karada-v2 tutorialHere’s another tutorial on karada. The instructions for the previous one are in Chinese (still not translated, by the way, if you speak Chinese, please help), for this one in Japanese (please? ;-).

What is different? Let’s go step by step.

  • Two shorter ropes are used. Normally, you would use one ~20-25m rope what makes binding quite difficult. Two shorter rope should solve the problem.
  • The knots are “permanent” not “sliding”
  • The knots are made on both sides (front and back). Takes more time to measure and properly make the knots, but once done it makes selfbondage easier, faster and safer (also true for the previous item)
  • 1a – that loop lowers the top horizontal row of the ropes, what eliminates nasty pressure on the armpits
  • 2 – the position of the 4th knot, while perfect for women as pictured, should be adjusted for men. Both sexes can add another knot (between the 4th and the 5th) in front of the anus.
  • 3 – the rope is tied off at point “A”
  • the rest of the first rope is used to bind arms/wrists
  • 4 – the second rope is tied between the 5th and the 6th knots and used for the horizontal rows
  • 5-6 – instead of going from top to bottom, the rope goes from bottom to top. The premade knots leave no space to think and simplify the weaving
  • 7 – the second rope goes into the loop and tied off
  • 8-9 – apparently knot “Z” is a sliding knot (what is quite dangerous)
  • 10 – lastly, you can slide X to raise the arms behind the back, make adjustments, and it’s complete.

Definitely something to play with! ;-)