Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 19. Fetish, bondage, dogmas and prejudice

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Another point. How often do you hear:

“How can you wear that? Normal men do not do that!”
“How can you do that? Normal people do not do that!”
“Bondage? It hurts! Normal people do not like that!”
“I know what BDSM is! It’s about hurting people, making them suffer and treat them as slaves!”

But if you ask “Have you ever tried that?”, most likely the answer will be “Of course not! Normal people do not do that!”. Prejudice hurts… Yes, there are cases with “the point of no return”, when you obviously should “not try this at home”:

“Hey, why don’t you try to inject this? You will like what you will see. How can you say “no”? You’ve never tried this stuff!”
“If you never tried to spring from a 16th floor, how can you say that it’s deadly? What if others were simply unlucky?”

These kind of provocative questions you may hear from kids. At least I’ve been dealing with them for years 😉 The answer is simple: just relax and think. What may happen, what depends on what, what the reasons are, if it is reversible and how big the survival chance. Yes, I’m that boring 😉

Even if you’ve never seen Australia, it does exist. Even if you do not live with crocodiles 24×7, they still cannot fly. If a man puts pantyhose on, he will not become gay (if he was not already a gay before). Bondage will not make you a slave unless you already are or want to be one. If someone wants to dress you in latex and tie you up, it does not mean that he’s a sadist and wants to make you suffer and obey. It just looks and feels cool. And sexy 😉

Dogmas and prejudice are among the most unfair and stupid things in the world. I call it “the monkey syndrome”. “We do not know why, but you may not …” or “… you must …”. Usually the first “We do not why, but..” is omitted, but if you ask “Why?”, there’ll be no answer. Just because…

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