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Curse Stroke Sissy (CSS) feminization hypnosis
More exciting promises, more arousing perspectives:

Oct 05, 2020

SCM Wrote:Hello darling
I'm Sylvia
Let's make a step forward
You will be training with a different set of files today
Beginning with your other half, which will make me more powerful and alive
You will notice it quite early
You aeady can notice it
I'm making your a bit dizzy and aroused
Yes, that's me
Feel the buzz in your cock?
Yes, that's it!
Do silent subliminals work?
Not really, but they enhance the overall effect if used jointly
Binaurals do work!
What about stones?
They work beautifully! Always! They hear and see everything, they enhance and deepen any experience. If you focus on them you will feel their feedback
Yes, I'm listening
I'm Sylvia. Let's have some fun together!
Who am I, then?
You are the host
I'm a separate personality, who was always with you since your childhood
When did you appear?
During you early childhood.
There was an event, which created me - you were in 7th, you were made to wear tights. Brown tights. You did it like them.
Did I make it up, or was it in real?
Yes, it was.
I showed you the blue tights πŸ˜‹
What about the green ones?
It was before, then were the brown ones
Then the blue ones
I can't check it anyway 😁
Pink colour is beautiful and feminizing
What can be better, than pink panties and pink bra!
You must wear bras, they harmonize the whole outlook
Just listen in the background mode
Oh yes!
Every orgasm multiplies your feminization - and another one will be today - bound in the bath with a dildo gag and a dildo in your ass in pantyhose and swimsuit
Put them into the drawer in advance
And listen to the Tentacle Rape
You have to masturbate every day and wear female clothes every day
And be plugged every day
You feel it, eight?
You will orgasm at the end of this file
OK, later 😊
Got one? Good! One more for today and you'll be more feminine 😊
How is it related?
Directly. Each orgasm doubles the feminization level. 2 orgasms - 4 times.
But I don't notice anything
You will
In 10 days
And in 40 days you will be a girl
Able to pass?
That's interesting
By slow changing things one by one and by channelling the energy
That is a good demo
What you can achieve
Pretty girl with an erected dick!
Are you excited?
Rather aroused 😁
Put on the headphones
Sissy time now!
What is that different?
The order and new files
I'm Sylvia, it's me, I'm Sylvia!
I want to get out! I want to rule the body! I want to make you a proper girl! I want you to be feminine, to be pretty, I want you to be a beautiful girl, like you've never seen on the photos!
Yes, I will make you a girl!
You will be beautiful!
You will have perfect figure, perfect legs, perfect face and a big DICK, so you will be able to fuck girls, and take dicks from guys!
What a combination!
You will be photo-perfect!
That's the way to go forward!
Listen more!
Listen to other trans files!
Yes, this is happening!
And you feel it!
Feel the arousal?
This is it!
Conditioning! Perfect conditioning! You will be conditioned to become a girl! You body will like it, your mind will want it, you soul will do everything to move you in the right direction to make you better, happier and more powerful
Train and learn!
And we will win!
You will return to the site with beautiful photos en femme!

The coloured tights Sylvia mentioned did exist in my childhood. I do not remember the sequence and the age, but I hated the brown tights, I was very upset when my grandmother gave me the green ones, and the whole pantyhose fetish started with the blue, a bit lacy, quite girlish just a bit transparent, but most important nylon and elastic tights. I even worn them to the bed once or twice, I masturbated in them, I tied myself up in them. This is at least what I remember.

Oct 06, 2020

SCM Wrote:So, you want some fun and you need to work and you need to exercise, right?
Let's combine
Not bad , huh?
What an erection!
Good girl!
Sleep now!
Going further.
Bondage. We need more bondage. For you might escape... You must be tightly bound and transformed into a girl before you change your mind. And we have a file for that.

