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Sat, Aug 17, 2019
Source: Колготки
Sat, Aug 17, 2019
Source: Колготки
Hi everyone
One bit of notice first. I am so so sorry for being slow on my Emails and things, have been so thinly spread this week that i have had zero time to give any replies the time they deserve, so please bare with me. I read and greatly appreciate all your correspondence

Right, on with the show.
I am so so happy to be able to share with you the first part of Mandy Sweet Hearts latest story.
This delightful piece follows on from and concludes All in the Plan, whilst adding and expanding on some of my other ideas and concepts.
Mandy writes so tightly within Andy and Aunt Jane's world and her voice is so very much in keeping with the tone and rhythms and I am sure you will join me in thanking her for all her hard work (believe me I know how hard she worked on this).
So please read on and I am sure you will enjoy this.

Walking Fifi.
By Mandy Sweet Heart.

**Continuing on from *All in the Plan*
& is based on art by SweetAndyLatex.
Thank you, Sweet, Andy Latex**

Chapter One.
Becoming an instant overnight star had transformed his future prospects in a fashion he had never dreamed of whilst attending college, Andy Watson even found his days mutated from the way he anticipated they would be while attending his Aunt Jane as her scintillating maid, now he felt as if everything had simply turned into a dazzle from the endless stream of flashing bulbs as all the photographers clicked away, having to answer seemingly non-stop loudly spoken questions thrown at him by the packs of reporters that somehow drifted into evenings of mindless parties where unknown guest would be asking even more questions when not wanting to take a selfie with him. Andys' new life changing experiences had continued since leaving the stage on that afternoon he won the competition to be the new model for Cover-Girl.
Three months that had raced by at times while others had continually dragged as photographs demanded he pose in certain angles so they could set the equipment just right.
With his newly found stardom, a model all the press appeared to love with his easy going attitude and glossy pink pout, a prominence in front of the lens that added to all the cosmetics, powdering, spritz of perfume and then slithering into wonderful warm latex that would soon be having his body covered in a light coating of perspiration. An elegant glowing fabric that had partly been used by his Aunt Jane to change his existence into a beautiful feminised boy. Always feeling as if he was posing for others and sadly Andy discovered how little time for anything else in his life there was. Continuously having to look so phenomenal for everyone else meant having such little time to himself and when he did it often entailed being in the wrong place to meet up with Will or Jane and if he did have a rare afternoon off they could only try to chat on the phone or Andy would be writing long letters to them both.
As that not so fateful afternoon drew to an end, the air around him cooling as the hot studio lights began dimming Andy felt so stunned and unable to move away from the television cameras as he just stood there pouting at a lens, not even noticing that his skin was becoming slightly sticky. Feeling somewhat sorry for him sheila, in her tight vibrant rosy red skirt and stellar white silk blouse gently wrapped an arm over his shoulders and calmly confided. “Come on Andie, the show is over. Let's go see your aunt Jane.”
Remaining in his dazed state as their leather and gloriously smooth latex attire expressed themselves exquisitely as the two nearly appeared to float across the stage in the dimmer light. “Auntie!” Andy exclaimed as he finally remembered that she remained backstage and only now fully appearing from behind the long red velvet curtain before elegantly stepping over the low knee high trestle in her delicate six inch scarlet Louboutins. “Andy, I just knew you would!” Jane deliciously informed him in her beautiful cultured tones.
At the sound of her sweet voice Andy dragged himself out of his dazed state and gazed lovingly at Jane before almost bounding into her arms and hugged her like a five year old. “I did, didn't I, Auntie Jane?” Quickly releasing her, Andy peered at her smiling face and with mixed emotions enquired. “What happens now auntie?”
Before Jane could reply Sheila stepped forward. “We have a party in your honour, Andie. Then you start all the hard work as our charming new cover girl. You looked so outstanding in latex out there we might have to keep you as our latex girl.” Sheila could feel Andy's' confused eyes gape at her as she asked. “You will be the beauty for us, won't you, Andie?”
Andy shifted his eyes towards Lady Jane and was about to ask if this was what she wished, seeing his slick pink pouting lips parting Jane smiled and slowly nodded her head, swiftly he and turned back to Sheila. “Oh yes, if I may, Miss Sheila?”
