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Erection of the day. Transparent latex garment

latex-dress-88-transparentRecently my “erections of the day” were caused by various tight transparent latex clothes. I like this outfit on girls (Like on the 3 photos below), but a good sized and visible through the latex erection would definitely make the look more interesting. Yet I would like to keep the feminine forms. What do you think? ;)

Oh, and yes, all these latex swimsuits, dresses and stockings are in my with list.

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Erection of the day. Transparent latex maid mini-dress

transparent-latex-mini-dress-01EBay was again the source of “erotic pulsations. This maids mini-dress made from transparent latex by Westward Bound made my day.

You may know, that I love transparent latex, but let your imagination fly farther. Imagine that this “revealing everything” dress reveals a gorgeous … inside.

Just like on the drawing below ;P

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Simon O latex sale on eBay

str-haro-gal2For some reason I did not get a notification about and almost missed the latest Simon O sale on eBay.

In my opinion the most interesting things in this list are:

  • latex back seamed fishnet-print stockings (see the close-up!)
  • orange latex catsuit with feet and lockable zip
  • leotard and back-seamed stockings-look latex catsuit with a push-up effect at thighs (does anybody have a better idea how to call it?)
  • transparent latex catsuit (cosmetic latex)
  • think latex pantyhose for men
  • high waisted hot-pants

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Erection of the day. Encased in transparent latex zentai and locked

patrick-andraste-20-transparent-latex-catsuit-bondageAnother “moody” photo by Patrick Andraste, that “works” and “makes me feel”. Apparently it’s the same suit as here: Your mind, imagination and fetishism. Patrick Andraste. But with added bondage and laying in a corner. So erotic…

What I miss here is a transparent (hollow?) gag and transparent (also hollow?) dildo/plugs, like on these photos (Erection of the day).

New latex Simon O collection on eBay. Anything for Christmas?

Updated on Dec 04, 2012 @ 19:55: One day left!

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 @ 01:55: I bet you guessed why my eBay post activity has become more active ;-) Christmas is approaching! I’m looking for a present for myself. My wife also wants to find me something fetishy, but she does not know what I would like to get exactly. The problem is that I do not know either ;-)

And here’s a new opportunity: new Simon O collection on eBay!

Simon O is my favourite latex manufacturer and they never stop surprising me with new latex designs. This time it’s the unique catsuit (see the featured photo) with built-in full-fashioned stockings (transparent latex) and a leotard that looks differently from the rear or front. Also notice how it changes the silhouette. Quite amazing… BTW, it’s a prototype, the suit is not in production (yet?).

Another interesting item is the male bondage hooded strait-jacket-leotard. If the catsuit is too small for me, I may try to win this leotard. Not sure if I can use it alone, though. TTD, you there? What an ideal bondage addition to [read more…]

Ideal transparent latex dress for fetish fashion and (self)bondage

What: semi-transparent smoky black latex pin-up mini-dress from Westward Bound

Where: the item, Westward Bound shop

Why:You know, I’m a big fan of transparent and semi-transparent latex, but this time this is not the reason.

Unlike many other pin-up dresses, I would say that this dress must be in every fetish wardrobe, whether it belongs to a man or a woman. Just like latex stockings, latex gloves or latex strings you can wear this dress with virtually everything or without anything and you will have a complete outfit.

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Latex leotard plus stockings look catsuit from Simon O on eBay

Speed up! This new leotard/stockings-look catsuit from Simon O (see more photos here) is currently on eBay:

Latex Catsuit Simon O

Size: height 165-170cm, 90-68-92
If bought from Simon O shop: 429 euro
Features: lockable zip, 0.4mm latex

I wish the sizes were mine…

Erection of the day. Transparent latex baggy clothes.

And again it’s related to transparent latex, but unlike previous posts I stumbled upon baggy latex clothes in this eBay shop: Grand Universal.

I’ve never worn baggy latex except body bags, but my imagination (hands free erections are mostly related to our imagination, aren’t they?) thinks that it may be an interesting sensation. When you move various parts of the body touches latex at different moments. So does your cock – it will be caressed by latex only when erected (and on the full view).

Some designs can be used in public as rain clothes.

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Erection of the day. Transparent latex dress

And there are reasons why.

It’s a long and tight latex (hobble?) dress. Even if you stand still you will feel the silky smooth latex with your whole body. When you walk, with every step your legs will overcome elastic resistance of the tightly hugging rubber grip. Very gentle and soft, but very noticeable bondage.

And moreover, transparent latex will hide neither bulge nor full size erection. But just in case your arms will be bound behind your back. Why to destroy such a nice view?

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“Invisible Rubber” story and Transparent latex bags

Several things happened almost simultaneously.

1. I published Transparent latex and new Simon O collection article where I mentioned my transparent swimsuit dream (since when I was ~7yo).

2. I stumbled upon transparent latex bags/sleepsacks on eBay (in Sveta’s world of latex shop) and thought that transparent bags are much more interesting than usual black latex sacks. You can’t see what’s going on inside. You can’t see what the person in the bag is wearing or how he or she is bound.

Have a look, for example, at this picture from “Breath control art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part IV Opaque bodybags vs Transparent ones” post. I have two black latex bodybags, so…

But, of course, if you want to hide something…

3. Culmor sent me a link to a story called “Invisible Rubber”. See below:

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