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Fetishop! Interesting items found on eBay and Aliexpress

Zlata in red latex catsuitI will keep this place as a cache for interesting (mostly fetish related) eBay and Aliexpress items.

In other words, all kinky images I will stumble upon on eBay or Ali will be posted here. So check this post regularly (updated multiple times a day) ;)

Found something worth mentioning? Post in the comments below! Or in these dedicated forum threads:

Miscellaneous fetish items on eBay and Aliexpress
Latex on eBay – interesting finds
Lycra on eBay – interesting finds
Pantyhose on eBay – interesting finds
Shoes on eBay – interesting finds
PVC on eBay – interesting finds
Self-bondage items on eBay – interesting finds
Bondage on eBay – interesting finds
Plugs, vibrators, watersport on eBay

You might want to check other pages of this post ;) Want to see all pages at once? Here it is! It’s HUGE! But sooo exciting!

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The site is hosted by Linode and costs 492$ per year. In order to allow backups (+$10 monthly), the new goal is $612 yearly.

Thanks much again to those who already donated!


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Weird Aliexpress fashion. Leotards with mirrors

Apparently, nowadays Aliexpress is the answer to all needs, whether it’s something boring and mundane, or something unusual or plainly weird. That’s what I’ve stumbled upon today:

Shiny silver mirror bodysuit
Shiny golden mirror bodysuit

And guess what? There were orders and the reviews are very positive! May you be te shining star of the parties! :)

Found in LK Factory

More photos and videos below

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Femininity as fetish

Yeah, I’ve clearly acquired a new fetish. Dunno whom to blame: hypnosis, meditations, autogynephilia, age&maturity, anything else, a combination, but now I’m deeply attracted and even addicted to manifestations of natural (not artificial or exaggerated) femininity. In silhouettes, in movements, in clothes, in mimics, in emotions, in mannerism, in behaviour, in hair styles, in make-up, everywhere. And, I must say, it’s very exciting and arousing :P

Source: Natalya

See also: Femininity forum thread

See 14 drawings below.
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FAQ: How to post a picture in the forum

This is how you can attach a file (video, image, document, etc) to a post in the forum:

  1. Click on “New Reply”, “New Thread”, “Go to Full Reply”, or “Edit” -> “Full Edit” to add a file to an existing post
  2. Scroll down to “Attachments” section
  3. Click “Browse…”
  4. Select up to 20 files
  5. Click “Add attachment”
  6. If you want you can “Insert attachments” into specific places of your post
  7. Click “Post reply”

See screenshots below.

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Bambi’s appeal or Why is bimbofication so popular nowadays?

Bianca in latex leotard pantyhose and fishnetsI see one big problem with Bambi hypnosis – the emphasis on the stupidity. I have no idea how much roleplaying was in the Vive’s thread (on WMM?) where he was experimenting with a series of IQ reduction files, but the change in texts, grammar, word choice of the subjects was spectacular. Again it might be a roleplaying, it might be a mind trick where “the-so-called-subconscious” makes the subjects behave according to their ideas of how mentally impaired people would behave, and not a real temporary(?) IQ reduction. But I think people confuse “stupidity” and “not thinking”, “stopping the train of thoughts” or “shutting down the internal dialogue”. I see the appeal of the latter, I don’t get the appeal of the former.

Yet the bimbofication hypnosis is in full glory nowadays. Is it the next level of escapism after full-time cosplay and 2D waifu?

Saying that… I do understand the alluring attractiveness of the ability to “switch to someone”, who can forget about the problems and dive into the erotic oblivion and “wholebodily” relish the moment… (Bianca’s photo is related, I hope she does not mind :P)

Sure … but … please without gloomy consequences… There are other healthy ways to achieve the bliss of physical and mental relaxation, when everybody benefits. Though it takes more time and efforts. Trancing (including hypno-trancing) is great if used wisely. But please avoid potentially harmful stuff. Neuroscientists say that there is no temporary influence: whatever we see, hear, feel, experience becomes a part of us forever.

Please comment below or in this forum thread: Bambi Sleep stuff

Ivy bound in a dream

Bound by a lianaLast night I had an interesting and very sensual dream. Very vivid dark brown ivy sprouts with dark green leaves sprawled on a while wall. Usually ivy has air roots that stick to pretty much anything, but the “glue” is not visible. But in my dream it looked like sparkling morning dew.

