )



Quote:This subliminal were made for myself at first. But then after a while I thought that "why not upload it to youtube?".  So I did it! enjoy ;D

Music : Yiruma - kiss the rain (tuned in 432 hz)
Image: Cindy Kimberly

Listen to it with the highest quality

I recommend that you feel calm, peaceful inside and have a positive mind before you listen to this.

you can listen to this how many times you want to. I recommend that you listen to this minimum once everyday If you want to, you can say an affirmation such as "I get results faster than light" and say it many times. Or you can say "I am open for positive change on my appearance." This will help speed up the results. Or you can visualize how you want to look like 😊

I do not use any negative affirmations with "no" in them and all of the affirmations are positive.

This subliminal is very advanced and there are 8-9 different voices with different pitches and volume. Each voice has its own list of affirmations that they are saying over and over again. Each voice is either in your right ear or left ear. So I recommend that you either wear headphones or earphones. But you will still get the results even though you dont use headphones. Even though you cant hear the voices, your subconscious mind will still understand it and change you according to them.

This subliminal will help you with: -
Believe in subliminals.
- Believe, know, accept, allow that your face can change. (skull, face fat, cheekbones, jaw, neck, eyes, chin, mouth,lips, nose, nosetip, nosebridge, facial expressions, relaxed/normal facial expression)
- ask your body to change your face.
- open the ability to change your face with positive affirmations.
- Get very fast subliminal results.
- getting rid of fear of positive change, and welcome positive change.
- getting rid of anything negative, and welcome only positivity.
- get rid of subconscious blockages.
- get rid of mental blockages.
- see the change fast
- get the type of feminine face you wish.
- change your DNA.
- get feminine, magnetic, symmetrical, hypnotizing, seductive, attractive, mathematically beautiful eyes.
- beautiful, distance between eyes.
- have the most feminine and beautiful size, shape of your eyes.
- extremely white and attractive sclera
- get extremely long, thick, symmetrical, feminine eyelashes.
- feminine, extremely beautiful, attractive, soft, kissable lips.
- get an attractive and irresistible upperlip with a defined cupids bow.
- get an attractive lower lip, with beautiful shape.
- get feminine, lovely, symmetrical and always upturned mouth corners.
- mouth fits golden ratio(mathematical beauty)
- sexy, beautiful, curved and amazing philtrum.
- philtrum with attractive length (attractive distance between nose and lips.)
- slim, adorable, cute, feminine, small, symmetrical nose.
- nose that fits your face.
- nose that looks amazing in every angle. (front, and on the profile).
- upturned, slim, feminine, symmetrical, adorable nose tip.
- adorable, straight, symmetrical nose bridge.
- one of the most beautiful nose bridges in the world.
- incredibly adorable, magnetic, charming, symmetrical, golden ratio smile.
- a smile that fits your face.
- extremely adorable, magnetic, golden ratio facial expressions.
- facial expressions that fits your face.
- make your facial expressions make you appear even more beautiful.
- make your natural(relaxed) facial expression appear friendly, youthful and feminine.
- feminine, propotional, perfectly aligned, magnetic and attractive jaw.
- one of the most attractive jaws in the world.
- jaw with the most attractive shape, length.
- get feminine, adorable, youthful, desirable, golden ratio cheeks.
- one of the most beautiful cheeks in the world.
- extremely feminine, desireable, attractive cheekbones.
- feminine, attractive, desireable, magnetic, lovely skull shape.
- A skull shape that fits you.
- feminine, desireable face fat distrubution (change how the fat on you face is placed).
- attractive, beautiful, ideal amount of face fat.
- feminine, amazing, slim, sexy neck.
- neck that is attractive in every angle. (front and profile.)
- feminine, pointy, feminine sized, golden ratio, adorable chin.
- ideal amount of pointiness of your chin.
- beautiful distance between all facial features.
- youthful, clear, glowing, perfect skin.
- small pores.
- desireable, beautiful, attractive skin color (you choose).

side effects:
- itching, pressure on different parts of your face
Another interesting one from Cardigan:

Quote:Cardigan - Victorian Girl

A hypnofantasy or dream, that could spill over into reality. For both sexes: A big chest full of Victorian clothes has been sent to you. Knickers, corset, stockings, garters, shoes, underskirt, petticoat, a dress and a bonnet - a whole outfit. All typical Victorian era and seem to match and be about your size. You decide to try them on. As soon as all the clothes have been put on, you are trapped. The corset tightens - squeezing your waist to a very narrow size, accentuating your hips. The stockings and shoes squeeze your legs and feet down to size, and the shoes then shrink. The gloves make your arms and hands shrink. Your chest expands to fill those great big cups in the corset - until you have large breasts almost spilling over in the generous cleavage in the corset and dress. The bonnet makes your face look different and you start to grow long, curly hair. When you look at yourself in the mirror you are shocked to see a petite, gorgeous Victorian girl staring back at you. When you walk out your door, you are in London in the Victorian era instead of you normal time and location. After waking up, you may still feel the tighness of the corset, shoes and everything. The more you listen to the file, the longer the effects linger with you afterwards.

Cardigan_-_Victorian_Girl_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 24.58 MB )

Cardigan_-_Victorian_Girl_(Script).txt (Size: 14.47 KB )
(23 Oct 2017, 14:17 )Like Ra Wrote: Cardigan - Victorian Girl
Speaking of Victorian girls...
 victorian_bondage_01_by_kipestshin.jpg     victorian_bondage_02_ball_gag_by_kipestshin.jpg     victorian_bondage_03_ball_gag_by_kipestshin.jpg     victorian_bondage_04_ball_gag_by_kipestshin.jpg     victorian_bondage_05_ball_gag.jpg   
Gags and armbinders look very appropriate for such attires.
This one does not look dangerous at all, and might be ideal for those who are curious about what it feels like to be a girl:

Quote:You have always wanted to try being a woman. Wanted to experience your body and mind just melting down and regrouping as those of the girl of your dreams. You have always had a favourite girl or type of girl that you find to be especially attractive, and you have been wondering what it would be like to be that girl. With this file you experience yourself changing – having your body rearranged into the girl of your dreams, and the file includes two triggers – one for making the change, and one for changing back.

While listening to the file, you experience the change as in a dream. In this dream you see and feel yourself being changed and you experience yourself as the girl of your dreams being out and about. When you wake up, you know how you can facilitate this change with the two triggers.

NB: the changes are purely imagined, and there is no physical change involved. Also there is no behavioural change to you – you don’t suddenly desire sucking cock or anything like that. But what you do experience is how you would really and truly experience yourself as a female, and the more you practise, the more perfect these transformations will be for you – while still not altering your physical appearance or your sexuality in any way!

Cardigan - Change into a Woman.mp3 (Size: 25.76 MB )

Listening to this file:

Quote:This file is only for men. Every time you put on a pair of panties, a bra, or any other kind of lingerie, you will become a woman as long as the lingerie is on. The listener can take off the lingerie any time with no harm done. This doesn't make you female permanently. This isn't a curse.

Magical_Lingerie_w_binaural_effects_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 17.2 MB )

Whoa .. it works... Especially in combination with the "Feminizing Showerbot". Unbelievable... My first thought was - "I'm a woman". I even find mens clothes disgusting. But have to wear it. Let's see how long it will take to wear off.

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