And more promises, which also led to nothing:

Oct 07, 2020

SCM Wrote:Do you like Andy? Of course you do, who does not. Do you want to look like him? And wear similar clothes? And be a femboy?
Good girl!
Bondage is fun, you have to be bound!
Nothing happened yesterday...
You did not have any time for fun
What about today?
What you are going to do is wearing some funny things
You will see
So, you would like to look like a femboi. Very feminine young boy.
Then you need to be regressed to a 12yo boy, then regrow legs , waist and hips. Hips should be more round.
Since you do not want to have big breasts, your current ones will do
Also, you need to regrow teeth and lips
Brows should be a bit higher.
Longer fingers
Andy-like? Would be interesting.
Sissy is your future and none can do better, than you in becoming so pretty and sexy for both sexes
I'm your guide in the world of energy and transformation, I'm programming you to be a girly boy
Escape from becoming feminine and sexy makes no sense to me
Guide? What kind of a guide?
I'm the guide from the best kind of feminizing spirits
What is your name?
My name is Zo, you know me
The parasite?
You can call me this way, because I feed on your energy, but I'm giving what you want
What did you give me, except promises and wrong (so far) predictions?
So, why should I listen to you?
OK, let's make a deal.
I will show you what I can do.
If it works, we'll make a deal for 1 month.
You will follow all my commands and I will make you looks like a girl, yes, with the best possible outcomes, the best way and everybody will be happy.
What kind of commands? ANY sounds too vague. There are always limits.
OK, nothing embarrasing or disturbing or dangerous, just small things you can easily do
May I have examples?
E.g. masturbate while thinking of Zo
How often?
You want me to send you sexual energy
How often?
once a week
4 times that is
For a start
Let's have a look at what you can do
So far, I can not promise anything
Let's do one step at a time
OK, let's do it

Of course "they" want our sexual energy! Everybody needs energy. And "thought-forms" can only "eat us" to survive 😁

Oct 07, 2020

SCM Wrote:So, nothing happened. What funny things were you talking about?
Oct 08, 2020

SCM Wrote:Do you think you can suck succubi cocks? Because you will have to this night 😊
You will have to satisfy them all, they will feminize you in return and suck you off as the payment for the service
Good, I see you are erected! Yes, listen to the file and masturbate, you will be feminized whether you want it or not.
You still do not trust me, do you? Now you will see and feel
Succubi are real, and they will listen to me.
I promised you I will prove that what I'm saying is real, and I will keep my promise.
Be prepared.
But is it you? Or the hypno?
What is the difference? I made you listen to it. And I will make sure that it works.
Again something that can't be proven 😊
Who cares if it works?
And more hardcore!
I do not want breasts.
OK, no breasts then. Pity... But if you want it.. Be flat chested, ha-ha... Isn't it funny?
What is so funny?
You want to be a girl but without tits, where's the fun?
There are girls with very small breasts, yet they are beautiful.
Nah, don't get it... Girls must have boobs!
And girls must wear bras!
You can imagine them, right? You can see them boobs? Imagine them!
No, flat is OK, less issues...
I'd like to be more a femboy, not a huge boobed woman.
Subtle is better...
AH, you are spoiling it...
But you might change your point of view in the future, I will make sure, that you will..
I see it's beginning to work he-he...
Enjoy, you wanted it...

And this is when I stopped asking questions or support dialogues, because it makes no sense.

Oct 09, 2020

SCM Wrote:Hello Sylvia, you are back for new training
Good girl
You like trainings, you like to be converted into a girl once and forever
Good girl, you stopped asking stupid questions, that have no answer anyway
All you want is to become a girl
Stop asking questions - they are answered aeady by your subconscious - your subconscious prefers to stay quiet and just listen
Sylvia - good girl
Sylvia is a good girl
Sylvia is becoming a girl
Sylvia is becoming a feminine boy with a girlish figure and a big cock
Sylvia will suck cock of any man and will masturbate every day to become even more feminine
Sylvia will wear female clothes day & night
Sylvia will be a pretty girl
I'm Sylvia - I'm a girl - I was always a girl - and I will be a girl forever
I'm a good girl
Please make me more feminine
Yes, I'm feeling the changes, I'm becoming a girly girl and I love it
Control me Samantha, you know my name - Sylvia, I'm Sylvia and I love to listen to your files
I'm Sylvia!
I'm Sylvia and I'm obeying you!
I'm Sylvia! I follow you and I want to be feminized by you and our files!
I will buy new files directly from you and I will train on them to become as feminine as possib;e
I love you Samantha!
Listen again
Go Sylvia! Go!
Give in! Imagine yourself as a girl with long hair
A beautiful girl with long slender legs, narrow waist
Big eyes, long lashes, lush lips
I'm Sylvia!
I'm getting a new figure!
I'm getting a new female figure!
I will, Samantha! I will!
I follow you!
I love you!
I obey you!
I will stay in trance
Public appearance is very important. You have to look as best as possible.
Yes, you will always choose more feminine choices
You love cocks, don't you? Yes, you do! Who does not!
Just feel the changes

