Playing with Oroblu Samantha “leather” pantyhose

Shiny leather-like Oroblu pantyhose

Shiny leather-like Oroblu pantyhoseUpdated on January 22, 2018 @ 21:40: The pantyhose are called Oroblu “Samantha”. Thanks to helpless85 and formatCeft!

Originally posted on January 22, 2018 @ 00:37: It was already already 2AM, when my wife asked me if I uploaded new photos to the site, G+ or elsewhere and what the reaction was (yes, she’s very curious about your opinion, so, please, have your say below!).

M: “I uploaded the last photo a week ago”.
W: “What? We did not take any photo since a week ago? Let’s shoot some now?”
M: “Sure! Any ideas?”
W: “Do you have any preferences?”
M: “Nope. You have carte blanche”.
W: “Cool! Can you find my thick grey tights?”

Hmmm… I thought I knew where every fetish item is located, but I could not find them. Suddenly, we found her old blouse she knitted herself ages ago, and the whole “event” made a slight side-turn. She stumbled upon her Oroblu pantyhose she forgot about. We bought them about 10 years ago in “Vroom&Dreesmann”, which, unfortunately, ceased to exist. It was a sale, and despite a very low price it took me a couple of days to persuade my wife to buy them. At that time I wore mostly thin skin-coloured pantyhose, and, I think there was no my size anyway. She thought, that they would look boring, but when she tried them on, we both were literally blown away. They resembled a shiny skin made out of bronze. Unfortunately, these pantyhose are not produced anymore, and we do not remember what they were called (anybody?).

So, I was wearing her blouse and her pantyhose (it pays off when you lose some extra weight 😛 ) The idea was simple – just to show how beautiful these pantyhose are! But the actual realization was anything but simple. We need a new camera and a backdrop…

In the middle of the 2d attempt, our cat discovered that he’s missing all the fun and appeared out of nowhere (BTW, see this thread).

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  1. Anonymous ” wrote:

    These are great looking tights but good luck finding a pair. I tried but no luck so far think their discontinued.

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