Self-bondage leotard (updated)

Self-bondage latex leotard

self-bondage leotardI found the picture on one of the “chan”s on the Internet. The girl is obviously in trouble. The specially built latex leotard keeps her inescapably bound and the only release mechanism failed.

Unfortunately , the author (Megabondagedaemon or A.D.I.D.A.S – Anime Damsels In Distress Alternate Scenes) has removed all his work from the site for personal reasons.

But fortunately there is a picture with explanation…

This is it, on the right.

Nice fairy-tale, but I wonder if something from this drawing can be used in the real self-bondage sessions.

Your ideas are very welcome. So are any related drawings 😉

Update Jun 22, 2008:

Just to keep a copy of (the thread does not exist anymore)

jgmrequel came with this design:

[This is]an exploded view of the basic mechanism.  I went with a double latch, so that the top latch will have a solid face engaging the rod.The sides are slotted to accept straps, so it can attach to a collar, or by its self, strapped around the torso.

The front is bare and solid with the exception of the locking tabs.  I may redesign it so that the tabs are along the bottom of the latch.

BDSmanUK took over:
I have only access to tools etc. that can be bought from the local DIY store, which has greatly influenced my design. Lamination is the solution I have adopted, i.e. a number of plates fastened together.

The first picture illustrates what the finished mechanism would look like. It consists of 4 assembled parts, the left and right collar attachments, the latch locking pin, and the release screw. When in place, i.e. locked, it will be symmetrical.

I have chosen to use an rectangular section shaped latch locking pin to overcome the problem of a round pin turning and failing to engage. The top of the locking pin could be shaped so that it automatically aligns itself.
The next 4 pictures illustrate the components of the locking mechanism in more detail.

Most of the components are drawn to scale. When locked, the collar attachments will measure 2.5″ x 1.75″ x 0.5″, which is about the maximum size that can be accommodated at the back of the neck. The plates are all 0.125″ thick. The latch pin will be made from 0.5″ by 0.25″ section, and the latch plunger from 0.25″ x 0.25″ square bar. The spring will be 0.25″ diameter and approx. 0.75″ in length. The release screw will have a M3 (3mm) thread. An M3 eyelet would be ideal.

At present, I’m thinking that most components will be made from aluminium, otherwise a very stiff leotard collar would be required if heavier steel was used. Alternatively, high density plastic could be used. The design would probably need to be modified if the components are to be glued together. It could even be smaller.

The first layer, i.e. the left and right collar plates have slots to enable the lock to be attached to the collar by 1.5″ webbing. The 6 holes enable the plates to be fastened together.

The second and third layer plates are shaped to have tongues which fit into recesses (top half). The right hand plates have a second recess to house the latch plunger and spring (bottom half), as illustrated [above].

The left and right hand collar attachments will be held together by fiction of the tongues in the recesses. When the latch pin is inserted, it will lock the collar attachments together. The pin itself will be locked in place by spring loaded latch plunger.

The plates could be fastened together by machine screws, pop rivets or even good old fashioned rivets, the type you bash with a hammer.

When assembled, the right hand collar attachment will have a 3mm hole drill into the right hand edge. This will allow the release screw to be screwed into the end of the latch plunger. Two possible release mechanisms could be adopted.

1) A release cord attached to a ‘full length’ screw could simple be pulled.

2) Alternatively, the screw could be removed completely, preventing the sub freeing herself. She must wait patiently for her master to insert a shorter release screw, such that when it is screwed all the way home, it retracts the latch plunger, releasing the latch pin.

As already mentioned, the latch plunger will be made from square bar. To make the retaining lug, a hammer could be used to form a mushroom head at the end of the bar. This could then be shaped to form the retaining lug. Well, that’s the plan!

As can be seen, the latch pin is in fact, the top part the the T-piece. The arm binder sleeve, the straps etc. will be fixed to the horizontal bar.

Another eyelet (not illustrated) will be attached to the T-piece, just below the lock area. A cord from the ceiling will attached to this second eyelet. When a sub descends from an upright to a fully kneeling position, she will descend at least 8″, closing the leotard’s zip, and cinching the arm binder sleeve, straps etc.

The ceiling ‘locking’ cord will be tied to the eyelet by a special quick release knot which I’m sure I’ve seen on the Internet somewhere. Once the leotard is locked, the sub will then pull on the tail of the cord, which will undo the knot, detaching it from the eyelet (similar to undoing your shoelaces).

See also: Self-bondage unitard forum thread for the lock design and a 3D printout.

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  1. Nice picture, but i think that the girl didn’t tied her up alone because i can’t imagine how that could be done.

  2. The fancy leotard is fanciful – but this position can be done…

    Chain and locks for a body harness
    SRD to allow tightening
    Ice lock to allow release
    Canvas sling to hold forearms.

    Set up a chain body harness: Start with a loop resting on the back of the neck, meeting someplace mid-chest. Then a single chain from there through the crotch and back up to lock on the back of the neck. Another chain around the waist, locked front and back to keep the harness in place. Another loop around the chest, under the arms, locked front and back. And a short length of chain across the back, locked to this upper loop, at each end, just in back of the armpits. The space between this length of chain and the upper chest loop is the space where the forearm ‘canvas sling’ goes.

    Set up an SRD so its held against the back of your neck by a loop of rope going to an ice timer attached to your chest. When the ice timer releases, both ends of the rope are released, and the SRD at your neck will be free.

    The canvas sling has an eye on both ends, and the rope holding them together goes to the SRD at your neck.

    Hook up the chain harness. Have the canvas sling threaded through the space between the two lengths of chain across your back.