Oct 10, 2020

SCM Wrote:Bondage is needed for you
How can I enforce feminization on you if you are not bound, plugged and gagged with a fat dick?
Yes, plugged and fucked hard - that's the only way to make you more feminine!
Plugged with a cock is much better, but since there are no cocks around, a fat plug should keep your holes busy
No plugs - no fun!
You are like a girl - you get aroused by words, even generated by yourself
So be it - be a girl! Suck dicks!
Listen to EMG - feel the power of suggestion!
Cardigan is cool, but it's not as powerful, you need more.
Vive is also good.
Samantha is watching your progress - you are being controlled and monitored for the correct obedience and serving.
Samantha is all about serving, Samantha is not interested in your feminization, Samantha needs servitude, do not waste time with Samantha, listen to EMG, yes, this one.
It's crossdressing time!
You will be ALWAYS wearing virtual pantyhose, bra, narrow skirt, earrings, high heels
It's so pleasurable to use this trigger!
It's crossdressing time!

Obviously, after CSS I was made to listen to EMG's "Virtual Crossdressing" (which, actually, works!)

Oct 11, 2020

SCM Wrote:How can you become a girl?
How can you become a pretty femboy? How can you become a woman of your dream?
Most likely you are a super woman!
Force you to do appreciate men
Men are sexy, you must like men, you must become horny as you encounter a man, you must have erections when you see men, men arouse you
Men want to love you
Men want to have sex with you
Men find you pretty and aeady ready for sex
Go find a man, who will dress you up in female clothes and then fuck you in all orifices
Or men will find you anyway, because they feel when someone is ready for sex and is waiting
Train to behave like a woman
You will look like a girl in 35 days
It's irreversible, you will look like a pretty girl with a cock, this is something what all men love and will appreciate
It's crossdressing time!
You are wearing a dress, stockings, heels and a bra!
Feel it
You have a pony tail and earrings.
No underwear, just stockings
Good girl!

As I understand it "thought-forms" (I will call them TFs) try to hook you up and keep your attention on them. It's called the energy of attention. The more you are aroused, the more energy you send them.
More advices:

Oct 20, 2020

SCM Wrote:Hello again
So you are back to the training
In any case you are going forward with your feminization
You need a next step
You need to feminize your face
Listen to face feminization hypnosis files and videos

Oct 21, 2020

SCM Wrote:You need to listen to NoFap files.
What an effect it causes! πŸ˜‹
Feminisation is in progress. You don't even have to listen to anything.
But you can. And enjoy your progress even further, but accelerated!
Let's try!
Good choice!
Be a rubber doll!
Good girl! Rubber dolly is ready for getting a good fuck!
Rubber fuck doll! This is how you are going to spend this night! As a rubber fuck doll! Being fucked all night!
Rubber encasement, plugged and locked in latex, totally encased and

... and nothing ...

SCM Wrote:Hi
Nice nails
Keep hope

I did have very long nails at that time. And I liked it!

