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  1. levgen ” wrote:

    you seem to be the only person on the internet who’s touched upon the subject of latex fashion and children

    No, I haven’t, but I will address this in one of the following posts.

    levgen ” wrote:

    have you ever come across any real (not drawn/animated) pics with actual children wearing latex clothing

    No, except neoprene wetsuits.

    levgen ” wrote:

    do you know of anyone who produces such clothing?

    Depends on what you are looking for.

    levgen ” wrote:

    would ignore requests for child sized items?

    Again, it all depends on what you want to achieve and why. Patrick Andraste had a small (not young) model (do not remember her name), for whom he had to order latex clothing in XS size.

    And latex Halloween masks are usually one-size-fits-all 😉

  2. I just got fuzzy cuffs and they are unlockable with the key, but I’m afraid that I might not be able to get them off after due to lack of dexterity. I am so far only daring enough to lock one wrist. should I be able to do it with both wrists?

  3. Anonymous ” wrote:

    I am so far only daring enough to lock one wrist. should I be able to do it with both wrists?

    Sure, if you have two unconnected cuffs 😉

  4. I just bought a metal spider ring gag and it’s starting to rip on the first night from me playing too hard. I thought it was leather but it turned out to be felt of some sort. Do you think I could get away with just taping around it and not playing as hard? Also, any scenario suggestions? I have fuzzy cuffs, a long piece of uncut nylon rope, a ball gag, and some shoelaces. I have no bedposts. I’m still young and live at home so I’m afraid of getting caught, but I still want something to stimulate me and give me that rush.

  5. I do not like ring gags. Bought one to use with a dildo and was very disappointed.

    BTW, even if it’s faux leather, what did you do to rip it?

  6. I like ring gags because they’re more drool prone and I like how they leave the mouth open for activity with a partner. (though I mostly practice self bondage) I like to put gags on really tight with my head down so I can’t push them out with my tongue later. I find gags really easy to spit out otherwise. So I guess I just pulled on the strap and stretched it to the point of it ripping a little.

  7. Anonymous ” wrote:

    they leave the mouth open for activity with a partner.

    True, but they actually prevent deep throating. Strange, but this is according to my experience.

    Anonymous ” wrote:

    I like to put gags on really tight with my head down

    Ah, I see now.

    Anonymous ” wrote:

    . I find gags really easy to spit out otherwise.

    You can’t spit a ring gag if it sits behind your teeth. Probably it’s not big enough? Also, this is why I love hoods – you can’t spit a gag out if it’s inside a hood.

  8. I have a collar that connects to wrist cuffs, both lockable. The collar could bind my ankles instead. I have small amounts of rope, fuzzy cuffs with an escape switch, and a ballgag. The keys aren’t frozen. I need a scenario to be exciting, but I’m afraid of my roommate walking in. Any suggestions? I’d love a scenario/dare if possible.

  9. Anonymous ” wrote:

    Any suggestions?

    You can have a look at this section: /sb (check, for example, Completed sessions /sb/real.php) or ask in the forum here: /forum/mybb/Forum-Session-ideas-requests-and-fiction

  10. I can’t seem to find a picture I like. If I remember, it’s a page that says something like “my ideal self bondage session.” If anyone happens to know, would they mind linking me?

  11. I have seen this pictur and want to try this what do you people out there think. i will adapt a few things but the main idea of swolling your own enema is whati want to try when my girlfirend is out. a picture of what i want ti do is attached thoughts please /blog/wp/archives/8925/bound-human-toilet-75mg][ /blog/wp/archives/8925/bound-human-toilet-75 img] />

    shpuld i try this ra

  12. Anyone know where I could find a good self suspension tutorial? Step by step preferably.

  13. I’m looking for a reverse prayer position selfbondage tutorial, like the position shown in the recent selfbondage post

  14. very interesting as I partake in bondage with many different partners as i work as an escort ,but do with my bf and other play partners as well as still attend classes with my bondage teacher.My teacher and I are in mummification sets of bondage using shrink wrap and duct tape.We also have used rope for full body as well.In regards to your site very informative and I have seen some ideas I’d like to do with my teacher.One I have been able to do with him was from a story he told me when he was just getting into bondage using an arm chair and only 30′ of rope cut in half 15 for the right and 15 for left side of body,then 9 clothes pegs.simple and effective for a master/interrogation style bondage.(1 clothes peg goes on the tongue,it was hard not to laugh).

  15. ♥Hey, I really love your site♥ I’ve been doing self bondage off and on since… forever I guess. I guess my creativity needed to be sparked though, because short of some basic duct tape myself to a chair type stuff, I never really could figure out how to achieve what I wanted. Enter the Internet. I remember the first time I learned to tie my own hands behind my back and actually did it – I literally jumped around the room like that with excitement. After that point it became a game of trying to “out clever” myself. Apparently I’m some kind of natural escape artist because it takes a LOT to keep me from undoing myself. Which sucks of course.

