Playing with Oroblu Samantha “leather” pantyhose

Shiny leather-like Oroblu pantyhoseUpdated on January 22, 2018 @ 21:40: The pantyhose are called Oroblu “Samantha”. Thanks to helpless85 and formatCeft!

Originally posted on January 22, 2018 @ 00:37: It was already already 2AM, when my wife asked me if I uploaded new photos to the site, G+ or elsewhere and what the reaction was (yes, she’s very curious about your opinion, so, please, have your say below!).

M: “I uploaded the last photo a week ago”.
W: “What? We did not take any photo since a week ago? Let’s shoot some now?”
M: “Sure! Any ideas?”
W: “Do you have any preferences?”
M: “Nope. You have carte blanche”.
W: “Cool! Can you find my thick grey tights?”

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Another dressing-up experiment

During the New Year photo session at least two things became clear: the skirt is a bit too small, I need something to wear above the skirt.

The first problem was fixed on the next day – in the same “Lidl” we bought 3 more skirts and the last pair of leather look leggings. All for both my wife and myself. The second issue is familiar to all women (“I haven’t got anything to wear tonight!!! And there was nothing in the shops!!!”) My precious patient wife managed to find me one blouse (I tried quite a few glittering, boring and weird “tops”, but none of them looked “appropriate”). On my own I tried one leather-look mini-skirt and latex-look leggings, but without an approving “nod” from my SO I did not want to buy anything. (Hey, she’s my ultimate fashion&design&aesthetics expert!). It has to wait for next Saturday.

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My best New Year night

shiny pantyhose fishnets mini-skirtThe easiest way to begin would be a phrase:”I never liked skirts” (see, for example, this post), though it wouldn’t be correct. I always liked skirts and dresses on girls, because most likely they would wear pantyhose with them. But last years I most certainly would say that I prefer tight mini shorts to any tight mini skirts. Also on myself.

Personally, I happened to wear skirts only several times in my life. A couple of times when I was a kid (around 12-13yo) – I was playing with my mom’s clothes (skirt, tights, high-heeled boots, etc), then when I was 16 in a camp, when we had “the best housewife (or hausfrau) contest” among three boys in a heavy make-up (I hate make-up since then, but this is another story). Then when I bought a latex dress and a latex mini skirt (quickly “destroyed” by my wife, when she tried to put it on :D). The latex mini-dress was the only “skirt-like” construction I used to wear “by my own initiative”. Also I wore it during Europerve parties in Amsterdam. There are some photos elsewhere here on the site.
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Wolford Python pantyhose. Review. Sport look and men in pantyhose

My wife made me a present for my birthday a couple of years ago – Wolford “Python” pantyhose, but I could not find an opportunity to wear them until the last warm days of this year. And, of course, I asked her to make a couple of photos. The sun already disappeared and was replaced by clouds and dripping from time to time water, so we had to use a flash to show what these pantyhose are capable of and a wide-angle lens to get around the space limits 😉

As typical Wolford the “Pythons” are made with pantyhose-haters in mind. They do not feel like “usual” “nylons”. When you take them out of the envelope they look like cotton tights but feel like a strange construction made from jiggling springs (again, typical Wolford, I should say). They are soft and thick like a terry bathrobe, but when you pull them on they literally disappear. What’s left is warmth, softness and comfort. Again, nothing for “usual” pantyhose fetishists so far.

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Family, kids, fetish moments and pink striped pantyhose

One morning I was thinking which pantyhose to pull on, when my wife tossed me an unopened pack – tiger striped dark pink 20den look Falke. They were very slippery, so I could barely walk downstairs.

Reaction of my kids:

Daughter: Wow! Cool! I wish they were saturated pink all the way up, just as around your ankles.

Son: What’s that? Take it off.

5 hi-rez photos below.

See also:

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Family, kids, fetish moments and shiny pantyhose

I’m almost never bare legged and almost never without pantyhose. And the last vacation was not an exception. The weather was on the hot side, so I was wearing breeches with shiny pantyhose (German nur Die Hüft 15, French Well Elastivoile Satine 19, Dutch Vroom & Dreesman 12 ).

The good thing about pantyhose is that they “normalize” the environment. If it’s too hot, they spread and evaporate sweat and protect your skin from sticking to everything from seats to dirt. If it’s cold they keep warmth. If wet they dry very quickly. And they look cool!

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Finally! Shiny pantyhose time!

man in shiny pantyhose nur DieFinally! Spring! Or even summer! After almost 8 months of wearing winter clothes it’s finally happened! +23! Again I wear shiny pantyhose with capri or breeches daily and everywhere! To the shops, while walking outside, for picking up the kids. And, of course, at home and around the house with shorts.

Ohhh…. How I love the shiny glossy surface of sheer barely visible pantyhose…
But what I noticed is that the shine is usually visible directly from the above. And unless you shoot with a direct flash, it’s very difficult to capture it. I was wearing German nur Die Hüft 15den (Amber) during one day and French Well Elastivoile Satiné 19den (Ibiza) during another.

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Jogging in pantyhose zentai and rubber catsuit

Almost but not far from the title. It’s all in the definitions. You may remember what I wear when the temperature drops below 18°C (see this post). But what to wear when it’s colder than 10? (It was +4 tonight).

I was wearing thin nur Die Hüft 15 (legs), Wolford Perfectly 30 (arms-hands, yes, my hands were totally covered by nylon, no holes), 3mm neoprene Tribord Projohn DG500 wetsuit (long legs, short sleeves, I could not find the long sleeve version in Decathlon, 50€). Only my head was uncovered and this is the only detail what would differ from the title.

Why pantyhose on hands? Several reasons:

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Ultra shiny pantyhose + black fishnets + jeans with holes

After “recording” an “elbow binding” tutorial in a hotel during one of my business trips I woke up wearing a long-sleeved leotard, Danskin Ultra Shimmery pantyhose and Oroblu Tricot fishnets.

I added a fleece jacket, jeans and sneakers and went to the breakfast. Not sure if anybody noticed what I was wearing (not that I cared at all), but I absolutely enjoyed the view of black net over shiny material.

5 hi-rez photos with a couple of close-ups below
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Swimming pools, shiny pantyhose and latex briefs

shiny pantyhose shiny latex briefs with built-in butt-plugAs I mentioned earlier I do not like swimming pools and do everything to spice a bit up this boring but otherwise rather healthy activity.

This time I did not even bother with trying a water-polo swimsuit, since there were quite a few people in the hotel swimming pool, so I put on very shiny (glass-like shine) Albert Heijn Matglanzend 15den pantyhose (colour Cherry or dark tan) with a 3cm hole in the gusset and latex briefs with a built-in butt-plug (see here). Yes, first pantyhose, then the briefs.

The changing room was empty, so I quickly undressed and sneaked in the shower which was also empty.
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