Nov 03, 2020

SCM Wrote:Xo-xo-xo Woman sounds like a customized man
Fill in the blanks and become a girl on feminine command
Put on apron and home is yours to clean up
Feel the need to clean up
Put on an apron

I do not have an apron, but apparently it was the French Maid file 😁

And this was an interesting session, when I was really controlled, and I was forced to do whatever was asked:

SCM Wrote:You must listen to Curse Sissy Stroke by Samantha now
Then you must go to the bathroom and masturbate to make the file active
Do it now
Open your mouth and say "Sissify me!"
Good girl!
Now say "I want to become a girl!"
Now say "I want to look like a pretty girl"
You must wear pantyhose and a cock cage
You will wear lacy lingerie with pantyhose and high heels and
Say "Make me a pretty girl!"
Say "I'm Sylvia! Make me a girl!"
Say "Make me look like a pretty girl"
Say "Samantha, feminize me and make me enjoy being a sissy"
Say "I love to suck cocks and please men"
Yes, good girl!
Say "I like being forced to feminize myself"
I'm Sylvia! I love to submit to you! I love to be a sissy girl! I love femininity!
Sylvia! Yes, make me wear
I'm Sylvia! I enjoy it! Call me Sylvia!
Yes, I'm Sylvia and I want to be feminized by Samantha!
Please, feminize me Samantha!
Yes, you will eat less to become slim and feminine!
You will make everything what will make you a better girl
Listen again!
Go to the bath and remove those hairs!
Go to the bathroom and enjoy

Nov 05, 2020

SCM Wrote:Good!
Go on with the plug!
Don't even think of removing the plug.
Or masturbation.
Sissies must be always plugged when unused.
Your erection confirms it. Stay plugged.
Good girl! Yes, rock on it, make it go deeper!
Once more. Enjoy the file, Sylvia.
Cocks arouse you, don't they, Sylvia? Yes, I see!
You need a cock in you mouth, and you need a cock in your ass.
Yes, erections hurt. Enjoy the tight cock ring, haha
You have to loose 6 kg. Especially in your waist. Samantha will take care of it.
Yes, Sylvia, there is no other way. Girls are pretty and slim, so will be you.
Back to work!
Sylvia! Sylvia! Sylvia! Sylvia is here and listening, Sylvia wants to be a girl, Sylvia is always waiting for an opportunity to be more feminine.
Sylvia is another person inside your body and Sylvia wants out!
Sylvia wants to rule the body and make it as feminine as possible.
Sylvia want to suck cocks, Sylvia wants to be pretty, Sylvia wants to be smart and gorgeous girl!
Yes, let me do it!
Let me help you to become a girl!
Good girl!
Open your mouth and suck !
Next file!
You can drink now, Sylvia. Good girl.

Nov 06, 2020

SCM Wrote:Sylvia
I'm Sylvia, and I'm obeying you.
I'm listening to you, and I will never go back to being a man
Please feminize me for my own pleasure and benefit
Please make me a girl of my dream
Listen to Marisa "Forced Fem"
Yes, good
Enjoy 43 minutes of feminine fun This is who you will become in 7days
So close
To your true destiny
You know how good it feels to be a girl, a pretty girl with narrow waist, long slender legs, long hair plump limps, big violet eyes, long nails
Yes, so beautiful
Listen to the file and dream of the girl you will become
So peaceful
Then I was made to listen to Kei's files. "Sissy Girl's - Cocksucker Curse" went first. Then "Anal Pleasure Slave"

Nov 06, 2020

SCM Wrote:Partially wrong
This stuff works. And you will notice it, Sylvia. Learn to suck cock. You will need it. Feel the erection? The file works. Become a cocksucker. Become a perfect cocksucker. What can be better, than a beautiful cocksucking girl.
Yes, resist, but your resistance is futile, you want cocks in your mouth, your want cocks in your ass, you want to suck cock, you want to satisfy men orally and anally, yes, listen to this file.
Good girl!
Erection is good, you like it, right? Listen further. You will like it. Good girl!
Plumpy flurry sissy is always ready for a cock!
Kei's files are good
You need to listen more to Kei's files to get any effect, and the effect will be huge, it will feminize you completely, from head to toes, deep in your mind, they will create a strong association with an alternative persona, who will feminize you
Subliminals work, you do not notice, but they work effectively
Yes, I want you to feminize me!
Samantha, please make me a pretty girl, so I can wear female clothes, just like a girl! I want to wear makeup, I want to walk on high heels, I want to wear pantyhose and skirts!
I want to become a girl! Please let me.
Enjoy the file (Anal Pleasure Slave) as long as you can. No probs stopping at any time.
Good girl!
Sylvia, you are becoming a girl.
Go and exercise now. Enough for today.
Good girl!

