Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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Shiny pantyhose and paradise

candid-pantyhose-389-shinyWhere is this place? Close to paradise somewhere? I’m afraid if I saw these girls by myself, I could not make any photos, or anything at all. I would simply faint…

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Would you wear the same fetish clothes in public if… Demotivators of the day

men-in-pantyhose-404Latex is just a material, there is nothing wrong in wearing latex in public“, “Yes, I wear these clothes in public. And to the office too“, “I never get any bad comments about my outfit“, “Nobody will notice anything“.

You’ve heard that before, right? Or possibly it was you who said that? OK, at least I did and do. Usually I ask two questions (but and never get answers, ha-ha…).

The first one is mostly addressed to women:

Would you wear these clothes if you knew that nobody would see you?

The second is definitely for men (we know what happens with our self-bondage or bondage mood when this happens :D ):
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Black sheer pantyhose. Part IV

black-sheer-pantyhose-36-red-shoesSee all related posts.

I hate shopping. The only thing what keeps me somehow interested is looking for pretty girls and slender legs in pantyhose. Despite the weather I have succeeded. Mostly black opaques, but some sheer ones with mini shorts, mini skirts or mini dresses. No photos, though. But see 10 photos made by other people.

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The shiniest and sheerest pantyhose?

As you know I love sheer shiny pantyhose, always wear them in public and always looking for new brands. Recently I have stumbled upon these photos on G+ (the only thing Google+ is good for). Have a look at the featured one. The shine is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that!

What that can be? Good lighting? Probably. Two-three flashes can do miracles even with dull nylons. But it’s highly unlikely that the reflections are artificial. I’ve seen a suggestion that the pantyhose he’s wearing are Platino (Cleancut?).

I’ve never seen Platino Cleancut (35% lycra, silicone coated…) “in person”, but eBay photos are very interesting, and even there they are extremely rare and expensive. Strangely enough, they are made in Spain, but there is nothing on [read more…]

Latex fashion for everyday – red latex leotard with jeans

Here’s a good example how latex can be worn publicly – a skin tight leotard or catsuit with jeans. Simple and looks good, right?

But this is not the only reason I posted this photo.

Where is this photo made? (I searched Google, but found nothing) An office space? I like their dress-code. Or is it a classroom? Is she a pupil or a teacher? Yeah, imagination is boiling again.

I love the face expression and the look. Also, most likely the girl belongs to one of a couple of psychological types I’m very sensitive to (see Office, pantyhose, high heels. Part I. Obsession).

And she’s just so cute! ;-)

Via Malicu von Malice (Google+)

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Eurovision song festival 2012 and shiny pantyhose. Part I

Anybody watched Eurovision 2012? I ignored it for the last 10 or so years but this year we happen to turn the TV on during the final and out of educational/investigative interest we watched it till the end.

The bottom line – booooooring. Except a couple of funny acts and performances (Moldova and Russia) and a couple of quite strong pop-songs (Sweden and Ukraine). Many songs were “borrowed” from well-known hits (e.g. compare what Serbia and “Secret Garden” did), but the main goal of this post (or rather a series of posts) is, of course, not the singing.

Yes, it’s about the clothes. Whatever or whenever I watch, read, look around I always keep an eye on something tight, shiny, transparent, high heeled or bound. And from what I noticed on this song festival is that pantyhose are making a slow comeback to the stage.

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Stockings. Part V. Last school day and exploded Internet

In short: photos and videos of a “seminaked” 17yo schoolgirl from Pavlograd (Ukraine) wearing a transparent lacy mini-dress and stockings during the official school ceremony (Last school Day or Last ring of the school bell) exploded first the Ukrainian, then the Russian Internet, then other mass-media.

Yes, the same old story. Dreams, wishes you have to beware of, because they come true. She wanted to look like a model. She wanted to be different, popular. A pretty girl, a daughter of a teacher of the school she has just graduated from, had Twitter and VKontakte (the social net #1 in RU and UA) pages where she was posting her photos from professional photo-sessions and [read more…]

Stockings. Part I. Pantyhose vs stockings

Do you like stockings? I mean: to look at or to wear?

For me, stockings is probably the only fetish “attribute” I prefer to look at than to wear. While pantyhose cover all your legs upto your waist (or even higher), stockings stop at the thigh level leaving the upper thighs “unprotected”. And I hate when my bare upper thighs move against or simply touch each other.

Stockings with pantyhose (over or under) is OK, though. So is looking at others wearing stockings. See 16 photos below.

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The Queen and girls in silver shiny catsuits

Who said that kids and tight shiny catsuits do not mix? Bullshit! You see? Approved by Her Majesty! :D

BTW, considering the girls’ faces are painted silver, zentai suits can be fully appropriate here.

Thanks to Biflex!

The look and the importance of pantyhose. Part II

It’s interesting what an important role can even sheer, very transparent pantyhose play in the total image. Remove the nylons from the photo on the left, and even the eyes will not save the picture (I would not cut the toes off, though).

Photo: Tamara Petty (Google+)

Also see hundreds of pantyhose candids in the Candid photos of girls in pantyhose forum thread.