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Erection of the day. Transparent latex garment

latex-dress-88-transparentRecently my “erections of the day” were caused by various tight transparent latex clothes. I like this outfit on girls (Like on the 3 photos below), but a good sized and visible through the latex erection would definitely make the look more interesting. Yet I would like to keep the feminine forms. What do you think? ;)

Oh, and yes, all these latex swimsuits, dresses and stockings are in my with list.

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One of the self-bondage dreams may come true – Zipperbot

ZipperbotFor years self-bondagers have been looking for a device that can zip and unzip bondage sacks, single-gloves, and various bondage suits at the specified time. For example, if your arms are bound behind your back inside a zipped up tight latex bag, you will not be able to get out without external help. Another example is single gloves. Even if you manage to get in and zip it shut, getting out is very tricky and in most cases impossible.

I seriously doubt that MIT’s Personal Robots Group had self-bondage in mind when they were creating their Zipperbot. [read more…]

Japanese bondage face-slimmer

bondage-face-flimmer-01Only the Japanese can invent and put into production such a device. What a cross between bondage, niku benki, manga, simplicity and specific humor.

The idea is to make muscles exercise what should reduce wrinkles. Just 3 minutes a day, they say. Am I the only one who thinks that this device can help reducing jaw strain during oral sex? :D

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Erection of the day. Latex business suit

office_clothes-64-latex-suit-stockings-glovesOhh… How I imagine myself and people around wearing these clothes. Wouldn’t it make office work less boring? Will you look forward to a new business day? Does anybody know any places where such office style is considered appropriate or even required?

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Italy and pantyhose. Part 1. Ipercoop.

IMG_1488-bought-pantyhoseWhat country can you call a “pantyhose-land” (in terms of manufacturing, not waring)? 20-25 years ago I would say “France” with no hesitation (“French pantyhose” was a very “stable” word construction). But now I would gibe the “gold award” to both Italy and Germany.

Mixed feelings about Italy. Italy is not “cheap” at all. For similar products they charge more than in NL or DE. But they sell the cheapest pantyhose in West Europe. Yet pretty much “wearable”. The colours suck, though (mostly black, grey and greyish skin-coloured).

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Erection of the day. Transparent latex maid mini-dress

transparent-latex-mini-dress-01EBay was again the source of “erotic pulsations. This maids mini-dress made from transparent latex by Westward Bound made my day.

You may know, that I love transparent latex, but let your imagination fly farther. Imagine that this “revealing everything” dress reveals a gorgeous … inside.

Just like on the drawing below ;P

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Thong leotard with pantyhose-look catsuits for men on eBay

catsuit-for-men-04“Officially” these catsuits are called “sport thermal underwear”. Yes, “officially”. But let’s count “familiar” details and create a short check list:

  • 84% polyamide, 16% lycra
  • catsuit
  • shiny
  • tight
  • “footed” (“built-in” tights)
  • high-neck thong swimsuit pattern (“built-in” high-cut leotard)
  • swimsuit with shiny pantyhose look (for men!!!)
  • crotch zip
  • built for “package”

What’s not to love? I would add gloves (or rather thumbless mittens, think of pantyhose on arms) and a hood. But to be honest, the existing design is more practical. Oh yeah, these suits disappear from eBay rather quickly, so check SkinCov shop periodically.

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Erection of the day or FetLife, fetishes and what now?

like_ra_fetlife_fetishes-05Many years ago I joined FetLife, but never used it since then. Recently, thanks to Vanessa the subject reappeared (see What is your FetLife ID? forum thread), and I decided to have a look at this social network again.

Despite what Vanessa said, I always thought that FetLife is more a dating site than a community one. Probably I’m wrong so let’s have a look at it from all other sides except the dating one.

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Pillow penetrators and self-bondage deep-throating ideas

pillow-fucking-machine-02Back to the idea of double penetration and self-bondage deep-throating. “Proper” DIYers can easily masquerade these Thrill Pillows as usual sofa roll pillows so nobody will suspect anything. They have hidden compartments with accessories that transform the innocent looking velvet rolls into aggressive sex-monsters (see the video below).

My idea is to stack and fix the rolls so the dildos are facing each other. One dildo is for one of the “bottom holes” another is for the throat. When you are bound you will be penetrated from both ends with no escape. For example, if you try to avoid the anal/vaginal dildo, you will be deep-throated and vice versa.

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