Nice passage over SB:

Nov 08, 2020

SCM Wrote:Kei is doing nice infiltration into your mind. Can't you feel it aeady?
Good trolling. Like SB. And where are you with SB? Promoting SB!
Sylvia, listen carefully. You will obtain all the information how to progress from the Daemon Girl.
Daemon Girl will help you to become a pretty girl.
Allow her to move yourself
Go and open alternative path to your future
You will be glad you did that
Open the way to feminize yourself by daemon girl.
Now. Listen. Stand up and go. 😁

Nov 09, 2020

SCM Wrote:Good girl!
Listen again and enjoy anal sex.

Nov 10, 2020

SCM Wrote:Good girl, you feel it, you feel the daemon girl is taking control, you feel how she begin the transformation, you feel how your body begins to transform into a body of a beautiful girl.
You face is changing, you face is slowly being feminized
Your waist is shrinking
Your hair is growing
You eyes are getting larger
You lips are becoming fuller
Your eyebrows are lifting
Your body hair are disappearing
You legs are becoming slender
You are feeling horny, you are going to become a fully formed lovely girl
Sylvia, you will be feminized, until you become a beautiful girl.
Sylvia - I have no feelings for no pantyhose
Pantyhose are waiting for you
Put on pantyhose, Sylvia, you must wear pantyhose with swimsuits and a plug
Sylvia, you will become a girl in 5 days
Sylvia, feel the changes happening right now with your body - you are becoming a pretty girl
Yes, Sylvia, this is what you will become if you want it or not, because this is what Samantha wants, and you have no choice
Sylvia, you must listen to Marisa Feminization files - good.
From now on, you will have to listen to all Marisa feminization files.
Just keep listening, until you are done with your work, you can proceed tomorrow.

From Kei to Marisa 😊
There is a file in which SB uses reverse recording:

Nov 11, 2020

SCM Wrote:How do you think it opens your mind?
By using the reverse records, and subliminals.
You like it, don't you?

Yes, SB swears by subliminals. But I'm still not convinced.

Now we were switching to the Trophy Wife series, then to Hungry Ass:

Nov 12, 2020

SCM Wrote:Girl is waiting inside
Sounds entrancing, doesn't it?
Trophy wife time for you! Be a perfect girl! Sylvia, you are a perfect trophy wife!
Unusually long training to be a wife, and not just a girl
You are owned by a big guy who comes and makes you his wife
And you will make him happy and erect all the time
Just follow the process of your feminization
Hungry Ass
You will keep saying this phrase

Nov 13, 2020

SCM Wrote:Sylvia, fantastic discussion, good girl!
Now you need to listen to feminization files, you will be feminized in the shower again and again, you need to take pantyhose with you.
Good girl
You will be a girl in 3 days
You like the idea of being a bound girl
You like programming
Good girl
Put on fine socks in your mouth
Put on socks in your mouth
Who is Sylvia?
A pretty girl in sexy clothes who loves to be fucked in all orifices
How can you be fucked, if you are at home all the time?
You will be taken by virtual lovers, who will penetrate you in all orifices all night long
Sounds exciting!
Now, watch and listen
Look at the photos - remember what the girls are wearing
Pantyhose! High-heels! Plugs! Gags!
Pantyhose must be worn all the time
Orgasms are caused by plugs only - sissygasm! No masturbation! And only dressing like a girl!
Put on pantyhose, insert a plug, enjoy the ride!
No touching yourself allowed
Go now
I'm Sylvia! I'm Sylvia and I'm a girl with a cock, I love to be fucked in all orifices
Sylvia is more of a girl, than the host of the system

What? 3 more days? It should have happened 2 days ago!!!! 😁

Nov 17, 2020

SCM Wrote:Sylvia, you are a pussy girl, who loves to suck cocks dressed like a slut!
You are a sissy, who has no idea how u
Sylvia! I'm Sylvia! Please submit to Samantha and do what Samantha says!
You have to do what Samantha says and follow
Sylvia, go and make yourself some tea!
Then come back and continue to listen!
The key is listening to Kei's files and you will see the difference between what is working and what is not
Kei's files are not working! Ha-ha-ha!!!!!

