Self-bondage frog tie tutorial. New one-way device?

self-bondage frog-tie tutorial

self-bondage frog-tie tutorialThis frog-tie self-bondage tutorial was posted by MadJack in the Self-Bondage art forum thread. Looks at steps #4 and #6. If the wrist straps are wide and hard enough, and properly measured, I think it’s possible to make this method inescapable (provided you can get in “one-handed”).

However, if the wrist straps are not secured to the sides thigh-ankles ones, they can be pulled upwards and towards the center, so you can use the other hand to undo the strap.

Very interesting idea, but needs testing.

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  1. To make it inescapable, make sure the hand strap goes around the inside and the outside of the leg strap.

  2. Yes. And then perhaps you can put one end of the wrist strap through the other so there is only one loop for the hand to pass through.

  3. In this case it will not work as a “one way device”. One loop will not be able to inescapably hold the wrist. Two loops might (“one way mouse trap” principle).

  4. Interesting setup…. I’m kind of wondering though, the bands holding the wrists: Wouldn’t one be able to easily slip out of them?

  5. DaemonTinkerer ” wrote:

    Wouldn’t one be able to easily slip out of them?

    From what I understand, the idea is in the small difference in the strap length distribution.

    If the “rear loop” (the one closer to the elbow) becomes wider, the “front loop” will become narrower, thus preventing the hand to slip through it.

    The question is – is it be possible to redistribute the strap length (read: loop diameters), so you can get in, but you can’t get out.

  6. I realy wanna try this one but any suggenstions to how i can do the elbow belts around the elbow?

  7. I try it … And it works !! U can use rope Too instead of straps!! U can get stuck if u cant pull on ankle ur tied wrist be careful!!

  8. Interesting… Did you use straps or rope?

    luke ” wrote:

    U can get stuck if u cant pull on ankle ur tied wrist

    I do not understand what you mean…

  9. i used rope

    And yes u get inescapable if the rope of ur leg remain there and cant pull on under ur ankle! Hmm my bad english… Frogtie leg remain there or u can easy reach ur hand !! But for that i just think to add a crotch rope that pass on the leg tie so cant slip out 😉

  10. And remember to put all the knot between ur legs so u cant reach them if put outside u can ( not always! ) untie ” easley”

  11. OK, I think I need to try this by myself. I have a couple of ideas how to make it less escapable, but without own experience it makes no sense.

  12. Any progress, updates, pics? I’ve tried this – fun, but not even close to being stuck.

  13. I’ve tried this one. I didn’t get stuck but, I really think that is is possible to get stuck. only you need to triad out this several times. the imported thing is to get stuck that you make the straps in picture 2 not to tight. about 4/5 cm wider than your leg. now you can make the straps in picture 3/4 smaller. so you make one chinch kind of. if you adjust the straps until the are at the wright point and you can wiggle in than you are trapped.

  14. Very Nice scenario!
    I put on a String to Because i think it leads to a Nice feeling. I also Added a gag and a Butt Plug. At Least I blindfolded myself. It was a realy Nice and intense Session.
    I can recomend it to everyone. Maybe you will try my Setup too.

  15. I did a little “dry-run” with just one wrist. It does work a treat and I can imagine how once you’re in it’d be hard to get out (especially when you fall forwards for a good wriggle and everything tightens up!). The obvious solution would be to use an ice lock on the wrist belts (rather than the belt buckle) with the leather belt ends held together by a loose piece of cord slipped through a couple of holes punched into the belt ends. The ends of the cord are then held in a standard ice cube arrangement to keep the belt as a loop until the ice melts. It’d be cold on your ass cheeks(!) but should work…. ice melts, cord is freed, you pull and it slips through holes in belt. Voila! Freedom …and a wet bum 🙂 Getting the length right on the wrist loops is the crucial part… too tight and you can’t get in. Too slack and you can get out before the ice melts.

  16. Tried this method, everything was going well until i realised I was trapped – now it’s going really well! And also gagged, had to wait an hour until my girlfriend came home and discovered my “ordeal” and then had to wait some more while she “satisfied me”. Very nice method overall – very pleased.

  17. So I really want to try this but don’t want to get stuck. Is there anyway out once you do it? I do not mind a struggle but just want to make sure I don’t do something I wont be able to get out of.

  18. I got this to be inescapable. You have to use fabric belts for the wrists and a cinch noose for the elbow loop. I tied the loose end of the noose to a post so I could tighten it. You have to do this AFTER you put your hand in the loops. I had to call my partner to get me out.

  19. I also used one belt around both legs at once and put two belts through on both sides so you still have the two wrist straps on both sides of the legs. I recommend this for those that want more restriction. I also looped a rope in between my legs around the leg belt vertically so it could not slip. I did use the same tactic as before with the elbow strap and made this inescapable. I wonder if this coulb be used as a hogtie technique.

  20. If you use the techniques popcorn used, plus a noose around each set of wrist loops, this is a very effective setup. If you put one of the leg’s belt’s buckle under that hand, it is simple pull and your free.

  21. That’s what I was trying to say. It is even something that can be done in the dark or blindfolded. Ballgags are fun too.

  22. I did it, yesterday I was searching for self bondage, then I saw this image.
    I used fabric belts for everything, and let me say, this really is inescapable, when you use the belt behind your back to get your arms it’s a must-do step to get really stuck, then I put my arms into the wrist straps, I made it in a way that it was a little of struggle to get in, but once I was there y tried to get out, but since is a fabric belt, the wrist gets a lot tighter when you get in. I was able to get out as a miracle, since my parents went to a party, just got 5 minutes to realize I was really stuck, fortunately the belt behind my back, had a removable head, then I apply a lot of force on my back to break the head of the belt, all the other belts had steel heads, didn’t had a head to get removed. Thanks god, the belt behind my back was the only one that had a removable head

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