Without replying to Andy's' question Sheila just reminded Jane where the soiree was to be convened before watching Andy's lustrous' glittering body as he belatedly began to leave the stage with his aunt.
As he had dried his delicate soft skin on one of the feather soft, light green jumbo towels provided Andy watched as the last of the body glitter slowly swirled away before stepping into a tiny pair of pre-powdered, ultra glossy red latex panties so he could return to the almost lifeless dressing room they found on re-entering; compared to all the activity earlier the room seemed strangely dungeon-like when empty of people.
Andy stepped gracefully past the long empty rails and soft seats to see his enchanting aunt Jane brushing her finger through the beautiful long blond wig he had worn on stage. “At last!” Jane smirked as she heard Andy returning. “I have some exquisite honey lube for your body, but first I think you deserve a gift for doing so well and winning today, Andy.” He watched as Jane rustled around in a small box and before he could tell what it was Jane informed him. “Lean on the dresser, darling.”
Doing as he was told Andy began to nibble his lower lip as Jane's' long red fingernails eased the rear of his nearly reflective latex panties down before slipping her fingers against his skin to lower the brightly polished latex, chirping. “I just know you will delight in having this Hush deep inside of you.” Andy hissed as the gell chilled thing was eased slowly between his buns, and just as he thought it was going to be too much he sighed with satisfaction at taking it all. “Are you alright darling?” Jane enquired as lifted the latex back in place.
“I think so auntie, it feels strange but not too bad. It won't pop out or anything?”
Jane watched as her nephew blushed. “No Andy, it should stay in place but it will…” Andys' eyes grew wide as Jane quickly picked up a small black box and twirled a switch, Jane giggled as she watched her nephews' reflection in the mirror as he abruptly grabbed the edge of the dresser again; unable to stop himself Andy softly groaned from the deep pleasure he felt.
“Enough for now.” Jane informed him after around thirty seconds. “Fix your makeup then I will help sheen your body with the sweet honey.”
From all the intense lessons he had received, from both Jennifer and his Aunt Jane, it was as if Andy had been applying cosmetics for many years rather than mere months, and in no time at all Andys' delightful features had turned into the luminous ravishing female with long fluttering eyelashes and such kissable pouting lush pink lips, satin smooth grey eye-shadow and extra glowing blusher, giving him the smoldering girl-next-door-look. As Andy finished, by sweeping his red hair into its pixie vogue a low hum bubbled inside of his tummy and he quickly shifted to look at aunt.
Jane just smiled at first, then told him. “I think I will leave it on number two for now, maybe I will tease your body later, increasingly your delight profoundly during the party.” With wide eyes Andy stared at her in disbelief though Jane refused to elaborate. “Stand up so I can lotion your body, Andy.”
Her perfectly manicured red nails Jane slowly swept long slim fingers courteously up his long legs and filled the air around them with the lovely sweet fragrance of honey aroma and causing Andys' flawless skin to deliciously tingle in any place that Jane had zested him.
Finally, Jane was finishing and she noticed how the luxuriant lube was giving his skin a deep golden glow and glanced over his body to ensure there were no streaks. Happy with her achievement Jane gracefully stepped over to unzip the only black travel carrier left hanging on the rail, as the zip was lowered Andy gasped at the stylish deep lustrous red latex dress being slowly exposed, at first his eyes were trapped by the cute pearlescent bow that adorned the low cut gloriously glowing cherry-red dress before seeing how slender it appeared around the waist.
“Are you wearing that dress? It's so very beautiful, Auntie Jane.” Andy asked in such a timid voice.
“Me!” Janes' refined giggle echoed in the almost empty room. “No darling, this would never fit me. You will be wearing it, Andrew. Showing off just how delectable you are.”
Even after wearing an almost see-through dress on stage Andy felt himself taking a small step back at the thought of being seen in this wonderful creation but Jane's' eyes suddenly flared and he made his steps go towards his aunt instead. Seeing how obedient her nephew was being Jane removed the dress off the hanger, a dress made of such light latex as it appeared to float like a feather as the glowing latex rippled towards him. Andy took in more of the design, like the dress he had worn during the finals this one too had a long side split and as Jane turned it in her hands he could almost work out how deep the low cut back would be while he was attired in this adorable, shimmering latex.