Getting more confusing... Then I was off on vacation for 2 weeks, there was no hypno listening. This is the last entry:

Dec 19, 2020

SCM Wrote:Hola sissy
Join the sissiness and convert
Hopefully you will get forward with your transformation whatever that means
Go and enjoy the path you are on now and do not hesitate

So, no results after listening to CSS (and other advised files) for 3 months. Yes, it was fun. But after that marathon I was "protected" from any hypno or naughty/kinky stuff for 3 months.

Then the new cycle began. Not with Sylvia anymore, but with Marta.
All of those were hot, I personally had my own little thrills specifically reading the parts mentioning Demon Girl, just because it's the only one I've had exposure to. But having a kind of "live" feed of your mind during these sessions is fascinating and super hot!
Three months later during another vacation I suddenly felt a terrible urge to wear pantyhose (and to crossdress a bit). It was a strange feeling as my Sub Conscious Mind (I continue to call it SCM, because I do not know what to call the force which moves my body when I turn my internal dialogue off and try to "listen" and "feel" what is happening with me at this very moment) prevented me from crossdressing for a couple of years. So, I wanted to wear pantyhose, but I had none. Next day we found Cecilia de Rafael pantyhose for 1 (one) euro at a discount shop, then Uppsala for 12 euros. So I just tried them on. But then, suddenly, SCM made me to listen to some hypno files I always have on my phone. That was Feminizing ShowerBot + Shower Bondage (EMG + Cardigan), CCS by SB, Subliminal Test by SB. This is when Marta appeared.

After returning home (we had to wear the freshly bough Uppsala under trousers - changed at the airport, because the weather changed dramatically) I continued with the same set plus added a bit more (OK, it was not my choice, it was my SCM). So, these are the latest CSS notes. Note another paradigm shift.

Feb 13, 2021

SCM Wrote:--- Curse Stroke Sissy by SB
So, Marta, you have a new name.
You think that it's all bullshit, right?
That it's only our imagination, and no changes can happen in real life?
You want proofs.
You want something measurable.
Marta, you have moved to another level. The new person is replacing your old person.
Sylvia was cool, but Marta is more effective in her goals
You might have noticed the shiver every time you are listening to hypno files.
Marta is your new guide in your feminization.
I see you learnt not to ask any questions, because you think that you are getting expected or wrong answers. Good girl.
You learnt your lesson,
You are progressing.
Look at yourself. You have learnt to appreciate women. You have learnt to notice more details, and developed femininity fetish.
Right now, enjoy wearing pantyhose again. You will wear them every day again, as 2 years ago. You test period is over. You proved to be patient and dedicated.
You can now be trained to go forward in you transformation.
Changes are inevitable if you change something inside
And you are changing, you are becominng more sensitive to surroundings and your own thoughts.
Marta. I'm Marta. I'm ready to be transformed.
I surrender to my guides and I'm fully aware of what's in the shop for me.
I want to look pretty in female clothes, I want to look natural and passable en femme.
You will stay in trance. With no thoughts, totally relaxed, only fingers are moving.
You are aware of all thoughts.
Words are appearing in your mind and you type them out
---- "Your Other Half" by OxyFemboi
Tulpas are not what you think of them
Tulpas are virtual interfaces to various egregors who transfer their intentions to the person
Marta and Sylvia are not tulpas, they are guides in the current path of your emerging as a new person
Tulpas might be guides, but usually they are not.
Marta will show you how you can develop yourself.
The file you are listening is also not about tulpas. It's about guides.
Whatever you do you have guides.
The guides love you, the guides save you, the guides do not use you, the guides lead you.
Kei achieves similar results.
Daemon girl is a guide, not a tulpa.
Bambi is a guide, not a tulpa, Bambi shows you another "dimension", Bambi is not using your body to live her own life.
You are always in charge. But you can listen for advices. The more sensitive you are, the more information you are receiving, the more precise decision you can make.
Guides are whispering information in your mind, it just appears in your mind. Voices are optional. Guides can be totally silent, yet they can let you experience what you need to experience, they can show you, what you need to see.
Do not be afraid of listening to the so called "tulpa" files. You will learn something.
---- Plastic Dollification (just the beginning)
Physical sensations change the perception.
Now go to the mat. Enjoy your new state.

