“Bound for the night” self-bondage scenarios. Part I. The general idea.

There are many reasons why you may want to be bound during the night, but I particular like this one – I love to wake up in bondage. Sometimes I have bondage dreams and the dreams continue in reality, sometimes I wake up and to my surprise I discover that I’m tightly bound, and I do not remember, when, where and how. Considering I’m always blindfolded (while in bondage), getting answers to these questions can be tricky.

As stated quite often, it’s difficult to fall asleep while wearing tight fetish clothes, various stimulators, let alone bound. However, as always, it’s just a matter of a habit. If you do it every night, sooner or later you get used to it.

So, let’s outline the main requirements:

  • Fetish clothes (latex, catsuits, zentai, pantyhose, swimsuits, high heels if you want)
  • Toys (plugs, dildos, vibrators, blindfolds, earplugs)
  • Gags (only if you know what you are doing!)
  • Very comfortable bondage, so you can sleep for hours
  • (In)escapability as an option. You can use, for example, an ice padlock for 4 hours, so your bondage time will be at least 4 hours, the rest is upon you

Post your ideas here or in the Self-bondage for the night scenarios forum thread.

Drawings by Jstreel (DeviantArt)

5 thoughts on ““Bound for the night” self-bondage scenarios. Part I. The general idea.”

  1. I often dream about being bound overnite.
    Many years ago, I was staying with frends in the UK, and on my final night there, I was chained down for the nite.
    I wanted to say that I got some sleep…. Very little….
    The chain, locks, and I rattled a bit too.

    I’ll never forget that nite, and I wish I could go back to Shelfield and do it again.

    That was back in the year 2000

  2. I have slept several times having been bound.

    One time I was fixed in a segufix – very comfy for long time sessions…. Haven’t I posted some pics before?

  3. krinlyc ” wrote:

    Haven’t I posted some pics before?

    Yes, you did 😉 /forum/mybb/showthread.php?tid=501

    krinlyc ” wrote:

    segufix – very comfy for long time sessions

    Oh yes, they do work. But I do not find them erotic at all. Even if I do not see them, but I know that Segufix stuff is used. Yeah, it’s all in our minds … 😀

  4. bobbi ” wrote:

    at this point, its harder for me to sleep without some form of binding. been doing it so long.

    Your comment was again flagged as SPAM 😉

    Yes, I remember you said this. Bondage creates some sort of “security”.

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