Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseThis is my childhood dream since I remember myself (shut up Mr. Freud!). Tight body hugging lycra swimsuit (I did not know the word leotard at that age) and shiny pantyhose.

Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseSince that time I had many leotards and swimsuits, recently I bought two new swimsuits (see here and here). But I can’t find a leotard like on the picture. A “professional” sport spandex leotard with long sleeves, closed to the neck (better with a turtle-neck) and a zipper. I even have a latex version and a sleeveless bondage one, but not something I could wear everywhere just like a t-shirt.

Does anybody know where such leotards can be bought? Made by companies like Arena, Speedo, Adidas and not fets-fash or zoom-bizarre. I have nothing against the latter, but for the mentioned design I would prefer the former ones.

Adidas leotard and shiny pantyhoseThe photos are taken from a fantastic Chinese site I discovered yesterday. It’s called 91heels and dedicated to high heels and other women shoes. For example, gymnastic shoes.