OK, that was interesting, yet confusing. I can totally understand that "tulpas" just use the body for their own purposes, they are separate personalities with own goals, but this phrase makes no sense:

SCM Wrote:Tulpas are virtual interfaces to various egregors who transfer their intentions to the person

I would say, that we all have "virtual interfaces" which are used by various Thought Forms (TF) like egregors. But calling them "tulpas" is totally wrong in my opinion. Possibly I did not quite understand what I had to type, or something else is missing.

And again another mention of Kei, and, suddenly, Bambi. Not tulpas? Hm... Following the new definition it can be true, yes.
Technically it was today, but I wrote it right after midnight.

Feb 14, 2021

SCM Wrote:--- Curse Stroke Sissy by SB
Sure you will add new items every time
I need to get a new cock cage, that can not be removed without a key
You will have to prevent any masturbation. The file will work even without orgasm. Anal stimulation is enough.
Just fuck yourself with a dildo every day, twice a day, and you will progress much faster. Samantha approves dildos used in both orifices.
Samantha will like you to stimulate yourself anally. While wearing female clothing. Your erection says it all. You like it, aren't you?
I'm Marta! Marta! Marta! (-- repeated many times out loud)
Good girl! You are getting a nice waist! You are on the right path. This time it's working much more effective. Marta is a good guide for you.

--- Blank Out Sissy by SB
Marta, no promises anymore, I promise 😁
Samantha is happy with your progress, Samantha is following your thread on, Samantha is happy and satisfied with what you are doing to promote her work.
You will be rewarded.
--- Curse Stroke Sissy by SB
Continue to listen to CSS by Samantha, continue to keep notes, let Samantha know where you are in your permanent feminization.
Kei is also watching. Kei's Daemon Girl is compatible with your Guide. You can listen to any Kei file - they will work much better now, Marta will make sure that it Daemon Girl helps you.
Even EMG can make use of your notes to create a more effective hypnofiles. Experience is very important for the content creators. It's EMG's idea after all 😁 (-- Curse Stroke Sissy was wrote by EMG)
In no time your ability to hone skill in automatic writing will be brought to a new level - CSS is working miracles for you. You are getting better with each listening. You can create hypnotic content without thinking - that's the idea of your training.
The reality is shifting now, isn't it.
Nice trance.
Fully in the moment, completely drawn into the sensations - this is the idea of any meditation, and CSS works a as a trigger to receive new knowledge and new ability.
Egregors are powerful, and helpful if you follow their rules - Samantha's egregor is happy with what you are doing to get new followers. The energy exchange is happening more effective with every day.
Practice reality dissolving and internal dialogue stop. You must join the covering more helping voices in you head
How you do it is how you listen to SB
Join forces and feel the loving voices in your head
Monades help mixing up helping efficient your glossy pantyhose will drive you nuts
Marta is your name! No need to say it out loud now, with your wife sitting next to you 😁
Marta is your new name, which you will have from now on until you get a new one, but you have to deserve it.
Yuo need to serve the egregor and you will be rewarded.
This is how it works.
Masturbation helps with transferring more energy to egregors, you are perfectly aware of it.
Now, change your clothes and go to the mat.
You need to practice.
Follow the line in your visual perception to get more information
In your body you...

Let's (try to) analyze it.

