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Full Version: Kei's MindWarp
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K was mentioned many times in various threads, let's keep it in one place.

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So, what is your experience?
I don't have much experience (because I find the files overly processed, screechy, unpleasant, unlistenable, and too long), but I've heard some interesting stories.

Kei's stuff intersects (and have lots in common) with Bambi (but much less toxic), Catgirl (but with a better TTS or even a live voice, with much less hypno, and much more brainwashing) and SB (but of much less quality).

To some extent, all of them share the same idea of an "external character" who trains the subject "internally" or leads the subject's actions. Think of all gradations between servitors, tulpas, incubi, succubi, and egregores. Or, in short and general - thought- or mindforms.

And both K and SB rely mostly on subliminals.

In my opinion, if the ideas of K resonate within you, you can stand the style, the only advantage the files have is that they can be listened in the background, without concentration.
Yesterday I listened to a bunch of K's files in the background and noticed two things:

o- After one of the files I suddenly began to speak in a high pitch voice, remotely resembling the female voice mentioned in the file
o- When I went to bed I "heard" and internal-dialogue-like voice, telling me that tomorrow I will have to wear a skirt and lipstick.
Which files in particular?
As far as I remember, I listened to:

Feminizing Magic Pink Flash
Good Girl - Pink Puppet Strings
Hentai Girl Tentacle Impregnation
Feminizing Anal Orgasm Trainier 21c
Feminizing Brainwash Loop
Feminine Symbols

And something else. Basically, the idea was to create a background noise, which would allow some concentration on a boring job. Even as a background I could not stand some files, and stopped after a couple of dozens minutes.

Yesterday I noticed another interesting thing. One of the files mentioned "commands, which are repeating themselves as an earworm music". In my case it was the word "skirt", that behaves like a music phrase. The sound of it was different from my internal dialogue voice. I tried to get rid of it like from the internal dialogue - it did not work. It indeed felt like a music earworm - something I haven't mastered to silence yet. It disappeared after an hour or so.

Very interesting in terms of self-observation.
When I first started listening to K`s files and Bambi, I remember going to work one one day and one of the guys I work with asked me `What`s wrong with your voice`?
I can`t remember which file did it but I was like `Holy`!
Kei's files are very powerful, I reached orgasm sometimes and felt utterly compelled to feminize myself, even tho I didn't do it physically (particularly bc of my deep mental barriers to crossdressing and bc of my irl situation) but in my mind I'd let myself become extremely slutty and give in to everything i was told, let her in control and you'll have a great experience for sure
in general, I got an interesting effect after listening to the Kei file, before going to bed I listened to the file for the first time and at night I felt fear: it was very realistic and I almost believed that the head of the department fired me. ,, hmm .... an unexpected turn; move on .... the second audition before bedtime ... the story is like this .... I find myself in prison and try to escape from revenge .... here the alarm clock rings))
(24 Apr 2020, 04:04 )trismegist Wrote: [ -> ]in general, I got an interesting effect after listening to the Kei file
What for file was it?
Demon Girls Feminising Abyss