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Shiny pantyhose and paradise

candid-pantyhose-389-shinyWhere is this place? Close to paradise somewhere? I’m afraid if I saw these girls by myself, I could not make any photos, or anything at all. I would simply faint…

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The shiniest and sheerest pantyhose?

As you know I love sheer shiny pantyhose, always wear them in public and always looking for new brands. Recently I have stumbled upon these photos on G+ (the only thing Google+ is good for). Have a look at the featured one. The shine is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that!

What that can be? Good lighting? Probably. Two-three flashes can do miracles even with dull nylons. But it’s highly unlikely that the reflections are artificial. I’ve seen a suggestion that the pantyhose he’s wearing are Platino (Cleancut?).

I’ve never seen Platino Cleancut (35% lycra, silicone coated…) “in person”, but eBay photos are very interesting, and even there they are extremely rare and expensive. Strangely enough, they are made in Spain, but there is nothing on [read more…]

Ultimate nylon fetish. Ultra-transparent and ultra-shiny blue stockings and pantyhose

You all know my separate fetish for blue coloured fetish stuff and blue pantyhose in particular, don’t you? Yesterday I noticed this stunning (at least it made my breathing stop for half a minute) picture in the eBay ads and followed the link.

What brought me to the eBay shop sanek20 full with the ultimate nylon fetish stuff an pantyhose/stockings fetishist can dream of (if you know a better place, please let me know): ultra-transparent blue stockings with black seams from Cervin and Gio, ultra-shimmery blue and lilac pantyhose from Platino, very shiny and very sheer pantyhose from Charnos, Platino, Pierre Mantoux, Glory, etc, seamless pantyhose from Cecilia de Rafael…

And finally (see photos below), the light blue shiny ultra-sheer fully fashioned (with back seams) stockings from Gio literally made my knees weak… I would not dare to put this ultimate fetish on, I would just caress them, play with the glittering surface, look at my fingers through the filmy fabric. Oh my…. It’s not an erection of the day, but rather collapse of the day…

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Family, Kids and fetish moments. Shiny pantyhose and shame.

My kids got used to my pantyhose, swimsuits and various fetish talks, but from time to time very interesting dialogues occur.

Son: Your pantyhose shine too much.
Me: Cool, isn’t it?
Son: Yeah, but don’t you have pantyhose with no shine?

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Double-pantyhosed and swimsuited wing-walker and shiny neoprene catsuits

Culmor posted one photo in the Candid pantyhose forum thread. I made some investigation, found the whole set and discovered, that:

  • Her name is Peggy
  • The sport (sport?) is called wing-walking
  • There are no Active Water (or similar looking) swimsuits on the web-site of Aqua Sphere
  • Aqua Sphere makes very interesting 0.5-1mm shiny neoprene swimsuits and catsuits, that can be used as latex swimsuit/catsuit replacements.

    The prices are quite steep (does it say anything about the quality?) but you can find some interesting offers on eBay:

Speaking of Peggy’s clothes, I would definitely use neoprene (because it’s wind-proof) and several layers of shiny skin-coloured pantyhose (for the swimsuit-only look, for the warmth reason and I like moire ;-)

See 14 hi-rez photos below

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Latex, shiny pantyhose with back seams and double-hammerlock bondage

Interesting photo with many layers to look at and think about. Let’s begin with the clothes.

Pantyhose. Not only sheer black with back seams but also shiny. Quite a rare combination. The seams are very straight (this is, by the way, a sign of very good pantyhose, that do not twist, but “click” in place) and look like drawn with a marker. However, have a look at the right leg, behind the knee, where nylon does not cling to the skin – you will see a shadow from the seam. Of course, it was not done intentionally, but I love this detail.

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Eurovision song festival 2011. Part I. Israel and shiny pantyhose.

One year back in Düsseldorf the Eurovision 2011 clothes were less interesting than 2012. But still I managed to find something interesting.

The singer from Israel was wearing (“stage grade” like Danskin?) shiny pantyhose. But either the size was not correct or a leotard on top was needed, because they sagged around her ankles.

See 8 hi-rez photos below.

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Eurovision song festival 2012. Part VIII. Moldova and shiny-shiny-shiny tights

Moldavian teams are always fun to watch and to listen, and they also have fun on the stage. The relaxed madness of this year was definitely not an exception. Pretty girls in shiny lycra opaque leggings-like pantyhose, awkward mini-dresses and ballet shoes created a cheerful chaos around one guy with hairy legs in breeches.

A couple of suggestions:

  • The pantyhose must be back-seamed like Wolford Satin de Luxe and Platino Luxe Fata
  • The guy must shave his legs and wear the same tights

21 hi-rez photos below

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Eurovision song festival 2012. Part VII. Latvia and shiny pantyhose

The team from Latvia wore very visible and barely visible sheer shiny pantyhose with virtually everything (long skirts, short skirts, shorts, mini dresses, mini jump-suits, breeches) and virtually everywhere. The way to go!

See 12 hi-rez photos below.

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Eurovision song festival 2012. Part VI. San-Marino and shiny pantyhose

Three girls in mini skirts and shiny pantyhose. One of them is in a sort of a cheerleader outfit. 9 hi-rez photos (Attention! Some of them are 10MB in size!)

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