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red-latex-43-catsuitLive Pinterest and Flickr streams are similar in terms of RSS format and update frequency. Also they do not require accounts in order to view full sized images. Hence a separate post.


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Shiny pantyhose and paradise

candid-pantyhose-389-shinyWhere is this place? Close to paradise somewhere? I’m afraid if I saw these girls by myself, I could not make any photos, or anything at all. I would simply faint…

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Olga Kurylenko in pantyhose and stockings

olga_kurylenko-in-pantyhose-11I noticed a promotional visit (and photo session) of Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko to somewhere (why do I think it was Moscow?). And guess what I noticed first? Pantyhose! Only like 10cm between Olga’s skirt and the bottom of the frame, but it was enough to start searching.

The result is below: more than 30 photos of Olga Kurylenko in pantyhose, stockings, catsuits and high heels (no Tom Cruise in pantyhose, sorry :D )

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Italy and pantyhose. Part 1. Ipercoop.

IMG_1488-bought-pantyhoseWhat country can you call a “pantyhose-land” (in terms of manufacturing, not waring)? 20-25 years ago I would say “France” with no hesitation (“French pantyhose” was a very “stable” word construction). But now I would gibe the “gold award” to both Italy and Germany.

Mixed feelings about Italy. Italy is not “cheap” at all. For similar products they charge more than in NL or DE. But they sell the cheapest pantyhose in West Europe. Yet pretty much “wearable”. The colours suck, though (mostly black, grey and greyish skin-coloured).

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Look around. Anything kinky? Italy. Pescia. Bound legs in pantyhose

IMG_0884-bound-legs-in-pantyhoseFound on the main square in Pescia (Italy). You will not argue, that you see bound legs in pantyhose, will you? ;)

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Simple bondage. Part X

simple-bondage-94See other simple bondage posts.

The simple bondage series is a good illustration (or reference material? ;) to MadJack’s poll “How do you like to be tied? – Up or To?” and what bondage is about.

Also it’s a good starting point for simple self-bondage session. With the exception of single-glove photos. While Strappado proved that single-gloves can be used in selfbondage (see Single-gloves in self-bondage – Strap Securing thread), the technique is pretty much advanced.

See 12 photos below.

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Look around. Anything kinky? Italy. Lucca

IMG_9784-pantyhose-in-LuccaYou can call it a game or a lifestyle. During vacation with your family, on the way to/from your work, in the office, while watching a film or a show, always I look for what I call “my fetishes”. It can be something simple like high heels worn by a show presenter or …

Look at the photo I took in Lucca (Italy). See anything? No? There’s a close-up below.

Post your “stories” in Look around. Anything kinky? Fetishy? Erotic?

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Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography. Part XIV

pantyhose-stockings-black-and-white-236See previous parts here.

More close-ups and “partial views” today. Which one is your favourite this time?

See 12 photos below.

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Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 53. Crossdressed and bound for the stage

Nana to Kaoru v07 c54 - 005See all chapters and related articles here or see all bondage and self-bondage stories.

Ohhh, I love this chapter… Many reasons.

First of all, it reminds me this post: Associations, triggers, crossdressing and forced feminization

Then, lots of my fetishes are fully “exploited” in this episode )pantyhose, bondage, swimsuit, public crossdressing, public bondage, forced feminization, etc.)

And finally it reminds me how I met my wife. It was a New Year improvised show for kids, where four guys (I was one of them) were dressed in kinda women’s clothes and were playing Santa helpers. My (future) wife put make-up on me. I was not wearing anything fetishy (no pantyhose, swimsuits or anything).

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Fetish fashion, Escher’s suspenders and Möbius’ pantyhose

fishnet-pantyhose-stockings-latex-mini-skirt-corset-01Layering is always interesting, but what I’ve never seen before is that how layers are intentionally “confused”, what makes them look almost like Escher’s impossible drawings or Möbius’ one-side surfaces.

Let’s begin with the fishnets downwards then upwards and downwards again: fishnets, stockings, suspenders, corset, latex skirt, fishnets. But ain’t suspenders supposed to be worn under skirt? The mini skirt is trapped between the suspenders and fishnets. You can not get the fishnet pantyhose off, because they are trapped by the stockings and the corset. Etc.

And yet you clearly see every layer. Even the fishnets “through” the latex or sheer stockings.

Nice, very creative, love it!