Back to the 60’s or fetish and bondage Soviet comedy film: “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style”

Who from the Soviet leaders of the 60’s could have thought that this hilarious and extremely popular comedy film would become “the starting for thousands” of future fetishists? How could they miss the “no skirt” pantyhose and bondage scenes? By the way, the censors were going to ban the film, and it was Brezhnev who finally approved it.

I bet there were two camps: those who imagined themselves being with bound and gagged Nina, and those who would swap with Nina to be dressed in those blue pantyhose with back seams, bound gagged and mummified in a sleeping bag. (I’m always in the latter camp, you know 😉 )

The blue tights are famous. They were bought by the film director’s wife (Nina Grebeshkova, played the doctor) in Paris for herself but “sacrificed” to Natalya Varley, who played the role of “Nina”.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the title! It’s “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style” (“Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика”). You can:

Many thanks to black-overlord for the hi-rez screen caps.

There’s an official version of the entire film with English subtitles (click the “CC” button), but it’s not available at the moment. Looks like a temporary outage:

Thanks to kplover and Anonymous.

36 thoughts on “Back to the 60’s or fetish and bondage Soviet comedy film: “Kidnapping, Caucasian Style””

  1. Still numerous fetish fantasies about this cinema girl in my mind. Stop me someone already.

  2. Why doing all that, what is it for? Nothing for actually, just amusing the ego making the beauty helpless or else..


  3. Nice Japanese box-tie. BTW, it’s almost impossible to lie down in this position, unless you’re very flexible. And if you loose balance, it’s not possible to get back in the upright position, like on the picture. Pretty devilish 😉

  4. Sorry, no pantyhose or else shiny. Just bondage fetish fantasy.


  5. Anonymous ” wrote:

    Fantastic arts!
    You are very skilled at PS and have pretty vivid mind 🙂
    I’ve similar interests at making related photo and PS-arts.
    Could you contact me, please 🙂

    p.s.: do you speak Russian?

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