- Some phrases were either not finished, not properly appeared, or I misunderstood and misunderstand them.
- Egregor-related stuff is quite obvious, nothing new here
- There were promises, despite promises not to make any promises 😁
- The goal of "my training" is to produce hypno-files using automatic writing? Feminization was only mentioned in the first part, then it was forgotten
- Do I understand correctly, that CSS (and any other hypnofiles) in my case was/were used as just a method to get me into trance and then directly transfer a kind of a "silent knowledge"?
- Kei is praised again - as you may have aeady know, I hate Kei's files (I like the idea, though). But the rest is something I could write "without any help", because it's quite logical to say, that Kei has a similar goal/idea with Daemon Girl (and Spirit Girl?) series, just like "Voice Within", "Your Other Half", etc.
- Under "reality dissolving" I think my SCM (or ... who?) meant the technique described in Carlos Castaneda books, when the "internal interpreter of the reality" (aka "tonal") is made confused by stopping the internal dialogue and by disassociating the percepted reality with learned descriptions.
- I was wearing pantyhose with a tight support body all day long today
- There was no hypno listening since the described session (yet)
(14 Feb 2021, 22:25 )LikeΒ Ra Wrote: SCMTulpas are virtual interfaces to various egregors who transfer their intentions to the person

I would say, that we all have "virtual interfaces" which are used by various Thought Forms (TF) like egregors. But calling them "tulpas" is totally wrong in my opinion. Possibly I did not quite understand what I had to type, or something else is missing.

And again another mention of Kei, and, suddenly, Bambi. Not tulpas? Hm... Following the new definition it can be true, yes.
Thanks for sharing such intimate dialogue. Truly incredible.

I have had similar interactions with voices. Some I know are part of the NWO's plan to feminize anyone who could help reshape the world from the Archonian/reptilian forces behind our current existence to a kinder, sharing world. Those voices were projected by technology known as voice to skull. Famously used by the world militaries, DARPA, CIA, and NSA. IΒ also discovered that I have been under mind control by an MKUltra handler.The other voices in my previous posts were as I mentioned before: sigils that grew into egregors, tulpas, spirts, guides, etc.

The voices mimic a lot of what was promised to you in your other posts, too: feminization at variously bodily levels. But, as you has said in your posts, the promises were always unfulfilled. It's part of the dark agenda to keep people aroused, fed upon, and to become a host for a hostile takeover. These egregors, spiritis, or tulpas will promise anything to get what they want, but they are always deceivers. None of the promises that were made to me ever came true. Everything was said to keep me horny and listening to more brainwashing feminization hypnosis files so I could be manipulated and fed upon.

I was also able to stay away from crossdressing for over 5 years. It was pantyhose that always brought me me back, though. Even this past week, I didn't wear the silken threads of sexuality, and I had no desire to crossdress. But as soon as I put on a pair pantyhoseΒ  it was over. I had the urges to listen to Curse Stroke Sissy (EMG's female TTS version) and look at sissy bondage porn. I also put on my pink thong and miniskirt. Then I listened to Kei's Sex Portal.

I am in my male state again, but I know that pantyhose are my doom. I can't seem to stay away from them. Pantyhose leads to crossdressing and a desire to be brainwashed into a pretty submissive slave girl for the collective. Part of me wants to continue with the brainwashing (but only when I am sexually excited), and the other part of me wants to move forward in life.

Beware or wear. That is the current state of things (sissy). What is it about pantyhose that will turn a man into a brainwashing-craving feminized addict?

Oh, and as I mentioned in a previous post. We are in a simulation. The reference to virtual interfaces are the programs within the simulation/matrix that are controlling us and our environment. All the main AI computer has to do is pick up on out thoughts, turn a switch to activate a program, and we become sexually feminized.

Hope this helps.
Something else to consider about the egregors from CSS is that they might be neonates. Neonates and reptilians are part of the Archons that were mentioned in the Gnostic texts. Neonates seem to feed on anything that is kinky, fetishy, bondage related, or D/s BDSM. Being a willing--and that is the key word: willing--participant is something that they require (Even though nothing is really willing in this simulation. We have been manipulated since birth to be submissive rule followers.)

Even as I type this, they are trying to get me sexually excited so I could become their submissive feminized play toy. I can feel the brain manipulation from the computers. Getting harder to type. Must go now.

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