forced deep throatingUpdated on Jan 26, 2012 @ 03:39:

Almost all deep throat scenarios I’ve seen in different forums have one flaw – you can avoid inserting a dildo deep in your throat. But finally MadJack published some ideas in this forum thread that actually might work.

Some problems still remain, though:

  • How to reliably mount a dildo on a rod so it won’t slip off the rod inside your throat?
  • How to prevent going around the dildo (it is still possible even in this scenario)?
  • Where to find a suitable dildo?

Anyway, read the post and let us know what you think.

Published on May 13, 2010 @ 04:17:

After writing this “story” and speaking to TTD I started looking for long (longer than 10cm or 4″) gags. Not thick mouthfilling leather monsters (I always enjoyed) but thin (not thicker that 1″), very flexible (made out of silicone?) and long ones (12cm or 6″ minimum). The ideal “gag” should have a tube inside (like enema butt-plugs or squirting dildos) for possible “deep throat liquid injection”. But apparently they existed only in manga.

The so called “dildo gags” can be “reversed” but they are too thick (usually about 1,5″ in diameter) and rigid for the purpose.

Searching Internet did not help much but I found a couple of forum threads on the second part of subject – “forced deep throat self-bondage scenarios”. The idea is following: in order to get the keys you have to press the button N times with:

  1. a dildo (deeply inserted in you mouth)
  2. with you nose (while a dildo is deeply inserted in your mouth)

selfbondage forced deep throating with a dildoWith variant #1 (there is a video on ChimeraBondage) you can easily cheat and press the dildo with your teeth or lips. Even if you are “gagged” with a ring gag you can use your teeth, your tongue, your cheeks, the ring-gag itself, etc…

Variant #2 looks more real, if you manage to fix your head, so you will be able to move it only forward or backward. Not sideways! Probably using short straps or a heavy hood (see hood with pants post). Of course, a ring gag is necessary here and the dildo must be already half inserted in your mouth (at least 8cm), so that you will not be able to twist your head (or move it sideways) and spit it out.

The button will be in front of your nose. In order to press it n-times you will have to “swallow” the dildo. As an additional “bonus” every X’s thrust can be “rewarded” with an “ejaculation” (hence the tube inside, see above).

The button can be connected to a vibrator strapped to your hmm… proper places. If you want vibrations – keep the button pressed and the dildo deeply in your throat.

Any other ideas? Or pictures? Photos? Upload them in this forum thread. Also you may want to check “Gags (and Hoods) – A personal view” thread.

Photos of the dildo-button device by KinkyCreativeGuy.