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Fetish, bondage and fetish fashion stream from various resources

bondage-23-zentai-hogtieThis RSS aggregator for various fetish and bondage resources (the list is being updated constantly).


This is a live stream, posts may disappear forever at any time, so if you find something interesting, do not wait! Save the images and post them in the forum.

Check several pages for updates, because new posts may appear anywhere for several reasons (e.g. new stream added, wrong post date, etc.). Duplicate, triplicate, etc posts is a known Blogger issue, and is being worked on.

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Simon O latex sale on eBay

str-haro-gal2For some reason I did not get a notification about and almost missed the latest Simon O sale on eBay.

In my opinion the most interesting things in this list are:

  • latex back seamed fishnet-print stockings (see the close-up!)
  • orange latex catsuit with feet and lockable zip
  • leotard and back-seamed stockings-look latex catsuit with a push-up effect at thighs (does anybody have a better idea how to call it?)
  • transparent latex catsuit (cosmetic latex)
  • think latex pantyhose for men
  • high waisted hot-pants

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Men in tights RSS stream. Pantyhose as a fashion statement

This RSS stream is dedicated to pantyhose as a normal (read “typical”, “usual”, “everyday”) part of men’s clothes. Men’s legs do deserve to look cool!

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The shiniest and sheerest pantyhose?

As you know I love sheer shiny pantyhose, always wear them in public and always looking for new brands. Recently I have stumbled upon these photos on G+ (the only thing Google+ is good for). Have a look at the featured one. The shine is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that!

What that can be? Good lighting? Probably. Two-three flashes can do miracles even with dull nylons. But it’s highly unlikely that the reflections are artificial. I’ve seen a suggestion that the pantyhose he’s wearing are Platino (Cleancut?).

I’ve never seen Platino Cleancut (35% lycra, silicone coated…) “in person”, but eBay photos are very interesting, and even there they are extremely rare and expensive. Strangely enough, they are made in Spain, but there is nothing on [read more…]

Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 19. Fetish, bondage, dogmas and prejudice

See all chapters and related articles here.

Another point. How often do you hear:

“How can you wear that? Normal men do not do that!”
“How can you do that? Normal people do not do that!”
“Bondage? It hurts! Normal people do not like that!”
“I know what BDSM is! It’s about hurting people, making them suffer and treat them as slaves!”

But if you ask “Have you ever tried that?”, most likely the answer will be “Of course not! Normal people do not do that!”. Prejudice hurts… Yes, there are cases with “the point of no return”, when you obviously should “not try this at home”:

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 9. Breaking through the inner bondage. Wearing pantyhose in public

See all chapters and related articles here.

… I was thinking about taking a bus to the city center, so I would not have a chance to hide my legs in pantyhose. It’s quite easy to jump in on an empty bus stop and spend the whole trip unnoticed. But then you have to get out, get to another stop, wait for the bus, get in. And all on the full view! Very self-bondage like, when there is no way back…

No, I never dared. My next big step was during our summer vacation. I put on very transparent suntan pantyhose, shorts, sneakers, a t-shirt and we (my wife and I) went for a short walk. It was twilight, the pantyhose were almost invisible, but when I noticed someone walking behind me, I pretended that I was busy with my shoe-lace. Yeah, chicken… But next evening I was more brave.

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Wolford Python pantyhose. Review. Sport look and men in pantyhose

My wife made me a present for my birthday a couple of years ago – Wolford “Python” pantyhose, but I could not find an opportunity to wear them until the last warm days of this year. And, of course, I asked her to make a couple of photos. The sun already disappeared and was replaced by clouds and dripping from time to time water, so we had to use a flash to show what these pantyhose are capable of and a wide-angle lens to get around the space limits ;-)

As typical Wolford the “Pythons” are made with pantyhose-haters in mind. They do not feel like “usual” “nylons”. When you take them out of the envelope they look like cotton tights but feel like a strange construction made from jiggling springs (again, typical Wolford, I should say). They are soft and thick like a terry bathrobe, but when you pull them on they literally disappear. What’s left is warmth, softness and comfort. Again, nothing for “usual” pantyhose fetishists so far.

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Associations, triggers, crossdressing and forced feminization

“Why is this turning me on so much?”

Indeed, why am I turning on so much when I hear an idiom: “out of the blue”? In this case the answer is very simple – the reason is the drawing on the left. For some reason (erection in transparent pantyhose? high heels with ankle straps? mini-dress? a cute “girl”? I can easily imagine myself in this situation? all together? ) I found this picture so exciting so my perverted brain picked up the most “standing out” expression out of the text. And whenever I hear or see it, it gives me goosebumps and a twitch in my sheer shiny pantyhose ;-P

Have you got such triggers? Let us now!

See the full story below (or on the picture) and the following related forum threads:

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Family, Kids and fetish moments. Shiny pantyhose and shame.

My kids got used to my pantyhose, swimsuits and various fetish talks, but from time to time very interesting dialogues occur.

Son: Your pantyhose shine too much.
Me: Cool, isn’t it?
Son: Yeah, but don’t you have pantyhose with no shine?

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