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New donation goal

The site is hosted by Linode and costs 480$ per year. In order to allow backups (+$10 monthly), the new goal is $600 yearly.

Thanks much again to those who already donated!


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Upgrading the operating system

Update @22:34: Upgraded! Please let me know if something is broken. You can use this forum thread: Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings

The operating system on the server will be upgraded in a couple of hours. Please be aware of the downtime.

The server/site has been upgraded!

Yesterday the site was moved to a new server! Now we have 2GB of RAM (was 1GB), 8 core E5-2650L Xeon @1.8GHz 20MB cache CPU (was 4 core L5520 Xeon @ 2.27GHz 8MB cache), 48 GB or storage space (was 40GB), 4TB(!!!!) of monthly transfer (was 400GB), 10Gb/s Ethernet infrastructure (was 1Gb/s), new disks with more cache.

Not bad, huh? The most important upgrade is the RAM. One extra Gigabyte allows more possible connections and more cache (APC, pagespeed, MySQL). Not much, actually, you may not even notice the improvements (I think the latency decreased by 10-15%), but now we have more breathing space, more overload protection, more stability and almost unlimited bandwidth.

For example, as long as nobody’s ripping the whole site (I immediately block such IP addresses), the PHP content is served entirely from the APC cache (100% hit rate)!

See also Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings

Site news

Some of you may wonder why there are no new blog posts since … hmmm.. a months ago. A short answer is: “No time, no energy, no inspiration”.

A long answer is a bit longer ;-)

  • Last month I was overloaded with my work, then trainings and last but not least: some family obligations. All these activities left almost no time for anything else (see the short answer)
  • When I have no inspiration I switch to other boring, tedious, but absolutely necessary tasks like system administration, redesigning and restructuring. For example, the tasks below.
  • System, software and forum upgrade
  • Forum restructuring
  • Added sub-forums for shops reviews (a long awaited feature)
  • New forum features
  • New games and new version of the SuperDeepThroat game
  • Revisited the completed self-bondage sessions posted in the forum and updated the index/table of content
  • Removed some more ads
  • Revisited links and moved them under the Blog control, so they can be easier maintained and automatically checked for existence.

More ideas, comments or complaints? Please let me know!

Inescapable Self-bondage session 74. Anal hook and karada hogtie

Self-bondage session latex leotard fishnets rubber hoodThat was the last full-scale self-bondage session during my “home alone” time last year. See other real self-bondage adventures in the Completed sessions section.

I bought an anal hook on eBay (see “Anal hook review, self-bondage scenarios and interesting reflections“) and was overly excited to use it. The idea was to use the hook as an anchor connected to the bed through the ice-lock.

I was wearing the following:

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Anal hook review, self-bondage scenarios and interesting reflections

Anal hookI like versatile gadgets, toys and fetish clothes. So you can use them in various ways. After seeing many photos, scenarios and drawings I finally bought the anal hook on eBay.

The result exceeded my expectations. But let’s go step by step.

You can see the dimensions on the photos. Some hooks come with interchangeable ball, but to “prove the concept” I decided to go the cheapest and the most reliable (I hope) way – non-replaceable 4cm anal ball.

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Bianca Beauchamp swimming in a transparent latex catsuit. Part III

See Part I and Part II.

In this set there are two things I always wanted, but never tried: swimming while fully enclosed in latex and total enclosure in transparent latex.

I’ve swum in a (quite cold, BTW) river while encased in pantyhose (zentai style, no bare skin that is) and a swimsuit, but latex is different. It’s got high thermal conductivity, so you should feel the temperature of the water like if you’re swimming naked, but with no water touching your body directly.

Probably, it’s just my imagination, but I would like to try it in a warm pool. For example, with Bianca ;-)

See also:

16 photos below
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Selfbondage, pantyhose encasement or MadJack Home alone

Updated on Apr 05, 2011 @ 01:08:

Added a new selfbondage session:

MJ-SB03/2011 – Home alone: Office chair tied and vibrated (…not!)

Published on Mar 25, 2011 @ 01:43:
What happens if you leave MadJack at home and completely alone for a couple of days (I would sleep the first 24 hours and sit in front of the monitors the second – probably getting old…)?

Considering he’s got access to a pile of pantyhose, leotards, swimsuits, ropes, enemas, etc?

See his latest self-bondage adventures and related threads:

True self-bondage stories, techniques, scenarios and tutorials

Thanks to Anne, CJtime, Cupped, Dan2010, Krinlyc, MadJack (especially MadJack), Mrs. Blacksmith, Strappado and Susanr the Completed Self-bondage Sessions collection has been updated!

I see many questions, requests and pleas for scenarios here on this website and on dozens forums on the Internet. If you are short of ideas you have an opportunity to read what others do, how they play and what they use to spice it up. Do not forget to leave your feedback and comments!

Have you completed a selfbondage session? Describe it in the Completed sessions forum! Have ideas, dreams or fiction stories? Upload them in the Session ideas, requests and fiction.

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Self-bondage art. Part XIII. Self-bondage techniques and ideas.

See more self-bondage art.
Updated on Jan 30, 2011 @ 14:49: Added translation (click on the images). Many thanks to Green!

Posted on Jan 29, 2011 @ 01:39:
This short manga-story called “Self-bondage in the toilet” (便所自縛) drawn by 油炸豬大腸 gives some food for imagination and discussion. And definitely gives some self-bondage ideas to think about.

But first of all (despite it’s quite clear what’s going on on the images), could anybody please translate? (Yes, the Japanese language is in my “to learn” list, but not for this year ;-)

Let’s go step by step.
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