Leotard and shiny pantyhose

Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseThis is my childhood dream since I remember myself (shut up Mr. Freud!). Tight body hugging lycra swimsuit (I did not know the word leotard at that age) and shiny pantyhose.

Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseSince that time I had many leotards and swimsuits, recently I bought two new swimsuits (see here and here). But I can’t find a leotard like on the picture. A “professional” sport spandex leotard with long sleeves, closed to the neck (better with a turtle-neck) and a zipper. I even have a latex version and a sleeveless bondage one, but not something I could wear everywhere just like a t-shirt.

Does anybody know where such leotards can be bought? Made by companies like Arena, Speedo, Adidas and not fets-fash or zoom-bizarre. I have nothing against the latter, but for the mentioned design I would prefer the former ones.

Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseThe photos are taken from a fantastic Chinese site I discovered yesterday. It’s called 91heels and dedicated to high heels and other women shoes. For example, gymnastic shoes.

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  1. You’re so right this one is great. I’ve got it myself. LOVE IT! Won’t sell it, as you can imagine. rather it has a bit of damage, the elastic around the neck is somewhat mangled. Got it on ebay, with some (a lot of) luck.

  2. Thanks Robert! Great link!

    Some of the leotards do look promising, though it’s not clear what’s on the back.

    But I suspect that none of them has a zipper on the back, just like here:

    Probably mens leotards is the way to go. Does anybody know what the bottom part looks like? Low cuts? Boxers? Shorts?

  3. i think most of them have a “keyhole” back where its a snap, not as good as a zipback i agree

    what do you guys think of a “snap crotch” leotard with only the crotch being accessible? i thought you could use a small lock and keep it on until you could access the key or something

    i do really like the gymnastics leotards, theyre so shiny (though ive never ordered any, they wouldnt fit)

  4. what do you guys think of a “snap crotch” leotard

    Mixed feelings.
    – the leotard can be as “closed” as possible
    – no zips
    – no probs with “calls of the nature”

    – the feeling that the pantyhose (worn underneath) can be easily removed
    – the feeling that something is fake like pantyhose made out of leggings (or trousers) with snaps at the toes.

    you could use a small lock

    Yes this is a possibility, though a bit awkward. I have a sleeveless leotard with a snap crotch and I still haven’t come up with a workable solution on how to properly lock it.

    they wouldnt fit

    Why? They have lots of sizes plus the material is very stretchy.

  5. im confused what you mean by the second con there ra, but i do see your first con, this wouldnt be for hardcore people, but then again im not that experienced or hardcore

    about sizing, things wouldnt really fit i dont think
    at least at most places, my torso (height of torso, from crotch to shoulder) is about 15 centimeters too large, while my waist is large than a normal womans size and my hips are smaller, so if i were to buy a size that fits my waist, the hips are too big, and there are no sizes with my torso

    im tall (about 188 cm) while im skinny (67 kg)

    sorry to rant, but i think i would need custom sizes or something

    and thanks for the link, this site is great! much better than its american counterparts

  6. im confused what you mean by the second con there

    I mean that snap crotch makes a swimsuit, bodysuit or leotard not complete, not one piece. I feel like something is broken or not “whole”. Like leggings. Leggings are not pantyhose even if you try to make feet “closed” with snap hooks.

    Another example. When I was 9 or something, I did not have access to one-piece swimsuits but it was my dream. So, I made a DIY one: I pinned briefs to a t-shirt. Yes, it looked like on-piece but it was not a one piece!

  7. This is what men’s gymnastics leotards look like:

    The auction is over :-\ Anyway, mens leotards look exactly like women swimsuits, no visual difference.

    if i showed this to you guy

    Is it 4F 3D creation? I have this pic in my collection. Like it 😉

  8. oh ok, i guess sizing is the only issue then, i guess i still would want my partner to wear fetish stuff

    im not sure if it is a creation, but it still looks cool!

    lol, did your parents know?

  9. man i thought id post on this blog because i love it, and it was the first i found, wow its been over a year now!

  10. yes i check your blog pretty much every day
    yeah i probably should, sometimes i just dont have anything to say tho 😛

  11. It’s good that you know exactly what you want in a leotard, but sometimes it makes it that much harder to find. I say keep looking while having an open mind to something possibly a little different. You never know what you might find!

  12. I’m a guy who really loves to wear leotards. I have had them custom made to my design. I had six made 3 cotton/lycra, and 3 supplex with a T-shirt neck and sleeveless. All with a snap crotch. I wear them all the time, so snug like an all day hug!
    I love racerback thong leotards over capri tights for my yoga class.
    I even do yard work in my leotard!

  13. leotardhobby ” wrote:

    I love racerback thong leotards over capri tights for my yoga class.

    Nice! Where do you take your classes? Privately at home? Or at “public locations”?

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