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New donation goal

The site is hosted by Linode and costs 480$ per year. In order to allow backups (+$10 monthly), the new goal is $600 yearly.

Thanks much again to those who already donated!


You can also support the site at no cost to you by using these links shopping:

Aliexpress or eBay

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Do not use free image hosting services

I should’ve done it earlier, but since everything was working fine I decided to wait and concentrate on updates. But bloody Photobucket changed the way they addressed thumbnails, and as a result all linked pics disappeared from posts.

I’m removing everything related to these morons (who block classic art should a naked breast appear there), but it’s gonna take days.

That’s another lesson about the same rule – do not use free image hosting services. Sooner or later they will betray you.

Google vs Facebook. Same story?

Weird, my Google account was blocked because of “unusual activity”, so I had to specify my mobile phone number to get it activated again. Yes, I know… Privacy, security… They do not exist in the Internet. I do not like the tendency. The amount of accounts in my rings constantly goes up and down without any activity from my side, people complain that their private pictures and posts disappear forever, their accounts got removed, etc.

Does the old Facebook story repeat itself? As soon as the amount of “friends” reaches 1,000 and you post something, your account (including Gmail) becomes more interesting for censors.

Or someone reports my posts. Ha-ha…

Here’s my badge, just in case:

The forum is not working at the moment

Updated on May 04, 2012 @ 13:20:
One sleepless night and it’s fixed ;-) For some reason the plugin wiped out the template, theme and stylesheet database tables. I recovered them from the backup I made right before the upgrade (so they might be not up-to-date). And since I was already messing up with the design, I fixed more things I did not have time for before the crash.

As always, please let me know if anything is still broken or if you have suggestions to change/improve the layout, menu, etc.

Posted on May 03, 2012 @ 21:29:
The forum is not working for some reason. “White screen of death”. I suspect the Google SEO plugin and PluginLibrary. No errors in the error logs. Investigating…

The latest Chrome + AdBlock Plus breaks menus

The latest combination of Google Chrome and AdBlock Plus breaks the Smartmenus (see If you see that the design of the site is broken, whitelist in the ABP configuration. Or click on the ABP red icon (top right corder) and uncheck “Enable for this site”.

Unlike a similar extension Firefox, the one for Chrome does not show what it blocks, but most likely it’s the dynamic styles.

The VPS has been migrated to a new hosting company!

Updated on Dec 04 @ 18:00The VPS has been migrated to a new hosting company – Linode! New OS, new everything. Please let me know if something is not working. Let’s test it!

Also see: Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings forum thread.

Updated on Dec 03, 2011 @ 00:47:The VPS was migrated last night but with the same result – when log-processing begins simultaneously on other VPSes, everything dies. And then becomes very unstable.

Next step is to migrate to another hosting company. This is what I’m busy with right now.

If you know any cheap, reliable, fast dedicated hosters allowing adult content, please let me know ;-)
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All posts have been restored

After the recent database crash all posts have been restored. Unfortunately some comments were lost.

The recent 1 hour outage was caused by a ripper. Demotivator of the day

One idiot was ripping the site with enormous speed and connections per second. Something I haven’t tuned the site for, have no money, have no only intentions to support such behaviour and will not tolerate it.

Yes, the site contains gigabytes of pictures, yet it’s free. Want more and right now? Donate. Want to have all the pictures on your disk and immediately? Donate more and I will upgrade the hardware. Do not want to pay? No problem. But behave.

The recent couple of weeks I was busy tuning the performance. Pages load almost 5 times faster now. But I had no time for updates.

Apparently this DoS attack (effectively it was a DoS attack, and obviously not the first time) will keep me busy protecting the site from rippers for a couple of more weeks. Yes more fun…

I’m sooo pissed off…

See Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings forum thread.

Aaaand another downtime…. Or sysadmin self-bondage

After a 14hour long battle with the hoster the problem has been sold. The VPS was inadvertently moved to another hosting server and when I started the old one (what I saw is that the server was down) there appeared two versions of the server running on the same IP-address.

So, sometimes I saw the old version of the forum with no latest MadJack’s posts (what gave me almost a heart-attack, because the last backup was made just before he posted his latest selfbondage adventures MJ-SB07/2011 – Back in the bag! and MJ-SB06/2011 – A different Chair tie — do not forget to check them out!) and sometimes the new version.

Anyway, I hope the period of the server administration self-bondage is over, what should theoretically free up some time for publishing. But for now, check what MadJack was busy with!

22 hour downtime and demotivators

To make the long story short – it was a dead disk in the RAID array. After 20 hours it’s finally replaced, so I hope it will take 6-8 more hours to synchronize.

Then we can finally get back to the original problem – periodic disk overload.

See also Server error, address not available forum thread.

Sleepless nights, wasted hours… Yeah back to the demotivators.