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Fetish & Bondage Tumblr photo stream

latex-swimsuit-79-transparentRSS aggregator for Tumblr fetish and bondage resources (the list is being updated constantly).


This is a live stream with hundreds of pictures, posts may disappear forever at any time, so if you find something interesting, do not wait! Save the images and post them in the forum.

Check several pages for updates, because new posts may appear anywhere for several reasons (e.g. new stream added, wrong post date, etc.)

Leave you suggestion in the comment field below, or in this forum thread.

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Olga Kurylenko in pantyhose and stockings

olga_kurylenko-in-pantyhose-11I noticed a promotional visit (and photo session) of Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko to somewhere (why do I think it was Moscow?). And guess what I noticed first? Pantyhose! Only like 10cm between Olga’s skirt and the bottom of the frame, but it was enough to start searching.

The result is below: more than 30 photos of Olga Kurylenko in pantyhose, stockings, catsuits and high heels (no Tom Cruise in pantyhose, sorry :D )

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Thong leotard with pantyhose-look catsuits for men on eBay

catsuit-for-men-04“Officially” these catsuits are called “sport thermal underwear”. Yes, “officially”. But let’s count “familiar” details and create a short check list:

  • 84% polyamide, 16% lycra
  • catsuit
  • shiny
  • tight
  • “footed” (“built-in” tights)
  • high-neck thong swimsuit pattern (“built-in” high-cut leotard)
  • swimsuit with shiny pantyhose look (for men!!!)
  • crotch zip
  • built for “package”

What’s not to love? I would add gloves (or rather thumbless mittens, think of pantyhose on arms) and a hood. But to be honest, the existing design is more practical. Oh yeah, these suits disappear from eBay rather quickly, so check SkinCov shop periodically.

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Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Sean Harper. Part IV. The story of Mr. T and The Weatherman

sh-00386See other parts.

Thanks much to Anon who helped me to find the most erotic fetish and bondage stories that I’ve ever read – The Perils of Batgirl (see the full list here). (To make them perfect from my point of view, I would remove the deathly context, though).

How I wish the special self-bondage suits did exist! And all those stimulating machines. Or the sensilatex zentai? Oh, The word zentai did not exist in the western vocabulary in the 90’s.

When I was reformatting the stories to publish them here, from time to time I would read a couple of paragraphs. Some scenes reminded me of Jim Weathers’ photo and video sessions. Suddenly all pieces snapped in place. [read more…]

The Perils of Batgirl. Part II

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11


The Weatherman A Bondage Adventure Serial

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The Perils of Batgirl. Part I

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

By: The Weatherman (

Batgirl is a registered trademark of DC Comic, Inc. but they are in no way linked to this project. Nor is it my intention to defame the character of Batgirl. I was/am a big fan of the Batgirl character. I would have loved it if they had made Batgirl only shows. This story is just a logical evolution of that Idea.

It contains a bunch of bondage, fetishism, lesbianism, melodrama, and other elements necessary to tell this kind of story. If you are going to be offended by this… For heaven’s sake, DON’T READ IT.

As always your comments and suggestion are always appreciated.

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Erection of the day. Red metallic (self-)bondage hooded leotard

After long analysis I figured out that to usual zentai suits, I prefer swimsuits or leotards with hoods. The result should look (and probably feel) more interesting. It may feel better because the sizing can be tuned more precisely.

Then – sleeves with built-in gloves. I love to wear pantyhose on arms, but fingered gloves make that impossible. Fingerless mittens are more suitable, more “bondagy” and easier to make and fit.

Suddenly I stumbled upon this suit on eBay (in this shop). Shiny metallic leotard, closed hood, long sleeves with fingerless mittens (just like in my wish list) and …

… look closely. The sleeves are [read more…]

Shiny metallic hooded swimsuits and bondage clothes

EBay becomes more and more inspiring. Another find: a shiny metallic swimsuits with hoods (found in Venom Vault shop). At first I was thinking about swimming: “Hmmm… I wonder if you can swim with the hood on. Or off…”

Then my wife said:”Just add mini-shorts (and “shiny pantyhose!” I added immediately ;-) and you get a perfect disco or party outfit”. Indeed, one piece (or one-piece ;-) of clothes that makes the look.

Then I thought, that it would be an interesting idea to wear a hooded suit the other way around, with the hood in the front. And look at the photo below – the ideas are flying around ;-)

What is not pictured is two swimsuits, one worn normally and the other one [read more…]

Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Smell of Quelle, latex of Kunzmann and bondage of Kastley

Let’s go back in time a bit further then Vintage bondage and vintage fetish. Sean Harper. Part I. First Internet access – to the 80’s. I was a kid and there was no Internet, there were no on-line shops, and for mail delivery we had to use thick mail-order catalogues, like Sears in the US or Quelle in Europe. We never had Sears, but I vividly remember Quelle – hundreds of hair thin pages and … smell … Any printed material has its own smell (or stink ;-), so had Quelle catalogues.

Of course I liked to browse through the colourful pages, but the first chapter I usually began with was lingerie. I was fascinated with photos of girls, women, boys and men in pantyhose or swimsuits. And I still remember the moment I noticed teenagers in a catsuit- or hoodless zentai-like pyjamas. I was already hooked to pantyhose and swimsuits, but it was something new I would like to be tied up in.

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