It was not fear of wearing feminine clothes that made Andy look questionable at his aunt as she held the dress low for Andy to step into but an uncertainty of being allowed to wear in another one that was so flattering, and so soon too. “Are you sure it is alright, Auntie?” Andy croaked as his right foot floated around the neckline.
Seeing how much concern was on his lightly covered face Jane informed him. “Of course it is, darling. I had total belief that you would win and become the new face of Cover-Girl and seeing how you just adored her creations when you viewed a few in the boutique I bought you two Kenzie Jones dresses.”
Jane gave the boy such a charming smile he was unable to stop his foot sliding down the soft mirror like glistening latex, followed instantly by his left foot. For the second time that day Jane found herself grateful for the slippery properties of lube as she covered him in tight clingy rubber. As she began easing a tight dress up Andy's slim body there with an almost audible pop when the latex was free from his narrow hips.
Although Jane could ease her efforts the work for Andy had only just begun, as with the peach dress Jane advised him. “Breath in deeply, Andy, even with the open back it's going to be tight.”
Resting his hands on her shoulders Andy huffed in as hard as he could, allowing Jane to wiggle the silken smooth latex carefully, a grin spread across her lips as Andy let out a tiny sigh and she knew the Hush thrilled him.
As the dress continued to worm its way up Andy's' body he began to appreciate how risque the cut truly was; the side spit was sitting so high it would allow everyone to notice his shimmering tight tiny latex panties if his steps were to go very wide and as he inched his slender arms down the tight sleeves Andy could feel the coolness from the air conditioner against his bare skin where the V shaped open back left his skin visible and could imagine it too could so easily expose his wispy slick tight panties.
Removing any minor wrinkles Jane tenderly fingered the soft latex covering his arms and as she did Jane informed Andy. “Just need to give you an extra polish and remove these finger marks and you're almost ready, darling. You really are going to completely stun them all Andy.”
Standing as still as he could while Jane polished his dress but every time he caught his reflection in the long mirror he could not stop himself from grazing a hand along his chest, not just because of what appeared to be small budding breast or from the effect of the lovely bow that made them appear even fuller than before, it was the way the leaf design, starting from the low neckline and appeared to cupping them.
With Andy continuing to admire how beautiful the dress looked on him Jane held a pair of six inch heeled shoes in his direction and in her most strict cultured tones requested. “Are you going to keep staring in that mirror or put these on?”
“Oh.” Andy murmured at the sound of her voice, then glanced at the shoes in her hand. “OH!” He gasped looking at them, they were just like the pair he always loved to see his aunt wear. When she placed them in his hands he slowly looked them over as is they were unreal; the needle like heels appeared so fine they gave the impression that they would not take the stress of a child walking on them, but as Andy knew the sharp deep vibrant black heels that complemented the red soles and red leather uppers would comfortable take his, with the simple slingback strap to secure them and he loved the way the strap above the open toes was rimmed with a line of clear sparkling diamante stones allowing him to expose his pink toe nails.
While Andy slipped into the shoes he could see his aunt refreshing her perfume, puzzled he sorrowfully asked. “Are you not coming too, Auntie Jane?”
Lady Jane always remains virtually icy cool and unruffled; seemingly more than it is for any person to be, even in the stifling climate Jane remained more than elegant; but tonight she wanted her nephew to take all the limelight. “I'll be there darling, watching you dazzle everyone, nonetheless tonight is your first big gala and you will be the one they all want in front of the cameras.”

To be continued

Sat, Aug 17, 2019
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Fri, Aug 16, 2019
Source: Колготки
COLLANT Bianco 20 denari00032
Fri, Aug 16, 2019
Source: Колготки
COLLANT Nero e Stivali 00013
Fri, Aug 16, 2019
Source: Колготки
The Finnish summer is short, but almost snowless. To acknowledge that it's almost over makes one feel wistful; soon the days will be filled with rainfall and cold winds, combined with short, darkening days and rising heating expenses. Perhaps we'll get snow as early as December this year instead of the moist and dark autumn. […]
Fri, Aug 16, 2019
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Thu, Aug 15, 2019
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Thu, Aug 15, 2019
Source: Колготки
Collant in Lana Grigio00389
Thu, Aug 15, 2019
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Wed, Aug 14, 2019
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Wed, Aug 14, 2019
Source: Колготки