    Put your arms through the sling. Pull on the rope to tighten the up the sling. If you want, you could use ropes to the SRD to go around your arms to keep them pulled into the sides – but I don’t think they’ll come out of the sling anyway.

  3. Originally posted by BDSmanUK:

    The obvious choice is latex rubber, but I’m not too keen on this material. It is too easily damaged, is susceptible to petroleum based products like soap detergents etc.,

    True, but you can try thick rubber, like 0.8mm. Or (as a compromise) a 1mm thick vest. Actually, making this construction separate from the leotard would solve many problems.

    Originally posted by BDSmanUK:

    and it deteriorates with age.

    Also true. But what does not? Lycra, elasthan, nylon die in ~10years too.

  4. Thanks cordefr! Though goldsickle is not about bondage, dakinbakuju is exactly what I was looking for!

    A gagged version of the original picture ;-P
    Do you by any chance know who Operator is?

  5. The leotard picture is in my opinion the only interesting drawing in his gallery on DA. On the other hand:

    dA already removed three of my artworks for policy violation, so it’s best to play safe with the content.


  6. hmm if this were for sale somewhere i’d order it right away.. screw the costs.. but it seems there isn’t a market for this i could’nt find anything like this anywhere.

  7. Hi,

    I’ve had quite a lot of sucess with my models performing effective self bondage techniques. There’s galleries of the results on my site at: Dave Simpson Bondage. Also check out the forums on the site. I’m keen to get some new ideas for the models to try out as there seems to be a lack of really effective methods & images out there. Your ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Dave Simpson

  8. Hihihihi..

    Poor little girl.. Only recently found out they’re called ‘leotards’. Always called them ‘bodies’, or ’swimsuits’.
    I do know about selfbodage though… And this looks like she’ll be all tied up and pretty until someone starts wonderring why she hasn shown up for dinner… Or maybe she’s a coed.. And doesn’t show up for classes. Imagine what happens when one of her friends finds her like this… 😉

  9. Only recently found out they’re called ‘leotards’. Always called them ‘bodies’, or ’swimsuits’.

    Yeah, leotard is a strange name. Actually, Leotard is a surname. I call them swimsuits too. Swimsuits with sleeves, swimsuits with tanktop and zipper, etc.

    Imagine what happens when one of her friends finds her like this… 😉

    This is exactly what I like about proper fetish pictures – IMAGINATION!

  10. Wow, this is amazing! I’m the original designer of the leotard concept and had those pictures commissioned quite a while back. Never thought I’d see people actually planning to do anything with it 🙂

    In any case, if anyone’s interested in more details, more pictures of the girl, or even just general plotting, I’m available on MSN and AIM as ‘’ for both services.

  11. Aha! The mysterious Operator!!! I saw Dakinbakuju aka Megabondagedaemon mentioned you on DeviantArt.

    Yes! Of course, we are very interested in everything related! Excellent ideas you have I must say!

  12. I posted another comment just after that one, but it may have been caught by WordPress since it had quite a few links in it. If it’s not in the moderation queue let me know and I’ll repost it.

  13. Other thoughts I had for it were extending the sleeves over her hands like mittens, as well as rigging the latch to lock automatically with a timer or another type of lock.

    I had another set of pictures done that were unfortunantly cancelled halfway through. Excuse the large filesizes (~2mb each).
    Reference for the outfits:

    The blindfolds/gags/etc. are on layers, and I should be able to share the Photoshop PSD files if people are interested.

  14. Thanks much Operator for sharing! Oohhhh… I wish I could draw… But even if I could I would need fantasy and artist imagination. All I can is vividly imagine and visualize myself in place of the the girls 😉

    Operator wrote:

    Other thoughts I had for it were extending the sleeves over her hands like mittens, as well as rigging the latch to lock automatically with a timer or another type of lock.

    Yeah, that would be definitely interesting! However, from my own experience, wearing tight mittens sometimes makes self-bondage almost impossible. For example, you can’t pick objects (let alone small things like a rope) with one hand.

  15. hello im a freind of cam-operator i have been wrighting some stories useing the SB leotard (actualy the catsuit untill the most recent episode) but there interesting and camop seems to like them. go to my DA page here: and im my gallery there is a folder in my gallery for stories. thankyou and please leave a coment somwhere 😀

  16. Looking at the design, one could perhaps make a harness for just the mechanizim, allowing the captive to wear as little or as much as they want. Obviously it would still require enough material for the zipper, and something would no doubt need to go between the legs to hold it all in place, but it’s worth a thought.

  17. Well, the mechanism is clearly overdesigned and too complicated for being reliable. And if I remember well, the sheet around the arms is supposed to be metal, and this makes things even harder.

    I think, a harness to fix all straps and the arm sheet would be better, it could be incorporated into the leotard. Manual release for legs and upper torso, some special release for the arm sheet. Of course, the manual release may not be in reach when the arm sheet is on.

    But, seriously, I like these drawings, but I think there are much better methods for self bondage.

  18. The girl is obviously in trouble. The specially built latex leotard keeps her inescapably bound and the only release mechanism failed.The first picture illustrates what the finished mechanism would look like.

  19. Maybe 3-D printing insted of the metal? Would it be strong enough?

  20. A few ideas: 1 add more pics with a blue blindfold and blue ballgag :gag: Also Id relly like if someone made a short clip on YouTube which features, 1 her parents leaving for a vation to the mountains for the week, hav the girl get into her catsuit, try and escape, fail, and ha:lfway through we see the pic that is at the top of the page. If the clip is made, post its link below! I will subscribe!

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