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New donation goal

The site is hosted by Linode and costs 480$ per year. In order to allow backups (+$10 monthly), the new goal is $600 yearly.

Thanks much again to those who already donated!


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Single-glove bondage leotard for €13

single-glove armbinder bondage leotard swimsuit This single-glove bondage leotard can be bought here for only €13.

Huge 11.11 sale!

11.11 sale

The sale starts today!

If you have bought something kinky, please let us know in this forum thread.

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FAQ – Acronyms

The first part of the future FAQ. These acronyms are used throughout the site:

AFAIK – As Far As I Know
AFAIR – As Far As I Remember
AIHO – Attention Induced Head Orgasm (see also ASMR)
ASC – Alternative State of Consciousness
ASICS – Anima Sana In Corpore Sano
ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
BDSM – Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism
BTW – By The Way
CD – CrossDressing
DID – Damsel In Distress

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“Self-bondage peril. Part III” by Akabane85

self-bondage selfbondage leotard with single-glove ball-gagYou can support Akabane85 on Patreon.
The single-glove swimsuit can be bought here.
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The school was empty on the weekend.

The only person Rainnie had seen so far was the guard, snoring away in his little guard house, dead to the world.

“Where is that girl?” Rainnie asked herself yet again as she scoured the campus for her friend. “She was the one who asked me for this morning practice!”

After several more minutes of looking around, Rainnie was beginning to think the girl had forgotten about their meeting. The longer she wandered around the school, the more she suspected this to be the case.

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Anonymous comments and anonymous image uploading

anonymous latex masksDid you know that anonymous comments and anonymous image uploading are allowed in the blog (unlike the forum)? That means it can work as an anonymous image board. What might be convenient for those who do not like registering.

Any ideas what the subjects/topics (legal, please ;) ) can be? So I can create posts with corresponding titles.

“Self-bondage peril. Part II” by Akabane85

You can support Akabane85 on Patreon.
The single-glove swimsuit can be bought here.
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She never wanted her secret to be exposed to others, the only option left was to hide before the girl would found her. She looked around, but she couldn’t find anything she could crawl behind or under … except her locker. Even though the locker was very small, it wasn’t impossible for her to get in. Sunny had tried to fit herself into the locker before and she could fit in with some effort, but the space was quite tight for her petite size.

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Wizards and stockings

According to my wife this quote from “The Eagle’s Gift” by Carlos Castaneda is about me:

Then we strolled in silence for half a block. I was tongue-tied. Suddenly Nelida pointed to a store and asked us to wait just an instant because she had to pick up a box of nylons that they were holding for her there. She peered at me, smiling, her eyes shining, and told me that, all kidding aside, sorcery or no sorcery, she had to wear nylons and lace panties.

Don Juan and don Genaro laughed like two idiots. I stared at Nelida because I could not do anything else. There was something about her that was utterly earthly and yet she was almost ethereal.

She kiddingly told don Juan to hold on to me because I was about to pass out.

Yes, despite (or thanks to? ;P ) various practices and martial arts, I simply must wear shiny pantyhose and tight swimsuits :D

More images below

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“Self-bondage peril. Part I” by Akabane85

selfbondage swimsuit single-glove ball-gagYou can support Akabane85 on Patreon.
The single-glove swimsuit can be bought here.
And this is zipperbot.
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Sunny was born in a wealthy family, she could do whatever she wanted and her parents were too busy with their business, than bothering her with “parenting”. She used to practise selfbondage in her house to spice up her life but she was unsatisfied with it, and decided to add some thrill to her life before graduating by performing a selfbondage in school, risking of being caught red handed by others. She spent some time to observe and found that the female locker room will be empty on the Friday night, and the guard will never bother to check on the room. So she decided to have some private little games in the locker on the coming Friday when her parents will be on a business trip for a week and will not have any time to bother her.

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Why do men like chastity cages?

Boy in white stockings in bondage and chastity deviceUpdated on Oct 28, 2017 @ 23:55
I think I understand the physics of the process. Having something on/around/in our genitals, stimulates and draws our attention to them. In other words, chastity devices help keeping a constant arousal state, that cannot be eliminated by simple masturbation. Yes, orgasm can be achieved by using vibrators, but not when we might want it most. For example, not in the office, on the street, in a shop, in a company, etc. If the chastity cage in inescapable, even after a successful masturbation session, it will remain locked on the genitals, providing stimulation again and again.

So, it might be extra attention to the genitals, that results in a light state of arousal. Does anybody have other ideas? Apart from “We want mostly what we can’t get?” What is also true.

Originally posted on Jul 12, 2016 @ 14:55
Why are we so aroused by getting ourselves (or even thinking about this) into chastity devices? Shouldn’t it be exactly the opposite?

Paradigm shifts, cognitive dissonances, or how to use this site

mushroom butt-plugA couple of weeks ago I learned something new about diaries. Something I have never thought about. Diaries are like toilets or garbage containers – you dump your thoughts there, so they do not bother you anymore. Diaries are not for rereading, recollecting or reflecting, they are containers to keep stuck programs, that are eating your CPU cycles, winding up your energy bill.

In other words, usually I think way too much and way too long about posting something, and in the end, the posts are never published. They are either “eating my brain” or sitting in the draft folder forever, because I can’t figure out how to complete them. Familiar, isn’t it? So, finally, my first dump :D

You may have noticed that the blog is not updated as often (mmm… one-two post a year?) as, say, 5 years ago (one-two posts a day?). Lost interest? Hmmm… No. Check the forum. My average “speed” is 5 posts a day. But there are reasons indeed.

Paradigm shift 1
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