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New donation goal

The site is hosted by Linode and costs 480$ per year. In order to allow backups (+$10 monthly), the new goal is $600 yearly.

Thanks much again to those who already donated!


You can also support the site at no cost to you by using these links shopping:

Aliexpress or eBay

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Upgrading the operating system

Update @22:34: Upgraded! Please let me know if something is broken. You can use this forum thread: Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings

The operating system on the server will be upgraded in a couple of hours. Please be aware of the downtime.

The server/site has been upgraded!

Yesterday the site was moved to a new server! Now we have 2GB of RAM (was 1GB), 8 core E5-2650L Xeon @1.8GHz 20MB cache CPU (was 4 core L5520 Xeon @ 2.27GHz 8MB cache), 48 GB or storage space (was 40GB), 4TB(!!!!) of monthly transfer (was 400GB), 10Gb/s Ethernet infrastructure (was 1Gb/s), new disks with more cache.

Not bad, huh? The most important upgrade is the RAM. One extra Gigabyte allows more possible connections and more cache (APC, pagespeed, MySQL). Not much, actually, you may not even notice the improvements (I think the latency decreased by 10-15%), but now we have more breathing space, more overload protection, more stability and almost unlimited bandwidth.

For example, as long as nobody’s ripping the whole site (I immediately block such IP addresses), the PHP content is served entirely from the APC cache (100% hit rate)!

See also Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings

Do not use free image hosting services

I should’ve done it earlier, but since everything was working fine I decided to wait and concentrate on updates. But bloody Photobucket changed the way they addressed thumbnails, and as a result all linked pics disappeared from posts.

I’m removing everything related to these morons (who block classic art should a naked breast appear there), but it’s gonna take days.

That’s another lesson about the same rule – do not use free image hosting services. Sooner or later they will betray you.

Bondage Awards 2012 and annual report

You may remember that was nominated in three categories. Here’s the result :

bondageAwards_3rdbondageAwards_honorable_mentionBest bondage How-To: 3d place
Best bondage blog: 7th place
Best free bondage web-site: no results yet

Thanks to all who voted! Without your support it could not have happened!

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The Bondage awards 2012 nomination

Updated on Oct 27, 2012 @ 03:24: The voting has begun! You can vote for this site DAILY! But you have to register first (yes, I know…).

The site is nominated in the following categories:

Thanks for voting!

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Tweaking the web-server again

Updated on Oct 21, 2012 @ 16:20:: Completed. I will continue to experiment with minor tweaks, but no major shutdowns are expected. See also Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings
And yes, 1GB RAM is not enough ;-)

Updated on Oct 20, 2012 @ 19:02: upgraded OS to the latest release. Looks like everything is still working. Next step is to make an attempt to migrate from MPM ITK + mod_php to MPM Worker (or even Events) + fcgid. Way too many things to consider … Or possibly Nginx? ;-)

Published on: Oct 20, 2012 @ 15:07: I’m going to take the web-server apart again. No particular time. Just be aware and “reload” a minute later if the site is not responding.

Testing new performance features

Update: OK, I’m done with tweaking. let me know what you think ;-)

I’m testing new performance related features. It is possible that something will appear broken or simply stops working.

Time, computers, hobbies, fetishes, kids and life

Time, time, time, time…. Time is ticking away, time is money, I’m running short of time, I have no time, you can’t stop the time, everything takes time… You hear that everyday, don’t you? But do you know how much time you actually spend on your hobbies, your fetishes, surfing Internet, etc?

Usually, I run several profiled browsers (Firefox) on several virtual screens. One for my work, one for general browsing and technical forums I closely follow, one for XXX browsing and one dedicated to this site. But the old and outdated OS had a memory leak somewhere, so after a week everything grinds to a halt. One temporary solution is to reboot the server, another is to kill one of the big processes. Aka Firefox. The first one to go is the XXX one, the second – the one I use to maintain this site.

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Using “Like Ra” name in Google

Updated on Sep 03, 2012 @ 12:51:
And the answer was…. No.

After reviewing your appeal, we have determined that your name does not comply with the Google+ Names Policy.

You may re-appeal with additional information, if you have not already done so. If you’re already using Google+, your current name will continue to be used.

In any case, you never know unless you try ;-)

Posted on Sep 01, 2012 @ 20:38:
I wonder if I can use “Like Ra” as the user name in Google services again. Just submitted an appeal. Currently my profile shows the following:

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