    I remember once I had bound myself kneeling in my closet, arms over my head with an ice bottle lock. It should have lasted a good 3-4 hours. I got out in less than 1 hour. I managed to wiggle free of the ropes that held me kneeling and could then stand up – but I had predicted that might happen. So I had made sure EVERYTHING was far away so even if I could stand up I was still stuck. I shook the clothes-hanging-bar in my attempt to escape and a video game controller fell off of the shelf above, which I hadn’t emptied because I couldn’t reach it while bound. My keys were maybe 5 feet away. Just close enough to make it frustrating. Using a combination of… well pretty much every part of my body I managed to get the controller into my hands. I then used it to form a crude lasso and tied the cable off to one of my hands. Repeatedly tossing it near the keys, after 30 or 40 attempts I snagged the ring on the analog stick and ever so delicately fished it up to my hands and got free. Of course the initial “Yay” was very quickly followed by a “D*** it, I got out again!”

    The closest I ever came to getting stuck was actually in a practice scenario. I had this chair… it’s hard to describe it but it really doesn’t matter. It’s like an old type school chair, plastic with three holes in the back area and metal legs that aren’t straight but more slanty. Anyway so I had tied my ankles one to each of the front legs of the chair. I bound my arms behind me and the chair using a rope coil and zip tie. I then used a padlock with a long “U” shaped part to lock that to the middle slat of the chair. My keys were tied to my wrist and this was just a practice run as I said. The feeling was nice but a bit too tight. When I went to get the padlock in one hand while I had the key in the other, the padlock inverted itself somehow. It did so in such a way that it got stuck in a position that I could not get it out of and could not reach the key hole. I started to panic at first but then managed to calm down. I sat there a good 15 minutes trying to figure out a way to free myself. The same thing I would have done had it been real. The answer was reasonably simple – my feet were only loosely bound to the chair legs and if the chair legs weren’t held to the floor by my weight I could easily free my legs and then with the freedom to walk around(albeit dragging a chair with me) I could reach a scissors or knife. The thing was, in order to get the chair in a position where the legs weren’t on the ground I had to tip over. Thinking back now, the thought scared me more than it probably should have. I decided to tip backwards because that meant my head would most likely hit my mattress and not the floor. So I rocked back and forth and when I finally tipped though my head did hit the mattress as planned, the full weight of my body squashed the chair into my hands. I bruised them badly and am probably lucky I didn’t break a bone. Fortunately during the fall the lock flipped itself again and getting free from that point was easy.

    Anyway, for me there is nothing in the world that compares to the “click” feeling. You know what I mean. Strangely, I find that my urge to play comes and goes. I’ll do it constantly – daily – for months on end and then stop for a year or more. I don’t know if other people are like that or not. I wish I wasn’t.

    Anyway, the real reason I was writing is because even though I always had interest in tying a karada on myself, I never tried because I’m not really that good with rope. Today though, I finally gave in and followed the instruction as per the “Karada 2” tutorial. I must say I am rather pleased with what I’ve done. My initial rope of the suggested 7 meters was a bit too short, so my second rope was right around 10 meters. I had a good bit left over so I went a little further following the same basic pattern. It feels quite nice – if a bit rough. I definitely need to get some softer rope.

    Anyway, so again, thanks for the great site and collection of information!

  16. Hi. Nice site. But I found some problems to login after I changed my password. Also I cannot get through the form for sending new password. It tells that there is not correct email written, but it is. Pls check and repair your code!

  17. Hi, I’m new here and really enjoy youe site. I have a few Pics of myself that I would like to share. How do I post them?

  18. I just looked at “zentaiway” web site.

    Sorry, I see the same items on ebay, and some of them are cheaper than on the site. But I do have some of their items in my collections.

    I would like to have some thicker zentai, as almost all are as thin as plastic wrap.

  19. my dearest likera, I found your site several years ago and then lost it upon a computer crash. I FOUND it again.. soo Happy.. ive been searching all this time for your site and the aino kishi video cannot find video anywhere.. boohoo.. I look forward to sharing things with you and yours.. I was making my own bondage gear when I was only 10. now im 44. I had no idea what it was called simply that it mae me feel good. im a closet person. none of my family or friends have a clue. im always experimenting with new ideas of things. some people would call me a perv if not into this sort of thing. I call myself imaginative. ive recently found out about liquid latex and thin spandex suits . the idea of making my own latex and bondage suits is just got my mind reeling out ideas..talk to u soon..

  20. Like Ra ” wrote:

    I have actually found a bit torrent and was able to get the entire video like 1.4 gb. I will figure out how to send you the torrent so you can download it for your personal collection. it has been all but removed from anywhere that had it as a posted video, man that outfit just drives me wooww.. I realy enjoy browsing thru your site. id like to share some of my ideas for homemade bondages that I was coming up with as a youth, I still come up with all kinds of stuff at random. be well John

  21. Anonymous ” wrote:

    I have actually found a bit torrent and was able to get the entire video like 1.4 gb.

    I’ve got a couple of Aino Kishi videos. Need to find them, though…

  22. Fab site lots of wonderful ideas, can anyone help, what is the best way to get down stairs in self bondage, I am planning to dress in full rubber then use chains to secure ankles knees waist and handcuffs locked to waist chain. I then need to get down my stairs and through the house to retrieve the keys. How will get from standing to use the stairs.

  23. Anyone have a diy chastity idea for men, my slave wants to make one for himself and show it to me as a gift.

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