Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 45. Anal play and toilet etiquette

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Another point. I use anal play for pleasure only. I like the feeling of having something “significant” yet flexible up my ass preferably moving or vibrating. Or streaming (I mean water, not Internet radio :). )See also Prostate orgasm forum thread).

But the author of the manga or author of the text the manga quotes (Mr. Freud?) does have a point I touched in Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 22. Mud-walking and bodily fluids. Just compare what I wrote there and what the manga says:

The anus carries special significance in regards to SM play. Things like enemas, forced excretion or inserting foreign objects into the anus as punishment… These are all part of typical image of heavy SM play. The anus is not a sex organ and merely a “dirty” place. However, anal play is nevertheless exceedingly sexual!

The father of psychology, Freud, proposed that an infant progresses through oral and anal stage as part of its development. To paraphrase him very loosely…

The oral stage is a period dictated bye pleasure obtained through the lips. That is to say, eating in order to live. Drinking milk. This connection to one’s mother through breast feeding the heart of the oral stage. On the other hand, the anal stage refers to the period when one awakens to the pleasure gained from expelling. The Key point becomes the relation with one’s mother through the excretion of faeces, etc.

The focus of the oral stage is receiving, while in the anal stage it’s giving. To an infant, it can be said that the anal stage is a period of confirming the loving relationship with one’s mother by way of having the mother clean up that which the infant present her. One dealing out, one handling, and the pleasure of mutually affirming this relationship.

This master-servant connection is what believed SM relationships can be ultimately reduced to!! Not only that, but the desire to excrete is among a human fundamental urges. Expelling is inevitably associated with relief and good feelings!
Tears of joy and the semen of masturbation both have in common that they are “excretions of pleasure”. Urine and faeces are likewise. In spite of this, excretions associated with using the toilet are tremendously taboo in ordinary society.
In order to take part in social life, we are thoroughly trained to keep it absolutely hidden, that accidents are unforgivable and that we must be in control at all times. Nothing less will do.

By the point of reaching adulthood no one even wets the bed in their sleep anymore. Such is the extend to which our excretions are unconsciously suppressed and kept under control. Only once a person is toilet trained can they be allowed to take part in society!

To state the inverse, when one cannot control one’s own excretions, a person in effect ceases to be a “person”. Personal dignity is the proof of what makes one a persons. Our toilet etiquette, strictly impressed upon us from childhood…

There is a strong taboo against anal and its associated pleasure…, but what if that taboo were to be broken ? What if.. one were to be made aware of the pleasure locked within the anus ?

The asshole needs only be touched lightly, only be glimpsed by another. And the bigger the taboo.. the more it shakes a person. One’s dignity as a person, the fear of becoming less than a person, and the pleasure manifested in carnal desire!

This way of shaking one to the core, that is what takes to be one of the very cornerstones of SM itself!

I must confess, that the feeling when you cannot hold what’s inside your bowels when you are inescapably bound, gagged, plugged, blindfolded, etc. is … mmm.. an interesting one… And must be experienced at least once. I hate the cleaning part, though….

And what do you feel about anal play?

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