High heels and (self-)bondage. Not just for the look. Part II

pantyhose high heels bondage selfondageHigh heels is a huge fetish, no doubts. But high heels can be used not only for the look. See, for example, 8″ ballet boots to enhance self-bondage sessions.

And now look at the photo on the left. Black sheer pantyhose with 6″ heels – classy look. But! Look closely! The legs are bound in such a way, that shoes are hooked up to the bed frame. As a result:

  • The legs can not be bent at the ankle and must keep the proper “alignment”, so the look is not destroyed
  • Good stiletto heel shoes training
  • The “wiggling” is not possible

Has anybody got a similar bed to try this out?

Via Isabelle Volckaert (facebook).

2 thoughts on “High heels and (self-)bondage. Not just for the look. Part II”

  1. Very nice – beautiful heels, legs and scenario.

    I love the imagery of high heels and (self)bondage. Also wish I had a bed like that.


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