I was standing beside this wall when I noticed a light touch of the liana, which began to entwine my body and arms, very tenderly directing my wrists behind my back. No pressure at all, just light touches showing me what I’m expected to do and I obeyed. It was so sensual and erotic! On one hand I thought that I could easily free myself from the living bonds, on the other hand I knew that the ivy did not use the glue… Yet…

Did you also have an interesting  dream? Tell us in the comments below or in this forum thread: Fetish and bondage dreams

Amazing clothes on eBay. Pantyhose with shorts. Mmmm…

fishnets with back-seamed pantyhoseI thought it’s difficult to amaze me with a “usual” piece of clothes sold on eBay, but I was and still am amazed. Check the photos closely. Took me quite a while to get it. I’m curious how long it will take you ;)

Shorts with back-seamed fishnets

See more photos below or click the link above.

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Latex self-bondage story: “Iku no Hazukashii Self-Bondage Hatsutaiken”

latex self-bondage artFound this on the Internet, made some research, and apparently there is no translation yet. Google translator helps a bit, but I would greatly appreciate if someone could help us with understanding what’s indeed written in this doujin. Thank you in advance!

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FAQ: How to download videos from YouTube, XTube, Vevo, etc.

Video unavailableI bet the image on the left looks painfully familiar. Youtube deletes videos, youtube blocks accounts, youtube restricts videos to specific countries, youtube requires registrations, and it’s not only youtube. The only thing you can do to avoid nasty surprises is to save the favourite videos locally.

There are several ways to do that.

Browser extension

Dozens are available. Go to the extensions section of your favourite browser and search for “video download”. For example: Video downloaders for Firefox. The most popular is Video DownloadHelper.


youtube-dl is a command-line utility. Very easy to install and use if your operating system is Linux, a bit more steps are required for Windows: Installation instructions.

So far this is the easiest to use tool. All you have to do is to type

youtube-dl -f mp4 link_to_the_page_with_the_video_you_want_to_download

and that’s it!

It works not only with Youtube, but with more than a thousand of providers (check with youtube-dl --list-extractors). If you need to tweak something, lots of options are available (youtube-dl --help), for example:

--geo-bypass Bypass geographic restriction via faking X-Forwarded-For HTTP header
--geo-bypass-country CODE Force bypass geographic restriction with explicitly provided two-letter ISO 3166-2 country code
--age-limit YEARS Download only videos suitable for the given age
--embed-subs Embed subtitles in the video
--yes-playlist Download the playlist, if the URL refers to a video and a playlist
--extract-audio Convert video files to audio-only files (requires ffmpeg or avconv and ffprobe or avprobe)
--audio-quality QUALITY Specify ffmpeg/avconv audio quality, insert a value between 0 (better) and 9 (worse) for VBR or a specific bitrate like 128K (default 5)

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is another program you can install, but unlike the previous CLI one, it has a fancy GUI. As the name implies, you can download 4k (8k actually) videos. Also it can download videos from some other providers, extract audio, download photos from Instagram, create slideshows, etc.

Online converters

Do not want to install anything? OK, that’s possible too. Have a look at online video converter.

If you have to ask, my favourite method is youtube-dl ;)

Plain brown paper

Dildo in a plain brown paperI was pretty sure that I posted this picture, but I searched my whole blog and found nothing. Then I looked in my “local image repository”. Nothing… Unbelievable… Thanks to Google’s AI (that understands what you mean, and not what you type in the search field) I found it on the Internet. Even in two variants :D

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100% Latex Rubber Gummi Schlafsäcke 1,2mm Schlaf Sack Catsuit Ganzanzug Kostüm
100% Latex Rubber Gummi Schlafsäcke 1,2mm Schlaf Sack Catsuit Ganzanzug Kostüm 199.0EUR
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Strumpfhose Oroblu Divine 10, Micro Faser,ultra transparent, breiter Komfortbund
Strumpfhose Oroblu Divine 10, Micro Faser,ultra transparent, breiter Komfortbund 21.95EUR
Ending soon!
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Ellen von Unwerth Ltd. Ed. Photo 30x44cm Leg Show Rouilly le Bas Clark L.A. 1993
Ellen von Unwerth Ltd. Ed. Photo 30x44cm Leg Show Rouilly le Bas Clark L.A. 1993 22.49EUR
Ending soon!
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High heels, ballet boots lack pu producer POLAND -heels 21cm-size 37-47 -1136
High heels, ballet boots lack pu producer POLAND -heels 21cm-size 37-47 -1136 37.12EUR
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20/4/91 Pgn33 Advert: Ben Chapman animals Are Erotic Single In 2 Parts 4x11
20/4/91 Pgn33 Advert: Ben Chapman animals Are Erotic Single In 2 Parts 4x11 7.0GBP
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Japanese Sweet Lolita Sexy Cute Lace Sleepwear Backless Maid Dress Gothic#8-348
Japanese Sweet Lolita Sexy Cute Lace Sleepwear Backless Maid Dress Gothic#8-348 15.9GBP
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