The shiniest and sheerest pantyhose?

As you know I love sheer shiny pantyhose, always wear them in public and always looking for new brands. Recently I have stumbled upon these photos on G+ (the only thing Google+ is good for). Have a look at the featured one. The shine is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that!

What that can be? Good lighting? Probably. Two-three flashes can do miracles even with dull nylons. But it’s highly unlikely that the reflections are artificial. I’ve seen a suggestion that the pantyhose he’s wearing are Platino (Cleancut?).

I’ve never seen Platino Cleancut (35% lycra, silicone coated…) “in person”, but eBay photos are very interesting, and even there they are extremely rare and expensive. Strangely enough, they are made in Spain, but there is nothing on

Platino on
Platino on
Platino on
Platino on
Platino on

On the hi-rez photos from Shapings (impressive, BTW, see below) the shine is not even close to the candids. Probably it’s not Cleancut? Puzzled…

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9 thoughts on “The shiniest and sheerest pantyhose?”

  1. I’m thinking Platino Cleancuts too. Have a look at Kaseycd’s pics on flickr for a very similar effect.
    Cleancuts are my very favourites tights, Not only a very high lycra content but the silicon finish gives then a unique texture, super slippery. Worth every penny.

  2. You can buy these at

    Just wanted to put that out there. They’re in Canada, but price their items in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Euros, so I’m thinking they ship to Europe.

    Check them out!

  3. The shine on those in the short black dress is amazing! I can’t stop staring…

  4. Nothing like wearing glossy hose one of my favs even love glitter hose. Here’s me in my glossy blue hose think glossy hose is great more I wear them more I want more colors.


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